So You Think You Can Dance 6/25 Recap

First to perform was Kherington and Twitch. There style for tonight was hip hop, they danced to "Don't Touch Me" by Busta Rhymes. There dance was so fantastic that all of the judges did not have anything negative that they could say about them. Nigel Lythgoe said, "You both are brilliant dancers, you both have a spirit and an energy that goes beyond dancing.. For more info and lots of beautiful dancing pictures visit Tell me who you are rooting for? Which guy and girl do you think will be leaving? Leave a comment. HOW EXCITING!

SYTYCD: Say Goodbye to Your First Two Dancers

First off, let me say that if you are not watching So You Think You Can Dance , you are missing out on not only some of the summer's best TV, but also some of the best reality TV around! Whether you are a dance aficionado or merely a casual fan, there's no way that you won't appreciate the quality of dance that the contestants bring to the screen! That being said, it makes me sad that dancers have to be eliminated at all. Based on the first night of performances on Wednesday, nobody was all that bad. In fact, I thought that Nigel's few criticisms were unduly harsh. Since SYTYCD is a reality show though, one boy and one girl do have to go each week - you know the rules! However, since the results show is an hour long, we are first subjected to a few dance performances, including an intro group dance, a performance by the Pussycat Dolls and a performance by the founder of popping (and his son). Popping has certainly been getting a lot of SYTYCD attention this season and if you haven't seen Robert Murraine's audition footage yet, it is definitely worth a glance. I thought the intro number was pretty entertaining, especially Robin's rendition of Cobrastyle that everyone danced to, though Nigel's acting was a little too hokey for my taste. I don't know if it was just me, but I thought that Nicole from the Pussycat Dolls sounded awful (and I have already seen this same number one too many times on other reality shows, though which particular ones I already cannot recall). Onto the bottom couples: Matt and Kourtni, Rayven and Jamie and Jessica and Will all danced for their lives last night. Looking at the girls, Kourtni was quickly declared safe based on her performance, which was definitely accurate - she was undeniably the strongest of the those three. Between Rayven and Jessica, the judges decided to eliminate Rayven, telling her that they thought her performance wasn't strong enough and that frankly they were surprised she opted to dance on demi-pointe, since pointe is her specialty. Personally, I found Rayven to be slightly more interesting than Jessica (or perhaps I was just blinded by her odd tutu and fishnets combination). Looking at the guys, Will (the Debbie Allen protege) was immediately declared safe, though it wasn't so clear cut to me that he was the best of the three. This left Jamie and Matt. The judges accused Jamie of lacking technique and Matt of lacking personality. They decided to chop Jamie, who held back tears upon receiving the news. So...Rayven and Jamie, so long, we hardly got to know you! Is it too early for me to ask if you guys have favorites or see frontrunners yet? Since Katee & Joshua (the military themed hip-hop number) were the strongest on Wednesday, we are obviously going to keep our eyes on them. I also was pleasantly surprised by Twitchington (Kherington & Twitch). I was skeptical that Twitch would have enough versatility or that Kherington would have enough technique (from the auditions she struck me as a cute high school girl that liked to dance, but wasn't necessarily SYTYCD material), but both were really impressive on Wednesday night and for me are ones to watch!

So You Think You Can Dance Top 20 Photo Shoot Video

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So You Think You Can Dance Returns Tonight

So I never watched So You Think You Can Dance when it aired any of its original seasons, but I've seen a few marathons on VH1 and I have been floored by the amount of talent on this show! Therefore, I will most definitely be tuning in to the premiere of the new season, tonight at 8PM on FOX. To get you revved up, check out some of these clips of former dances from E!Online (and 5 reasons to watch the show). I cannot stop watching the first's that good!