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Notes from the 'Supernatural' 100th Episode Party

Over the weekend, the cast and crew of Supernatural gathered in Vancouver for a party to celebrate reaching the show's 100th episode. Sadly, Eric Kripke wasn't able to attend due to a last minute conflict, but the night was still full of Supernatural love. Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Jim Beaver, Misha Collins, Robert Singer, Sera Gamble and Ben Edlund are just a few of the attendees, along with CW president Dawn Ostroff. During the next few weeks and months leading up to the big 100th episode, titled "Point of No Return" scheduled to air April 15, we'll bring you our exclusive interviews with the stars as they talk about everything from the best pranks to the 100th episode to a possible season 6. To Read More Click here .

Adam (Jake Abel) The Third Winchester Brother Back on SUPERNATURAL Season 5

Adam Milligan (Jake Abel) Adam Milligan, the long lost Winchester brother who appeared in the season 4 episode "Jump The Shark", will return in February in Season 5 of Supernatural. Jake Abel confirmed as much during a panel interview for the movie PERCY JACKSON & THE OLYMPIANS: THE LIGHTNING THIEF in which he plays the role of Luke. To Read More Click Here .

Supernatural's GHOSTFACERS Gets A Webseries

[Press Release - Released by The WB] ONLINE SPIRITS BEWARE: THE "GHOSTFACERS" FROM THE HIT SHOW "SUPERNATURAL" ARE BACK WITH A NEW WEB SERIES Production Begins on a Digital Brand Extension Investigating New Paranormal Mysteries Online, Soon to be Available on and Kelly Carlson ("Nip/Tuck") Guest Stars as the Ghost of an Aspiring Actress Haunting a Local Theatre BURBANK, Calif. (January 26, 2010) – The world's greatest self-proclaimed ghost hunters are back on the case, now in an original digital series for both and A shortform brand extension of the hit CW/Warner Bros. Television series "Supernatural," "Ghostfacers" will focus on a team of fearless and sometimes comical "professional" ghost hunters who investigate the paranormal and record their own adventures in documentary-style episodes. The team originally made their debut during the first season of "Supernatural" in the episode 'Hell House,' and later appeared in a self-titled episode during season three. In this first installment of the new series, the "Ghostfacers" investigate the haunting of a local theatre by the ghost of a young starlet – played by Kelly Carlson ("Nip/Tuck") - who, according to legend, was murdered in front of her dressing room mirror. To Read More Click Here .

'Supernatural' Video Preview: How Sam Met His Mother Season 5, Episode 13

Next week's Supernatural episode brings back Castiel, Anna and one very cool angel power: time travel. Unlike season 4's "In the Beginning," this time both Sam and Dean are traveling back in time to protect Mary and John from an assassination plot to prevent the boys from ever being born. After coming back from the long winter break, Supernatural has been stuck in stand alone episodes about a psychiatric hospital and body swapping, so it's good to see the show getting back to the on-going mythology. It also means we'll get to see young John and young Mary again, a few years after the events of "In the Beginning." Check out these two new clips featuring the boys transporting back in time and meeting their young parents. Source & Previews

'Supernatural' 4.13 Preview: Meet the Parents

Fans of "Supernatural" will get to see Sam and Dean's parents again in the next episode. The angels send Anna back in time to kill John and Mary Winchester before they can conceive Sam knowing that if Sam was never born then Lucifer won't be able to use him as his vessel. Castiel sends Sam and Dean back to 1978 so they can stop Anna, and the two brothers are reunited with their parents. Mary recognizes Dean as a hunter since he visited her in the past once before but tries to keep the truth from John. Although the role of John Winchester was portrayed by Jeffrey Dean Morgan in the pilot and few episodes after, he would be filled by Matthew Cohen in this one. Meanwhile, the role of Mary is filled by Amy Gumenick who, like Cohen, is back after playing the character in a 2008 episode "In the Beginning". "Back to the Future II" will air on February 4. Source Here

TV Tonight: What's On Thursday 1/28 - Featured

The NBC comedies are taking a break this week, but there's still plenty of new TV including FOX, CW, and cable Thursday favs! Check out all that's on: 8/7c Bones on Fox The Deep End on ABC Vampire Diaries on The CW Live for the Moment on CBS 9/8c Fringe on Fox Supernatural on The CW Burn Notice on USA Network Skins on BBC America 10/9c America's Best Dance Crew on MTV Archer on FX Project Runway on Lifetime Television The Real Housewives of Orange County on Bravo 11/10c Taking the Stage on MTV The Daily Show on Comedy Central Models of the Runway on Lifetime Television 11:30/10:30c The Colbert Report on Comedy Central What will you be watching?

Supernatural: Preview of Episode 5.12 "Swap Meat"

Want more Supernatural comedy? Tonight's episode should do the trick. Colton James, who is known for his appearance in The Lost World: Jurassic Park as well as his role of T-Bone on 7th Heaven, guest stars as a teenage nerd named Gary who performs a body-switching spell and changes bodies with Sam in "Swap Meat." Like movies with similar themes, the 12th episode of Supernatural's fifth season finds Gary taking advantage of his "new look" as he starts to live the life he's always wanted. And like most geeky teenagers would do, the first thing Gary does is get drunk on booze and women. Poor Sam, on the other hand, is trapped in Gary's gawky body struggling to deal with intrusive parents and high school issues. Source Here

Hottest Boys of The CW: And the Winner Is... - Featured

The final round to determine the very hottest boy of The CW for SideReel fans was quite the nail-biter! But while both fanatics for Supernatural 's Jensen Ackles and for Vampire Diaries' Ian Somerhalder fought a good fight, the winner ended up taking the hot boy crown with DOUBLE the votes of the loser! So who's our winner? Yes, you guessed it... Jensen Ackles! As you may recall from the 1st and 2nd rounds, Jensen took the win over the following Reeler-nominated CW guys: Ian Somerhalder - Vampire Diaries Jared Padalecki - Supernatural Chace Crawford - Gossip Girl This may be an obvious answer since over 400 of you voted for this Supernatural hottie in the final round, but do you all think the right CW hot boy won? Weigh in below!

'Supernatural' Spin-Off in the Works

It looks like Sam and Dean aren't the only stars of Supernatural. Ed Zeddmore and Harry Spangler, the stars of Ghostfacers, will soon take center stage as they appear in their own show. The spin-off, however, comes in the form of a web series which will initially run as 10 three-minute episodes on The CW website, according to Variety. Supernatural fans have come to know Ed and Harry as the boys from the website Hell Hound's Lair. Both are self proclaimed "professional" paranormal investigators who appear on their so-called reality TV series Ghost Ghostfacers, which was featured in the episodes "Hell House," "Ghostfacers," and "It's A Terrible Life." The Supernatural spin-off will follow the Ghostfacers as they investigate haunted occurences, shot documentary-style. CSI: NY's A.J. Buckley and Travis Wester will reprise their roles as the Ghostfacers, and will also be writing the webisodes. Brittany Ishibashi (E-Ring) and Austin Basis (Life Unexpected) round out the Ghostfacers team. "It felt like the nature and style of what they do with their show-within-a-show would be fun to see in new media," said Wonderland TV topper Peter Johnson. "It's a fun, subversive way to allow these characters to play in the margins." Though production is ongoing in Los Angeles, a premiere date has yet to be announced. According to Variety, the first installment revolves around a theater haunted by the specter of a starlet, played by Nip/Tuck's Kelly Carlson. Eric Kripke will serve as executive producer with Peter Johnson, Jeff Grosvenor and Phil Sgriccia. Source Here

'Supernatural' Confirmed for Season 6?

It hasn't exactly been easy for Supernatural fans to mull over the fact that they have to bid farewell to Sam and Dean eventually. As you may have heard, series creator Eric Kripke's contract ends after the fifth season, and has, over the years, planned for the show to wrap up at the end of this season. But it's also no secret that Kripke has recently shown interest in continuing the story of the Winchester brothers and that Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles already have contracts for a sixth season. Though nothing official has been made by The CW, Cinemaspy is reporting that Supernatural has been renewed for another season. While seeing Sam and Dean for another season is good news, some fans feel like the show should go out with a bang as it concludes with Sam and Dean confronting the Devil in a final showdown this season. Meanwhile, Kripke isn't necessarily out of ideas. However, it's a little hard to imagine what season 6 would look like, if and when the network decides to pick up Supernatural for one more year. Will it be an entirely new chapter for the Winchester brothers, as Kripke previously hinted? Or will it be an extension of the apocalypse storyline? Or perhaps the aftermath of Lucifer's defeat? Again, nothing's official yet. Source Here