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Stephen Colbert News

Stephen Colbert Bashes NFL Over Proposed Extra Point, Kickoff Elimination (Video)
Stephen Colbert Pledges Ukrainian Support: ‘The World’s Largest Strategic Reserves of Alcoholism’ (Video)
Stephen Colbert on NASA’s Doughnut Discovery: ‘Call Off the Search for Water and Start Looking for a Lake of Coolata’ (Video)
Stephen Colbert Pays Homage to Ernest Hemingway by Gun-Toting, Drinking ’til He Pukes (Video)
Stephen Colbert Thinks Pot Will Overshadow Super Bowl: ‘Ads Are Gonna Have Freaky Talking Babies and Animals’ (Video)
Stephen Colbert Blasts Obama Tourism Ad, Offers ‘America: Come or Don’t, We Don’t Give a Sh-t’ (Video)
Stephen Colbert: Listen to Fox News’ ‘The Five’ Kids – ‘Just Do Drugs’ (Video)
Stephen Colbert Calls Obama a Quitter, Demands Military Surge Everywhere (Video)