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Omg. Thats one word to sum up that episode. To start with I like the fact that it seemed more real because of all the hand cams, and the fact that the guys seemed more natural too with all the swearing (even though it was covered with a beep and a scull). This episode is definatly one that is different to the usual bad demon; holy water, latin phases. But there is always the good old Rock salt Shot gun!.. In this episode also its about what dean wants to do, its about them wanting to hunt it. Its the MEGA hunt, Its what Dean wants to do before his time is up. He only has 2 Months left (hmm yeah right!) .

body swap??

I read the article and what i think Kripke is talking about is the possibility of the boys (Dean and Sam) having something happen to them that leads to them having a body swap between them.. meaning Sam is stuck in Dean's body and Dean is stuck in Sam's and they have to figure out how to fix it (atleast thats what i think, i could be wrong)


Are they thinking of changing the actors of the Winchester brothers when the article said "Winchester body swap"?????????? Read the article of Eric Kripke's interview on Season 4. If what I think is right, then that's really saaaaaaaaaaaad newssssssssssssss!!! Please clear my doubt on this, anyone!

Next Episode

...on April 24th.

newest episode

any links??? putting up the episode kind of defeats the purpose when there are no links to watch it...

Stage 6 is gone

Just in case people were wondering, some links will now be lifeless as stage 6 has now closed down sadly due to a lack of resources.

All links dead?

Seems the show was removed from all on-line streaming. Some of the links report copyright issues. Shame, it is the best out there and was looking forward to watch.

4th Season

From what i have read on the internet a fourth season is/has been written so it would definatley seem like there is going to be a 4th Season i really hope so this show rocks!


i dont know for sure if they'll come back, but why wouldnt they? its going so well

Supernatural coming back?

Is supernatural going to come back for a 4th season? Because this show kicks butt and i really hope it does. Anyone know if there has been any agreements or disagreements?