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Any one have any ideas on how Clarks going to defeat Doomsday?

With Doomsday in the picture Clarks going to have to do something about it and hopefully in the next couple of episodes its going to happen. But with out being able to fly and do anything infront of people( being that he isnt dressed as superman yet) how is he going to beat Doomsday? Can anyone see him finally taking the Clark Kent allias off and becoming Superman in Smallville?

Am I the only one who just hates the fact that chloe doesn't remmember

allllllllllllllllllllllllll that's happened with her and clarck the past 8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! seasons!!!!! I hope she'll discover it queeckly because it'll be very torturing to see clarck all alone and I loved them!!! It just can't be like this... I hate the writers for doing this and I don't think it makes the season better at all..

no smallville

i went to watch smallville on the cw(channel 11) and it wasnt there. instead there was this football game. what happened.


Nxt Weeks episode looks awsome but im disapointed that Lana is coming back...she may b good looking but she is the last person i wanna c come back.


Well i am just now watching todays new episode of Smallville and nothing better happen to Chloe...the show would b destroyed if something happened to her =/


smallville is not the same without lex!!! the relationship between clark and lex was the best, it was what made the show interesting cuz ou always feel sorry for lex no matter what evil he does!!! also the show is sooo much better without Lana Lang!!! BRING BACK LEX LUTHOR!!!!!!!!


The question is does Clark love Lois back. I mean he's always there for her, and he seemed to get jealous when she had the date with the "reporter" But when she said she loved him in "committed" he seemed a tad uncomfortable with it. What does everyone else think?

what is going on?

why when a try to watch the movie a survey pops up and it won't let me watch the show? what is the problem? pls help, how can i get ride of it?

whats happening???

is kara coming back??? Clark isnt taking any interest in trying to bring her back. I bet Lex will come back and manipulate Davis into destroying the world!!!


Where is lex? What happened to him? i want him to come back. Even though the next episode is going to be very exciting.