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Jared Padalecki Engaged to Former Co-Star

Both Winchester boys are off the market. Supernatural star Jared Padalecki is engaged to his former co-star, Genevieve Cortese, has confirmed. Padalecki's character, Sam Winchester, and Cortese's character had a notable on-screen romance when she was on the series in 2009. Cortese, 28, currently stars on FlashForward. News of Padalecki's, 27, plans to walk down the aisle follow in the footsteps of his fictional brother's engagement. Jensen Ackles became engaged to One Tree Hill's Danneel Harris last fall. Source Here

36th People's Choice: Full Winners List in TV Category

The live broadcast of 36th Annual People's Choice Awards has just been wrapped up and coming with double victory is "House M.D.". The show airing on FOX was voted Favorite TV Drama after its leading actor Hugh Laurie received the nod as Favorite TV Drama Actor earlier at the event. HBO's vampire drama "True Blood" was named Favorite TV Obsession, beating "The Hills", "Dexter", "Gossip Girl" and "The Secret Life of the American Teenager". Meanwhile, "American Idol" snatched the Favorite Competition Show category from two-times reigning champion "Dancing with the Stars". "Supernatural" won its first Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Show which was grabbed by "Heroes" last year while Katherine Heigl took home the title as Favorite TV Drama Actress. People's Choice Awards grant winners in 35 categories in TV, movie and music. There's a special category read out this year, Favorite Web Celeb, which was won by Ashton Kutcher. The actor who triumphed over Miley Cyrus and P. Diddy, is an avid Tweeter. Full Winners List of TV Category: FAVORITE TV DRAMA: "House M.D." FAVORITE TV COMEDY: "The Big Bang Theory" FAVORITE TV DRAMA ACTOR: Hugh Laurie FAVORITE TV DRAMA ACTRESS: Katherine Heigl FAVORITE TV COMEDY ACTOR: Steve Carell FAVORITE TV COMEDY ACTRESS: Alyson Hannigan FAVORITE TV OBSESSION: "True Blood" FAVORITE TALK SHOW: "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" FAVORITE SCI FI/FANTASY TV SHOW: "Supernatural" FAVORITE COMPETITION SHOW: "American Idol" FAVORITE ANIMAL SHOW: "Dog Whisperer" FAVORITE NEW TV DRAMA: "The Vampire Diaries" FAVORITE NEW TV COMEDY: "Glee" Source Here

'Supernatural' Spoilers

The fifth season of Supernatural has left us with plenty of mysteries to chew on while the show takes a long holiday break: Where is God? What or who else can't be killed by the Colt? What will happen to Lucifer and the Apocalypse? These questions will be haunting fans until Supernatural returns for the rest of its fifth season. In the meantime, check out our spoilers after the jump, and you'll find what you need to prepare yourself for the show's return in January. When we last saw Supernatural, the Winchester brothers attempted to kill Lucifer with the Colt only to discover that it can't kill him. Lucifer then sacrificed several demons to summon Death, while Castiel managed to free himself from his trap and took the brothers to Bobby's where they silently grieve over Ellen and Jo's death. Supernatural Spoiler Alert!!! To Read More Click Here .

An Evening with Four 'Supernatural' Guest Stars, Part 2

Yesterday Lynda Lee's shared with us the thoughts, comments, and insights Mitch Pileggi, Mark Pellegrino, Chris Gauthier, and Rob Benedict had while working on Supernatural. Now they share information on a more personal level with Lynda. To Read More Click Here .

An Evening with Four 'Supernatural' Guest Stars, Part 1

Last month Rogue Events organized an intimate event for less than 100 Supernatural fans to sit down and chat with Supernatural actors: Mitch Pileggi, Mark Pellegrino, Chris Gauthier and Rob Benedict in Birmingham,UK. We were lucky enough to have Lynda Lees, our special Guest Columnist, sit down and ask some questions. The evening began light hearted and humorous with a few brief hello's and a photo session. Then they all took the stage again for an hour long stage talk, opening up the floor to questions from the audience, and without prompts, they gave insights into their lives and careers to date! To Read More Click Here .

Guess Who's Coming Back to 'Supernatural' in 2010?

The fifth season of Supernatural has already brought a lot of familiar faces back. Jessica, Ellen, Jo and Rufus have all made return appearances, and now there's another very familiar face finding its way back to the show. SPOILER WARNING: This article contains information about upcoming Supernatural episodes. Stop reading if you want to avoid being spoiled. To Read More Click Here .

Ahead on Supernatural: Bobby's Late Wife and More!

On January 4, Supernatural comes to TNT. On January 21, it comes back to The CW, airing new episodes after close to two months off. What can fans expect when the series returns? E! News has provided the following spoilers and storyline updates... * Sam and Dean will come across a town where everyone's late loved ones are alive... as friendly zombies. * This includes Bobby's dead wife. * Sam will use his powers again before season five concludes, much to Dean's chagrin. * Viewers will meet Famine, a horseman of the Apocalypse. * Prophet Chuck will make at least one more appearance. Source Here

'Supernatural' Reruns Begin on TNT in 2010 - Featured

Supernatural fans are about to get a lot more of their show, as TNT has purchased the syndication rights and will begin airing repeats in January 2010. The CW sci-fi drama will air weekdays at 10am starting Monday, January 4. While TNT is mostly known for cop procedural reruns like Law and Order, mornings on the network have a sci-fi slant. Currently repeats of Angel air 6-8am followed by three hours of Charmed. Now Supernatural can be added to that list. The reruns will begin with the pilot and air in order. However, according to The Futon Critic, TNT also has a 10-hour Supernatural marathon scheduled for Monday, February 15 starting at 9am. That marathon will feature some of the show's more comedic episodes like "Tall Tales," "Hollywood Babylon," "Bad Day at Black Rock," "Mystery Spot" and "Monster Movie." Supernatural returns to the CW with the conclusion of its fifth season on Thursday, January 21 at 9pm. Source Here

'Supernatural' January 2010 Preview

The CW releases a promo of "Supernatural" that teases the first episode airing next year. "Sam, Interrupted" will be one serious episode with Sam being tied to the bed post and held inside the quarantine room of a house for the insane. While the official synopsis is not yet released, it is known that a lot of the supernatural happenings will occur within the psych ward. There will be a "twitchy, anxious ball of nerves" former hunter named Martin Creaser who is staying as one of the residents and Dr. Erica Fletcher, a "beautiful, smart, credible psychiatrist in her 30s with a sweetly sympathetic manner who seems to understand Dean's conflict and pains." "Sam, Interrupted" is to air on January 21, 2010. The title is a homage to the Angelina Jolie starring movie "Girl, Interrupted". Source & Promo

Supernatural: Blast from the Past

Supernatural's fifth season is shaping up nicely as we unearth more dirt on the unpredictable second half of the season. So far, we've stumbled on a zombie storyline, a body swap plot, a horrific Valentine's Day episode and a psych ward scene, just to name a few. There's also some time traveling involved though don't expect a lighthearted storyline involving Doc Brown. Warning: This article contains spoilers! "Back to the Future II," the title of the 13th episode of Supernatural's fifth season, marks the first episode of Misha Collins' Castiel when Supernatural returns in January. It also marks the return of Julie McNiven's Anna. With Supernatural briefly shifting its focus on its heavenly creatures, fans can look forward to a possible showdown between heaven's latest dropout Castiel and rogue angel Anna. Blaming Sam for jump starting the apocalypse, Anna plans an assassination plot and travels back in time to kill the young John and Mary Winchester to prevent baby Sam from being born. "Everything Anna does is motivated by wanting to do the right thing, wanting to do what she feels is going to keep this apocalypse from happening," McNiven says of her somewhat shady agenda. "I see Anna as always doing what she thinks is right and she's very strong about that and doesn't want to hear anything otherwise. So that's all I'll say about that!" Of course, Sam and Dean attempt to stop Anna's crazy plot with the help of Castiel, who "barely makes it" out of the episode alive. McNiven teases fans, "You won't be let down. There's lots of fun throws and tosses and a little bit of hand-to-hand combat, which I was so excited to do -- it's a lot of fun." While Castiel will obviously live to see another day, the door will also be left open for Anna to return at the end of the episode, though McNiven knows better than to guess at her character's fate on the show. Supernatural returns January 21, 2010 on The CW. Source Here