Southland “Risk” Season 4 Episode 9

Southland  “Risk” Season  4 Episode 9 airs Tuesday, March 13 at 10/9c on TNT. Episode Synopsis:  Ben finds himself heading down a slippery slope as he attempts to help the daughter of a prostitute, putting him in hot water with the woman’s pimp. Lydia and Ruben (guest star Dorian Missick) investigate the murder of a gang-banger who may have been killed over a graffiti tag. Tang (special guest star Lucy Liu) faces more questions about her shooting of an innocent bystander, which could determine whether she gets promoted to sergeant. Read More...  

'Southland' Scoop: Things Get Worse For Ben And Sammy

" Southland " just keeps getting better, and with only three episodes left in the heart-thumping fourth season, the momentum continues to build. I caught up with stars Ben McKenzie and Shawn Hatosy on the show's set (a.k.a. a random street in Los Angeles, one of four shooting locations for that day alone) to talk about what's next for officers Ben Sherman and Sammy Bryant. Both actors were getting a little banged up while we talked -- prepping for a dramatic scene with help from the makeup department -- which is always a good sign of action to come. Read More...