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'Supernatural': Jared Padalecki gives details on Impala-centric episode

Episode four is all about Baby.  

Supernatural Premiere Photos: Two Men and a Baby!

Exactly what, or who, is the Darkness coming in Supernatural Season 11 ? Well, if you were hoping to find some answers when the photos for Supernatural Season 11 Episode 1 were released, you can release your breath now. You won't find them here. I don't think. There is a baby in the photos, which could mean the Darkness will take on the form of an infant...and it will grow really fast into a formidable foe? Or nothing of the sort. Who knows?!  Read More...

'Supernatural' Season 11 Premiere Photos: Fight the Darkness

Official photos from the Supernatural season 11 premiere, "Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire," airing Wednesday, October 7 at 9pm on the CW.   Read More...

10 Years Later: Supernatural's Best Episodes, Decided by Season

Celebrating 10 years of saving people and hunting things... you know, the family business.   Read More...

Supernatural Season 11 Preview: Winchesters vs. Darkness, a 'Soured' Bromance, 'Vulnerable' Cas and More

In the midst of the Big Bad Darkness cloud hanging over Supernaturals Dean and Sam in Season 11 (premiering Oct. 7), theres a silver lining: their dynamic is not so headbutt-y anymore , executive producer Jeremy Carver tells TVLine. (Should we send The Darkness a gift basket for uniting the brothers?) Still, the new foe []

How Does the Supernatural Pilot Hold Up 10 Years Later?

  It seems like Supernatural 's Sam ( Jared Padalecki ) and Dean Winchester ( Jensen Ackles ) have been saving people, hunting things and keeping the family business going forever now. But it all began on Sept. 13, 2005, when the Winchesters took their first ride in the Impala together. In honor of the ....   Read More...

Supernatural Season 11 Trailer: Sam Faces Bloody, Unspeakable Torture -

Is Supernatural heading into its darkest season yet? That’s what the first official promo — released Wednesday by The CW — would have us believe, as the minute-long video begins with Sam begging for God’s help in battling The Darkness. (Extra points to Crowley for addressing its “terrible name,” by the way.) Read the full article at .

'Supernatural' Season 11 Trailer Debuts: Is God About To Be Introduced?

The new footage reveals Sam and Dean turn to God for help in defeating season 11's villain, The Darkness.   Read More...

SUPERNATURAL Season 11 Poster

As SUPERNATURAL prepares to kick off its eleventh season, The CW has released a new poster promoting whats to come. Aside from the gorgeous design, it also offers an ominous tagline: Between darkness and deliverance. Check it out SUPERNATURAL returns Wednesday, October 7th at 9 PM on The CW. Follow @GiveMeMyRemote and @marisaroffman on Twitter []

Supernatural Season 11 First Look: Sam and Cas Are Bruised, Bloody Plus: Crowley's Fate Revealed!

Looks like Dean and Sams fight against The Darkness is going to getugly at least for one of them. In these exclusive photos from Supernaturals Season 11 premiere (airing Oct. 7 at 9/8c on The CW), one of the brothers were looking at you, Sam is worse for wear, sporting a shiner, []