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Supernatural Season 5 Returns This Thursday With "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid"

Finally! The Winchester boys are back to their evil-busting ways after a 6-week hellish hiatus with a brand-new Supernatural episode titled "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid." Since it starts at 9/8c on the CW right after a brand-new Vampire Diaries, it's a long-anticipated double-premiere night that's not likely to disappoint! Last time we saw the brothers, it was just before Valentine's Day in the not-so-coincidentally titled episode "My Bloody Valentine." Cupid's marks have the townspeople killing each other in the name of love (or so they think) -- more specifically eating one another, which just may make the list of gnarliest deaths in Supernatural history (is there really any other way to describe it?). In one of the most emotionally draining episodes thus far, it is eventually revealed that there's another source of evil behind these grotesque and deadly acts of love: Famine, one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. While Cupid is then proved to be more innocent than they had originally expected, Sam and Dean learn valuable mythology regarding their own lineage before Cupid is sent on his diaper-wearing way and the brothers set their sights on facing Famine head-on. With Sam once again jonesin' for demon blood (and spending some quality time in the panic room) and Dean dealing with his own emotional "demons," it was hard not to feel completely exhausted just from watching it! Luckily (or not so much), we've had plenty of time to recuperate from that doozie for this week's return! This Thursday in "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid," Sam and Dean enlist Bobby's help when they catch wind that the dead are rising from their graves in Bobby's hometown. While at first these zombies don't seem to be causing any harm by simply reuniting with their families, the undead reunions inevitably take a turn for the ugly! Check out the newest episode this Thursday on the CW, and if you missed the last episode or just want a quick refresher, watch it here!

'Supernatural' Video Preview: Zombies Have Rights, Too

This week Supernatural finally returns after five long weeks off the air. Thursday's new episode, "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid," is a zombie extravaganza, and we have a new video clip to check out. In this Supernatural clip, Sam and Dean get ready to gank a zombie when the local cops get in the way. Basically, this isn't your typical zombie story. Supernatural airs Thursday at 9pm on the CW. Source & Preview

Sneak Peeks - Supernatural 5.15 "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid"

If you're like me, you've been rocking in a corner somewhere, waiting for the return of new episodes of Supernatural on March 25. Well, okay, you're probably much more well-adjusted than I am, but surely you're eagerly awaiting the return. We have two sneak peeks for the all new March 25 episode to share with you below. You can also check out a promo, photos and a behind the scenes preview with Jim Beaver we previously posted. Enjoy! IT'S BOBBY'S WIFE!. To Read More Click Here .

Jared Padalecki at the 'Supernatural' 100th Episode Party

A month and a half ago when I spoke to Jared Padalecki at the 100th episode party for Supernatural, his life was a lot different than it is now. Since that night, he's gotten married and his show was renewed for a sixth season. But on the night I spoke to him, he was just happy to be working on Supernatural. Well, kind of. Proving his dedication to the series, while he was in Vancouver for the event, his bride-to-be, Genevieve Cortese, was in California enjoying a bridal shower. Separated by a long stretch of the Western coastline, she was still first on his mind. You can listen to the full audio of my interview with Jared for his insights on the magic of Supernatural, his relationship with Genevieve Cortese and the sacrifices of filming Supernatural in Vancouver. To Read More Click Here .

Supernatural Season Finale Spoiler: The Death of Bobby?!?

Jim Beaver has recurred on Supernatural since 2006. The actor (a very nice guy, as we found out ourselves in an August 2009 interview) has appeared sporadically on The CW series in the beloved role of Bobby Singer. But might that run soon be coming to an end? How else should we interpret the following Tweet, which Beaver posted after reading the season five finale script? Supernatural returns with new episodes on March 25. Enjoy every shot you see of Bobby for the rest of the season. Sadly, it's hard to know which might be his last. Source Here

Photos - Supernatural 5.15 "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid"

Supernatural returns with all new episodes on March 25 and the CW has released a few promo photos for the episode, along with a synopsis. You can also check out a promo we previously posted for this episode, as well as a behind the scenes preview with Jim Beaver (Bobby). IT'S BOBBY'S WIFE!. To Read More Click Here .

'Supernatural' Season 5 Episode Guide

Supernatural season 5 marks the final chapter in Eric Kripke's masterpiece, though it may or may not be the final season of the show. Season 5 introduces Mark Pellegrino as Lucifer, who now walks on Earth, providing the biggest challenge yet for the Winchester brothers. To Read More Click Here .

Supernatural Exclusive: Matt Frewer Cast as One of Four Horsemen

Supernatural has cast another of the Four Horsemen of the apocalypse. Matt Frewer - best known for a recent role in Eureka and for playing the title character on Max Headroom - has been cast as Pestilence, has learned exclusively. Pestilence creates and spreads disease. "Our first brush with him in Episode 520 seems relatively innocuous and then unfolds into something more substantial," executive producer Sera Gamble said. "Put it to you this way: Horsemen on our show tend to think several moves ahead." Throughout Season 5, we've met two of the Four Horsemen. War (Titus Welliver) and Famine (James Otis) have appeared, while the fourth Horseman, Death, has only appeared off-screen in one episode. Source Here

Jared Padalecki and Genevieve Cortese Tie the Knot

"Supernatural" co-stars Jared Padalecki and Genevieve Cortese exchanged vows in Idaho on Saturday, February 27. The couple married in an intimate ceremony in the bride's hometown of Sun Valley. Padalecki's brother, Jeffrey, served as best man, while his onscreen brother Jensen Ackles was one of his groomsmen. The newlyweds said, "Our wedding party consists of friends and family that have watched us grow up and watched us grow in our relationship. We thank all of you for being a part of us and cannot wait to grow with you in our lives together." Jared Padalecki and Genevieve Cortese first met in "Supernatural" season four in 2008 where Padalecki starred as Sam Winchester while Cortese played a demon named Ruby. The couple later engaged in early January 2010. Source Here

Supernatural: More Scoop on the 100th Episode

March 25 marks the return of Supernatural but there's another important date fans should take note of on their calendars. According to Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello, the show's 100th episode, entitled "Point of No Return," will air on April 15 and will feature a lot of shocking twists. SPOILER WARNING: Details about the milestone episode are revealed after the jump!' As we reported previously, psychic Pamela Barnes (Traci Dinwiddie) will be resurfacing in the 16th episode called "Dark Side of the Moon." But she's not the only one returning on Supernatural this season. Though exec producer Sera Gamble won't say who else is coming back, she does hint that several characters whom we've never thought we'd see again will return. We've barely scratched the surface, though. The 100th episode will not only serve as an important series landmark, but it will also serve as a defining moment for Dean (Jensen Ackles). "We definitely kept in mind that this was [an important] episode. We wanted to deliver something with real scope; it's about the Archangel Michael. Crises will come to a head for Dean and Castiel [Misha Collins]," exec producer Sera Gamble reveals. But the most important and controversial scoop about the milestone episode is this: "A very important character will sacrifice themselves in a suicide mission," reveals Gamble, who is poised to take over Supernatural once Eric Kripke steps down as showrunner for season 6. Care to venture a guess? Source Here