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NBC delays 'Southland' premiere - Featured

NBC has pushed back the second season premiere of cop drama Southland , says The Hollywood Reporter. The new season was originally scheduled to kick off Friday, September 25 but it will now debut a month later on Friday, October 23. According to reports, the move occurred to give the drama some marketing support ahead of its season launch. The series, which features former O.C. star Ben McKenzie, has recently recruited Prison Break alum Amaury Nolasco in the role of the aggressive new partner of Detective Lydia Adams. Source

Tonight's TV Hot List: Friday, July 31, 2009 - Featured

* Good Morning America (7/6 CT ABC) Kelly Clarkson, the first American Idol winner and, many say, the best, doesn't have a new album coming out this week (her latest, All I Ever Wanted, has been a fixture on the Billboard 200 since its release in March), but the third single from it, "Already Gone," has already established its own Billboard beachhead. You can expect that she'll perform the new single this morning when she headlines GMA's Central Park summer concert. * Southland (8/7 CT NBC) Just in case you missed the series premiere of this police drama in April, here's a chance to catch the show from the beginning before the new season starts on Friday, September 25. Benjamin McKenzie of The O.C. stars as Los Angeles rookie cop Ben Sherman, whose future with the force depends on a good evaluation from his partner (Michael Cudlitz), who is, of course, a tough veteran with his own way of bringing down the bad guys. When a bust gets out of control, Sherman has to act on instinct and hopes that his partner won't judge him too harshly. Otherwise, his first day could be his last. * Real Time with Bill Maher (10/9 CT HBO ) What a week it's been, from Sarah Palin's final speech as Alaska's governor to the ongoing debate over the Democratic health-care initiative to the war in Afghanistan. To help make sense of it all, Maher turns to MSNBC's Rachel Maddow; CNN reporter Michael Ware, who's covering the war; writer Joe Queenan ("Closing Time"); and historian Niall Ferguson, whose Ascent of Money book and PBS series explores the financial history of the world. * Degrassi A The Next Generation (8/7 CT The N) In the eighth-season finale, things take a frightening turn for coworkers Holly J. and Spinner when The Dot is robbed at gunpoint. The intensity of the situation leads Holly J. to get emotional and confess her long-harboring feelings to Spinner. Elsewhere, Connor wants to reunite the old gang, but he doesn't get much support from Clare and KC with this plan. * Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan (9/8 CT National Geographic ) The owners of the Venice Beach Freakshow love to embrace oddball animals, so they adopted a five-legged miniature pinscher from a Mississippi dog pound, thinking he'd fit right in with their family. But they were wrong. The dog's aggression is so severe that the family may have no other choice than to let him go. Hope now rests with Cesar to work his magic on this one-of-a-kind canine. Source Here

Emmy predictions: Drama, Best Lead Actor and Actress

Let's get serious for a moment, Emmy voters. -- Lead actor and actress in a drama series. (suggestions for outstanding comedy and drama series will be posted tomorrow.) Please use this list of recommendations as your own personal cheat sheet. Cool. Oh, and I will be checking the picks against the official nominations when they come out on July 16. You know, just to see. Best Actor (Drama) * Gabriel Byrne ( In Treatment ): He bared his soul as his shrink got shrunk. * Kyle Chandler ( Friday Night Lights ): The series' heart and soul never punts. Ever. * Michael Chiklis ( The Shield ): He made his character sympathetic right down to his final despicable act. That's art. * Bryan Cranston ( Breaking Bad ): I'm not a fan of reruns, but c'mon, last year's winner deserves a repeat. * Hugh Laurie ( House ): He kissed Cuddy, lost Kutner, saw dead people, and got committed. 'Nuff said. * Denis Leary ( Rescue Me ): Fired up about the show's creative resurgence? Thank the guy who fanned the flame. Best Actress (Drama) * January Jones ( Mad Men ): Played the ultimate desperate housewife with remarkable restraint. * Regina King ( Southland ): Her complicated, compassionate cop is the standout in a top-notch ensemble. * Jeanne Tripplehorn ( Big Love ): When her devout character was excommunicated, it was a religious experience for me, too! * Glenn Close ( Damages ): So sharp, she cut clean through a scattered season 2. * Evangeline Lilly ( Lost ): She parted ways with "son" Aaron and delivered the mother of all performances. * Elisabeth Moss ( Mad Men ): Masterfully conveyed the quiet pain of giving up a child. Also see Emmy predictions: Drama, Best Supporting Actor and Actress Emmy predictions: Comedy, Best Lead Actor and Actress Emmy predictions: Comedy, Best Supporting Actor and Actress Emmy predictions: Best Comedy and Drama Series original source

Ratings Highlights for Idol, Criminal Minds, Dance and More - Featured

Recapping some Nielsen numbers from recent days, including some very big finales and the premiere of the summer's hottest reality competition: Wednesday * The American Idol finale played to a crowd of 27.7 million total viewers, hitting a high of 32.55 mil as Kris got crowned. That audience marks a 9 percent dip from last year, and the show's second-smallest finale draw ever, besting only Kelly Clarkson's Season 1 coronation (which aired during the summer). * Criminal Minds closed its season with an audience of 13.79 mil, up 785K from its previous finale. Thursday * So You Think You Can Dance kicked off its new cycle with 8.78 million viewers, up 175K from its previous opener. * Ugly Betty bowed out before 6.27 mil, plunging 28 percent from last year's finale. Friday night, here we come! * Southland copped 6.4 mil for its freshman finale, up 38 percent versus last week's fantastically competitive slate. Source Here

Tonight's TV Hot List: Thursday, May 21, 2009 - Featured

* So You Think You Can Dance (8 pm/ET Fox) ABC's Dancing with the Stars may have ended Tuesday, but that doesn't mean the connection for your terpsichorean fix has dried up. That's because it's time for the fifth season of So You Think You Can Dance, and tonight's premiere, as well as two-hour shows next Wednesday and Thursday (8 pm/ET), will showcase auditions in Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, Denver, Seattle and Memphis. * Man-Made (8 pm/ET National Geographic Channel) For good reason, car safety is a top priority for many car buyers, so auto manufacturers are constantly working to make their vehicles safer. This hour goes inside high-tech crash labs to see how they do that. Highlights include a look at ultra-advanced - and surprisingly lifelike - crash-test dummies, and an interview with an extremely brave (or insane) man who, with 852 crashes under his belt, holds the world record for "most human-subject crash tests." * Ugly Betty (8 pm/ET ABC) No disrespect to Molly, who collapsed in the bathroom last week right before her honeymoon, but when the guest stars for tonight's two-hour, third-season finale include Billie Jean King, Rachel Maddow and Christopher Gorham (Henry's back in town!), um, let's just hope Daniel's new bride is OK. In other news, Wilhelmina hits up Matt's scheming mother for information about Claire's connection to Cal, and Marc and Betty hope their YETI profiles pay off when an editing job opens up at Mode. * Southern Belles: Louisville (10 pm/ET SOAPnet) This new reality series is a sort of prequel to Real Housewives, as it focuses on a group of five single women (although one is twice-divorced). These Kentucky gals are at crossroads in their lives when it comes to careers and romances. Julie is a model worried about her career and her clicking biological clock, Shea is planning her wedding to a man who has yet to propose to her, and divorce Kellie is starting a matchmaking business. Get to know them and their pals as they're introduced in tonight's premiere. * Southland (10 pm/ET NBC) The first season of the cop drama wraps up, and the good news is that the show will be back for a second. After weeks of run-ins with the city's thugs, L.A.'s finest discover a dead gang member in the trunk of a car tonight. And Lydia (Regina King) finds the line between her professional and personal life further blurred when Bryant (Shawn Hatosy) convinces her to take in Janilla (Carla Jeffrey). Source Here

Ben McKenzie Talks Southland's Finale and Future - Featured

What happens in the Southland finale, and what's in store for next season? Check out the video interview below to see what Benjamin McKenzie spills about the wham-bam finale and his hopes for the future of the cult-hit cop drama. Are you guys still loving Southland, or have you tuned out? Which cop character is your favorite? Post in the comments! Southland 's season finale airs tonight at 10 p.m. on NBC. E!Online - Ben McKenzie Talks Southland's Finale and Future Related Stories: NBC Announces Fall Schedule NBC Picks Up Southland

Ratings: Big Wedding Turnout Powers Grey's Past CSI - Featured

Thursday's ratings recap: * 8 pm/ET Survivor topped the hour with 11.97 million total viewers, up 240K week-to-week. Bones followed with 8.62 mil, dipping 210 thou. Claiming third was Ugly Betty , which surged 10 percent to 7.5 mil. Both NBC's My Name Is Earl (4.43 mil, -16 percent) and Parks & Recreation (4.64 mil, -12 percent) dipped, while Smallville (3.34 mil) inched up 140K. * 9 pm Grey's Anatomy was the night's most watched program, as 15.33 million RSVP'd for not-Meredith's wedding. With CSI dipping 720 thou to 14.57 mil, this marks the first time Grey's has outdrawn the CBS procedural in total viewers since Nov. 1, 2007. Grey's also outperformed CSI in the key demos by its widest margin in two years - 51 percent. NBC's The Office (7.7 mil, +410K) and 30 Rock (6.17 mil, +200K) both saw gains, while Supernatural (2.79 mil) dropped 170 thou. * 10 pm Michael J. Fox's Optimistic special started strong and averaged 10.6 mil for the hour, but ultimately got bested by CBS' CSI repeat come 10:30. NBC's recently renewed Southland slipped 180K, to 6.5 mil. Source Here

Watch a sneak peek of SOUTHLAND's episode 5 "Two Gangs"

Detective Sal Salinger's (Michael McGrady) nightmare comes true when his car slams into a light pole and gang members steal his weapon. Gang Detectives Sammy Bryant (Shawn Hatosy) and Nate Moretta (Kevin Alejandro) arrive on the scene to help out their boss. Moretta reluctantly agrees to assist Bryant in the search for the perpetrators and Salinger's weapon without calling it in. Elsewhere, still preoccupied with her personal life, Detective Lydia Adams (Regina King) is caught off guard when a man exposes himself to her outside her home. Tom Everett Scott also stars. To See The Preview Click here . Here

NBC Picks Up Southland - Featured

Fans of new NBC cop drama Southland (myself included; it's the only midseason new cop drama that I've kept up with) will be pleased to know that the show will be returning in the Fall. NBC has picked up the series for 13 additional episodes. The show has been performing well in the ratings since its debut (by NBC standards) on April 9th. Source's Top Moments: Shocking Finishes and Shining Guest Stars - Featured

What a week for supporting casts. Guest stars shined on The Big Bang Theory and Breaking Bad . The veep said something that made a bigger splash -- in a bad way -- than anything the president did. And on Southland , a dog had his day. Enjoy's Top Moments, time-to-shine edition. 11. Most Expedited Delivery: Amy Brenneman wasn't kidding about the Private Practice season finale's Tarantino-esque quality. Pregnant Violet's biggest quandary to date -- which possible pop to choose, Pete or Sheldon -- is profoundly overshadowed when an unbalanced patient, Katie, decides that the baby she lost months ago is now in Violet's belly. So, with a medical "how-to" guide in hand, Katie sets out to extricate said unborn child. Unsettling doesn't begin to describe the macabre cliffhanger. 10. Best Setup: On Southland , a retired drug-sniffing dog bites a spoiled teen while searching his room for pot, foreshadowing the show's climax: Officers set loose another K-9 to go totally canine on a fleeing sex offender who's wanted for murder. (Our dogs put Southland's salute to dogs at number one on this week's Top Moments.) 9. Best Game-Extender: The Boston Celtics' Ray Allen (who scored 51 points overall) hits a down-to-the-wire 3-pointer to take Game 6 against the Chicago Bulls into triple overtime -- and the series into the record books for most postseason overtimes. (The Bulls go on to win.) 8. Wildest Overreaction: Vice President Joe Biden tells Today's Matt Lauer he wouldn't recommend members of his family travel by plane or subway because of the risk of swine flu. Later, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs explains "what the vice president meant to say" is that people should take precautions if they have flu-like symptoms. Good news, because it sounded like we'd have to shut the country down awhile. 7. Most Homophobic Nit-Picking: Fox News' Bill O'Reilly takes a New York Times reporter to task for asking President Barack Obama what he's been most "enchanted" by, among other things, in his first 100 days in office. His guest, Bernard Goldberg, mocks the word by saying it "fits our metrosexual time" and would never have been asked in the "John Wayne era." So basically... some words are too unmanly to be spoken aloud? Can we still say "bromance"? 6. No "I" in Team Award: Given the chance to say some final words following his Dancing with the Stars elimination, Chuck Wicks thanks his fellow Team Mambo members... for causing his elimination: "I think the team dance did us in," he slights. Hey Chuck, maybe it was your solo? 5. Hooker with a Heart of Golda Award: The Big Bang Theory has us kvelling as Leonard and Raj hire Las Vegas call girl Mikayla (guest star Jodi Lyn O'Keefe) to not just give depressed Howard "the girlfriend experience," but a Jewish one. From kvetching, "Would it kill [the casino buffet] to put out a nice brisket?" to telling her date, "Oy, you're hot," she would make Mrs. Wolowitz proud. 4. Best Criminal Lawyer: The highly underrated Bob Odenkirk guests on Breaking Bad as a crooked defense attorney who agrees to help Walt and Jesse protect their meth ring -- but only after both of them stuff a bill in his pocket so everything they say is covered by attorney-client privilege. The moment perfectly captures the character's sleaze, smarts, and fear. Jesse puts it best: "When the going gets tough, you don't want a criminal lawyer. You want a criminal lawyer." Read the full story: Top Moments: Shocking Finishes and Shining Guest Stars