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'South Park' Renewed Through 2016; Will Hit Landmark 20th Season

Comedy Central has renewed "South Park" through 2016, ensuring that cable's longest-running animated series will hit a landmark 20th season. Trey Parker and Matt Stone's deal with Comedy Central calls for them to continue to write, direct and edit every episode of "South Park," as they have since the series premiered in 1997. The series could also continue with new episodes past the 20th season. The deal covers three additional seasons for the top-rated Emmy and Peabody Award-winning series. It comes soon after TV's longest running-animated series, "The Simpsons," was renewed through what will be its 25th season. Read More...

Alien Pilgrims From Space on 'South Park' (VIDEO)

Holiday time in 'South Park' (Wed., 10PM ET on Comedy Central) is always eventful and more than a little weird. Having been assured that everything they've been told about Native Americans being from space is untrue, the kids are on the couch (natch) as the door is blown open by a pilgrim asking "Why hast thy race sent me to earth?!" Pretty soon the the kids find themselves mixed up in an ancient feud between alien Pilgrims from space and the Native Americans. Both groups are fighting to control the valuable "stuffing mines." Of course, this being 'South Park,' it ends in violence, but we do learn a valuable lesson: Alien pilgrims from space have a very nasty test to tell if you're lying about being one-sixteenth Native American.

'South Park' takes on Thanksgiving

"South Park" creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker first burst onto the scene by taking on Christmas in their famed 1995 video "Jesus vs Santa." Well, it's 16 years later and the two haven't stopped poking fun at tradition. The long-running animated show is set to spoof Thanksgiving in an upcoming episode.In the promo piece, the boys are seen watching a telling of the Thanksgiving story on TV. Needless to say, it's not quite as close to the truth as it should be. The tale involves interplanetary travel and stuffing mines.Cartman is able to rationalize the disconnect when he says, "It's History Channel."The episode debuts Nov. 9.Here's the video. A History Channel ThanksgivingGet More: SOUTHPARKmore......

Sneak Peek: 'South Park' Takes on Occupy Wall Street Protests

Featuring a reference to the slogans used in the movement, the upcoming episode of the animated series sees Cartman telling his classmates, 'You're the 99 percent ganging up on the one percent.'

South Park Preview: "1%"

Wow, it's like Trey Park and Matt Stone have been reading my reviews .  Or watching the news.  Because the duo is finally taking on an easy topic ripe for the South Park  treatment: Occupy Wall Street. So just how will the fourth graders relate to the protests that are spreading around the world?  Well, when Cartman falls into the 1% of the Presidential Physical Fitness test, the 99% become the cool kids and start making fun of him. Just watch the clip as Cartman takes solace with Clyde Frog and his other toys, with lines like "It's not your fault Eric, how can they blame you for what is clearly President Obama's fault," and tell me you aren't excited for this satire:

'South Park': Eric Cartman is the 1%

God bless "South Park" for its ability, alone among half-hour animated shows, to turn out episodes on basically a moment's notice.Thanks to that quick turnaround time, Trey Parker and Matt Stone will offer up their take on the 1 percent vs. 99 percent argument that's fueling the various Occupy protests across the country. The episode, appropriately titled "1%," airs Wednesday (Nov. 2).In the "South Park" context, Cartman is (naturally) the 1 percent. But it's not about money: His poor results on the presidential physical fitness test force everyone into extra gym time, and the other kids, especially Wendy, aren't happy with him. Cartman's not happy either, but he's more concerned about the 99 percent ganging up on him and saying it's all his fault. Take a look at Cartman's pity party:"South Park" airs at 10 p.m. ET Wednesday on Comedy Central. 1%Get More: SOUTHPARKEric Cartman,Wendy Testaburger,more......

‘South Park’ Takes a Page From ‘The Book of Mormon’

After working so successfully with Trey Parker and Matt Stone on the Tony-winning musical “The Book of Mormon,” Robert Lopez joined his collaborators this week to help write an episode of “South Park.” (It airs tonight on Comedy Central.). We caught Mr. Lopez as he boarded a plane back to New York. Read More...

South Park Preview: "Broadway Bro Down"

Matt Stone and Trey Parker on tackling a subject close to home in this week's  South Park: Broadway.   And who better to tell the story than the man with the most addictive personality on the show, Randy Marsh? Stan's father becomes Broadway's biggest fan when his co-workers tell him what's so great about musicals?  So what is it?  Watch the following clip from "Broadway Bro Down"  and begin guessing:

South Park Preview: "Bass to Mouth"

Taking a cue straight out of the Gossip Girl  handbook, someone at South Park elementary is spreading gossip about the fellow students on " Bass to Mouth ." Following up the last two week's hilarious Asberger and immigration satires, it looks like things will be returning the show's roots as the four boys roam the school halls attempting to figure out who's spreading gossip. Just watch the following clip and let us know if you're excited for this Wednesday's episode?

South Park Preview: "The Last of the Meheecans"

With everything back to normal in the South Park  universe (minus Stan's drinking problem ), it looks like the show is getting back to its roots this Wednesday.  So what topic will Stone and Parker be tackling next? Looks like the guys are back to tackling immigration when Cartman ends up joining the U.S. Border Patrol, while Butters appears to be throw in jail in the upcoming episode, " The Last of the Meheecans "   While South Park 's previous immigration episode ("They took our jobs!") will be a tough act to follow, we're pretty sure this episode will do a decent job based on this clip: