Discussions for Season 8



man...this time of no smallville is so sad! :-( I'm watching all of them all over when season 7 comes out on dvd i'll be all up to date! :-D I know im a nerd!! lol so whats anyone's favorite episode?? i reeeally like the "spell" from season 4. watching that with the commentary is HILARIOUS!! I reeally like Lana's and Jason's relationship at the beginning of season 4...its really cute, its like they dont even have to act. but then he goes psycho but thats beside the point! lol Chloe is by far my favorite! she's awesome! ok im done...just trying to make convo!! ;-)


Is Lana gone? Who's gonna be in next season? Lex is bad now right? Do u think the fortess is gone 4 good? What do u think is gonna happen to Kara? Who is doomsday? Do u think we will see more of the J/L? Is this enough ranting for u? R u a tranny? lol! what happens in season 1-7? u dont have to answer any of theses...


Thats so cool that he's directing!! that just makes him even more HOT!!! :-) This is the 3rd episode he's directed...what were the other 2?? I wonder if we'll notice a difference with this episode. Who do you think is gonna die...i think its gonna be Lana...well i hope!! she should have been gone 1000 years ago!!


I LUV SMALLVILLE!!! it iz one of the best showz ever i cant wait 2 c how clark escapes from the ice in the fortress and getz rid of bizarro...I really hope we have a season 8