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'Supernatural' Season 11 Interview: Jensen Ackles on Dean Journey's Without the Mark

The Mark may be gone from Dean's arm, but unfortunate for him and everyone else something much worse was unleashed in the Darkness. Supernatural Season 11 brings the Winchester brothers back together fighting side-by-side for a common goal.   BuddyTV caught up with Jensen Ackles at San Diego Comic-Con 2015 to get the scoop on what's coming up next for Dean, Sam and more!   Read More...

'Supernatural' Interview: EP Andrew Dabb on Crowley's State, the Darkness and More

Is Crowley dead? While Mark Sheppard said that was true during the Supernatural panel at San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC), it appears he's not gone from the series. It remains unknown how he will appear, but in Supernatural Season 11 Episode 2 he will be introduced in a way we haven't seen before.   That was one of the many teases Executive Producer Andrew Dabb provided during his quick answer interview with BuddyTV and other reporters earlier this month at SDCC.   Read More...

Supernatural Season 11: Our Hopes for the Winchesters, the Spinoff and More

Sorry, Dean and Sam:Your misfortune is our gain. The Winchesters will faceanother apocalypse scenario when Supernatural returns Oct. 7, and while thats bad news for the brothers, it presents a hunters trunk full of potential (and potentially amazing) stories. Dean and Sam probably wanta vacation from all the mayhem The Darkness release will bring, but []

'Supernatural' Interview: Jared Padalecki Teases Season 11's Brotherly Bonding, 'Baby,' and The Darkness

Supernatural Season 11 brings the scariest foe the Wincester brothers have faced. It's not all bad though, the positive side of The Darkness for fans is that Sam and Dean will be working more closely together than they have in recent seasons.   BuddyTV spoke with Jared Padalecki during San Diego Comic-Con 2015 about the Darkness, Sam's visions, the return of some familiar faces, the "Baby" episode and the joke phrase he'd like to see used during the season.   Read More...

Supernatural Cast on the Season 10 Gaffe You Didn't See: 'We Messed Up'

Supernatural screwed up, and its all Felicia Days fault! At Comic-Con earlier this month, co-stars Misha Collins and Mark Sheppard confided to Michael Ausiello that last seasons 21st episode AKA Days swan song as Charlie was shot out ofsequence due to the actress busy schedule. Andthe rejiggering caused a few problems behind the []

Crowley Lives and Sam Sees a Familiar Face on Supernatural

  The King of Hell will return! Last season's Supernatural cliff-hanger left the fate of Crowley ( Mark Sheppard ) up in the air when Castiel ( Misha Collins ), compelled by a powerful spell, attacked him. At the Comic-Con panel for Supernatural , Sheppard wouldn't reveal whether Crowley lived or died, but ...   Read More...

'Supernatural' Season 11 Interview: EP Jeremy Carver on the Darkness and Faces from the Past Returning

The Darkness is coming to Supernatural Season 11 and it's unlike anything seen on the series before.   BuddyTV caught up with Executive Producer Jeremy Carver at San Diego Comic-Con to get the scoop on the new big bad for the upcoming season which he jokingly refers to as the "Smoke Warriors."   Read More...

Supernatural Season 11: The Mentalist's Emily Swallow Joins Cast as 'Sinister' and 'Seductive' Femme Fatale

Well, look what the Darknessdragged in. Supernatural has tapped The Mentalists Emily Swallow to join the Season 11 cast in a significant (and malevolent) recurring role, TVLine has learned exclusively. Swallow whose pre-Mentalist credits include arcs on Ringer and Southland will play Amara, a femme fatale who is bothseductive and sinister (when need []

'Supernatural' Interview: Misha Collins Warns Cas 'Is Not Himself' in Season 11

At the end of Supernatural Season 10, Rowena cast a spell which sent a controlled Castiel (Misha Collins) on a mission to kill Crowley. When the series returns this fall, Cas will still be a in bad way according to Collins.   Read More...

Supernatural: Jeffrey Dean Morgan Wants to Return (But He Has a Special Jensen-Related Request)

Count Jeffrey Dean Morgan among thoseSupernaturalfans anxiousfora John Winchester resurrection. The actor who last appeared as Sam and Deans late pa nearly a decade ago tells TVLine that he wants back in bad.I would absolutely love to come back,he says. Theres no official talk that I know of, but Im always in contact []