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FALSE EPISODE LINKS false link-------> via

via !!!! there is a false episode link that keeps appearing it is for a site that asks you to fill in questionnaires before you can view the episode after you do so the episode is not listed via i have deleted it 2 times already but it keeps being listed

spam links

ok there seems to be spam links leading to a fake movie site where you have to "complete these surveys to watch the content" the web addy was "" so i deleted it. this is just a heads up for spam :)

Nice choice of full episodes

I just want to say thanks for being the only site I've found that gives such an extensive Stargate atlantis FULL EPISODE choice. I believe you have the largest full episode choice for all movies and TV series. Thanks again.

Anyone else thing the New threats lately in Stargate:A , have been kinda weak?

1. Michael has been overused and lacks any real depth and his evil just seems watered down compared to replicators and the wraith. 2. The wraith have been watered down as well , threatwise. They just seem like sideshow fodder for the SG team to beat on now. 3. I would like to see a bigger threat that starts a story arc again. I don't like random "alien made us all sick" stories every 3 episodes. They are the show killers that eventually cancel a series. 4. I watch this show and the "wonder" of what they will find at the other side of the gate is kinda gone. It's always a wraith incursion or a disease......or a cure for a disease no one gets until they find the possible 5. Teyla apparently screwin some dude offworld and getting pregnant was the dumbest thing they coulda done with the show, her character is kinda useless as a main member of the group, she holds no appeal as a love interest to any of the team, and they overused her wraith dna so much that no one in my house cares what shes doing in an episode. 6. Basically this show is the same type of show as Dr. Who, yet they aren't playing to the strengths of DW. Seems like they are trying to wind the show down to end it with filler episodes now.

Stop deleting good links

Seriously, what is it with people deleting working links left & right that have no problems whatsoever? Yes, some links take a bit longer to load than others, especially links hosted on todou's servers, but if they do in fact work then stop deleting them!

Stargate Atlantis Season 5....Aired Early?

Season 5 Episode 1 Search and Rescue is now up on sidereel,originally said to be airing July 11, I was pleasantly surprised to find the new episode up today.

When does Season 5 begin?

I thought season 5 was suppose to begin last friday July 11. was the a change in schedule. The are no links to season 5 's first episode. Could someone please fill me in.

stargate atlantis

sga is coming back yes. i hope thay bring back sg1 as well but sga rocks.:-)

Links asking you to download potential malware will be deleted.

If there are any links that ask you to download or install programs in order to view the video, they will be deleted. GO waste someone elses time.

cant be bothered to upload links, do it your self

if you want to watch SGA on tudou go to when there highlight the writeing about the video, copy that into the search box and change the seaon, episode and part to get the SGA episode you want, it goes Seaon, Episode, Part. this should help. if not go to where they have different choices not like sidereel but more of a forum that someone posted the addresses, i would have loaded them on to sidereel but i couldn't be bothered, b my guest to do it your self.