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hey i need help on how to add links. Can anyone assist?

ME like

Supernatural is wow! Sam so needs something, he has to be part demon he just has to be! When Dean goes, demons should be warned if the glimpse we got is anything to go by. Seeing Dean being killed over and over is just soo funny, especially that dog.

supernatural eps

can someone please ad another link for superntural episode 11 theres only the 2 paying ones and the firefox one... thanks heaps :)

Whats goin on

why have a lot of the links stopped working ive been using this site for a while now and all of a sudden its not working properly


Thank you for making it work...that amazon and itune crap sucks...thanks!


You guys just need to stick to stage6....why is this not working?


Why are none of the 3x11 working? Anyone know where I can actually watch it?


Nice... now i can watch much...!!!!!

Anybody know?

I am trying to find out in what ep the colt was fixed. I guess I missed that one, and I don't like missing an ep of one of my favorite shows. Anybody know?

where are next episodes?

Are they been aired in the US yet? Thanks