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WHo Is IT!!!

you know the season 7 smallville poster, (below) the one with clark, oliver in the background n a woman in a greeny dress, is the woman lois? if it is she looks waaaay different!!!


I reckon that Clark could have beat davis with his ice breath... And i'm sorry but kristen kreuk is no way as fit as erica durance. Where's yo head at Clark??

January 15th....!

Am I the only one that is going crazy without my weekly fix of Smallville? Bride was amazing, I cant believe they left us on such a cliffhanger. I was really rooting for Clark and Lois, thinking wow they're finally about to kiss.... then enter Lana Lang, it's safe to say I was really frustrated. I wonder where this leaves Clark and Lois though, maybe he will realise how much he misses her while she's in star city.... I sure hope soo! I cant wait for the next episode! And Infamous!? Does Clark really have his secret revealed to the world? Aaargh I really dont think I will be able to wait till January!

...and it's getting better and better...

i can't even describe how much i love this season. i mean, even though lana showed up in this episode (and i hated her guts) it was just awesome... the storylines are getting better and i love how the characters evolve...lois is hurting because she loves clark, clark begins to realize that he has feelings for her too, davis bloom is just so interesting as a character...such a good person with such a horrible fate...and there doesn't seem to be a happily ever after for jimmy and cloe...and lex isn't dead...come can't even compare it to the dull seasons before... so, as you can see: i'm lovin' it! and i can't wait to see what happens next. does anyone know when the next episode will air?

the season so far

I was slightly confused as to why there won't be another episode for so long....does anyone know why they split this season into two halfs? I have to admit that i was looking forward to having a season without clark and lana and love how it has given him more chance to interact with the other characters. i know she has returned for several episodes but she does seem to have changed and clearly with an alternative motive given the text she recieved in 'Bride'. I was however slightly dubious of a season without Lex but i have loved this season. You can slowly see things coming more together and the gradual introduction of Doomsday has been interesting as they look at the human alter ego before the appearance of the monster. There hasn't been so many clean cut bad guys in this season which i think makes it more interesting. The role of Chloe has gone through major changes this season with the increase of power to the loss of her memory and unaware of clarks powers. it is interesting that it was her human and compassionate side that has gotten into trouble this time by connecting with Davis and resulting in the abduction druing her wedding celebrations. Lois has also been featuring more predominantly in this season and though i know many want them to get together i like the way that it hasn't been rushed and even though they are growing closer together they have given Clark a chance to be alone instead of just rushing from one romance to another. I'm really looking forward to the next half of this season and it's a pity the wait has to be a little while. With the mid way clifhanger it will be interesting to see how things develop from here on out. the second half is definitely looking promising.

Favorite TV Families: Who's the Craziest of them All?

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the craziest TV family of them all? While SideReel does a lot of cool stuff, our mirrors are sadly not magical, so we'll have to leave this decision up to you! As we approach Thanksgiving and those who celebrate near having to face their own crazy families, who doesn't love to chat with their friends pre-Thanksgiving and post-Thanksgiving to compare and compete over who's family is truly the craziest? So it's time to appreciate the nuttiness and take the friendly holiday competition to our Favorite TV Families - of all the nutty TV families, who do you think is craziest of them all? Here's our list ranked with #1 as the craziest, including families who are lousy with super-power weirdness, to those who are just plain insane, so comment with your own choices! 1 - Arrested Development : The Bluths 2 - 3rd Rock from the Sun : The Solomons 3 - The Addams Family : The Addams 4 - Family Guy : The Griffins 5 - American Dad! : The Smiths 6 - The Simpsons : The Simpsons 7 - Dirty Sexy Money : The Darlings 8 - Seinfeld : The Costanzas 9 - The Sopranos : The Sopranos 10 - Sons of Anarchy : The Teller-Morrows 11 - Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles : The Connors 12 - Heroes : The Petrellis 13 - Smallville : The Kents 14 - Big Love : The Henricksons 15 - Everybody Loves Raymond : The Barones 16 - Desperate Housewives : The Van de Kamp-Hodges 17 - That 70's Show: The Foremans 18 - Full House : The Tanners 19 - Malcolm in the Middle : Malcom's family 20 - Gilmore Girls : The Gilmores Photo courtesy of

Does anyone other then me think

Does anyone other then me think that sometimes they have made Superman, a little like Batman, in the way that he is this lone hero. It is almost like he prefers to be alone, and also the storyline, with people almost all over the world trying to keep his identity a secret, so that he can have a normal life until the day he decides to follow his destiny. That reminds me a little of the Terminator story... But all and all i love the series it's great and has a lot of twists. For the battle ahead with Doomsday I would very much like to see Clark finally stepping up, and assembling a "team". They could bring back other characters that he has work with before, like Aquaman, Cyborg, The Flash and so on. I know that they are bringing in other characters but sometimes I think it would be a nice twist to bring in some of the old characters. Or maybe Oliver Queen (Green Arrow) could have one team with the old characters and then Superman with another team with Saturn Girl and the others. Okay now I am going to stop, otherwise I will go on for ever.

Does anyone know what the ending of bride means and who was that at the very end?

It was a good episode but i was expecting a bit more conflict between Clark and Doomsday and was that lex at the end?


Ok so why do we have to wait till January 15 for the nxt episode? was this just a short season or is it more cuz of the holidays coming up or what...cuz im not gonna get to stick around till January 15 to see the rest so ima lil disapointed =/ Im guessing that Doomsday is Davis Bloom. He makes a cool character no matter who he is kinda disapointed Lana came back in the picture and i hope she doesnt stay long. If Jimmy is gonna die thats gonna suck, i hope he lives.and what was u with the end of the episode...u think chloe had it planned out to get kidnapped or somethin like that? I wonder if Lex is gonna have a power...cuz if so i think the show is gonnna get even better...wouldnt an all out power of Lex VS. Clark b awsome? Yea im asking and saying alot of just wanting to talk about some of this =D

blocking links

This whole deal is ridiculous I used to be able to watch shows a couple of minutes after it aired and I don't live in the states. While there were many bogus links it only took a few seconds to figure them out but at least I had options.