On Soft Focus, Ian Svenonius tenderly interrogates musicians whom we revere and admire. Shot on location in the venerable Guggenheim Museum in New York City.

"Andrew W.K."

March 12, 2007
Andrew W.K. on composing his unique brand of non-judgmental music. In this edition of Soft Focus Ian sits down with Andrew WK and they discuss AWK’s transition from twiddling knobs in obscurity to producing the most accessible music ever known to man (so far). Ian and Andrew delve deeper into the sense of inclusiveness which makes his music appeal to everybody (even black people) and Andrew reveals his ethnic heritage (Anglo-German). Together they about the screwy release scheme for Andrew’s new album (Asia first), the guy who helped him assemble his original band (Obituary’s drummer, Donald Tardy), and what he really means by the word “party.” See the rest at VBS.TV: Andrew W.K. - Soft Focus | VBS.TV