A Question for Uploaders

Why is it that 15-30 mins after most shows are aired they can be watched online but this one (and Project Runway even Survivor sometimes!) always take so long to be added!!!!!!! I understand that less popular shows don't show up on the web as fast (like 18 to Life and Legend of the Seeker) but this quite well knowen and to my knowledge still a fair amount popular show sometimes isn't up until the next morning!!!! I don't have a working TV so I watch all my shows online so if a show is over at 9pm I start looking at about 9:30pm and by now (12:15am) I am starting to get mad that it isn't up yet! Anyways I was just wondering.... thanks for letting me rant! lol!

This season of survivor - WOW

We're 4 episodes into the new season and in my opinion, its already the best season ever. Each episode just keeps getting better and better. Here's a quick recap of the episodes so far, just to prove my point: Episode 1: The very first challenge, we have a dislocated shoulder and a broken toe - both on the Heroes side. The Villians live up to their reputation when Sandra unhooks Sugar's bra to try to stop her from winning. However, in the end, the Heroes win despite 2 injuries. Back at camp, the Heroes work hard and build an awesome shelter, catch 4 chickens and be merry. On the other hand the villains are lazy and have a crappy shelter except Rob that is. Russel goes back to his old tricks (making deals with all the women) and Coach actually falls in love with Jerri and Boston Rob at the same time... At the immunity challenge, the Heroes dominate in the beginning, and it looks like its going to be a landslide victory for them, but puzzle time comes around and Boston Rob takes control of the Villains while Cirie and Sugar bicker over it...leading to the villians ultimate victory. The Heroes are going to tribal and sugar has an emotional breakdown (its day 2!!) Tribal council comes around and no surprise, Sugar is voted out...what was she doing there in the first place?? Episode 2: The villains try to rebuild the shelter and quoting Sandra:Instead of taking two steps forward, we keep taking four steps back. The problem? Rob is trying to be diplomatic instead of being a dictator and its not working! Rob passes out and needs medical attention. For a moment it looks like its going to be another Russell-with-dreadlocks situation, but he quickly recovers and has an epiphany: He needs to take control and all he had was the flu and a case of cry-babyitis At the challenge which is a combined one, the heroes again dominate at the beginning ie the physical aspect of the challenge but again, they fail at the puzzle part with JT in charge since he had done the challenge but the rest (Stephanie) doesnt listen and in the end Rob leads the Villains to another victory. Heroes are going to tribal council and James and Rupert are gunning for Stephanie and James loses it at tribal, eventually blowing up at Stephanie. With the votes, Cirie and Candace are kinda forced together into an alliance, and in the end Stephanie gets voted out. Episode 3: Best observation of the season is made by Boston Rob when he points out that you know who is aligned with who by who you sleep next to at night. Brilliant observation and thanks for charing Rob! In the Heroes camp, Rupert complains that the tribe was not united, then the chickens escape and catching them together as a tribe miraculously makes them bond. Stephanie is scrambling and JT throws her under the bus. In the Villains camp, everyone is concerned about Parvati's flirting/game playing and Russell hides the Machete. Randy is clearly on outs with his tribe when no one wants to eat his clam. The challenge is another combined challenge and its a kinda like mud wrestling. Definitely one of the best challenges to watch!! The heroes totally and completely dominate the challenge winning 8 to ZERO!! The best part of the challenge was definitely when Coach thought he won and started posing and 'karate chopping' while Jeff Probst is yelling 'NO NO NO Do over'!!! And when James shows some bad sportsmanship when he throws his wrestling pillow thing at randy's head after knocking him down in one shot, Courtney yelled out "I told you you're on the wrong tribe James!' - absolutely brilliant. The Villains are going to tribal and it's between Randy and Parvati and while everyone is crap-talking about how bad Parvati is, in the end Randy is voted out. Some of the best lines were delivered when Coach and Jerri talk about Parvati! And Sandra reveals her strategy by saying she votes with the majority, and who everyone else wants, as long as its not her, it doesnt matter who she voted for! At tribal, Sandra calls out Coach for not doing anything around camp and after all the Parvati talk, the tribe ends up voting out Randy. Episode 4: The moment the Villains get back from tribal, Coach has a little sob session with Tyson, LMAO, that was hilarious, I went back and watched it 10 times already!!! Even Tyson had to hold back from laughing a couple of times! I loved Boston Rob's reaction to Coach's whining: Coach: 'I just wanna spend time with you, Rob' Rob: 'Suck it up and be a man!' LOL. At the Reward challenge, which is an awesome slip and slide, the Villains win 4-3. Back at camp, the Villains find the clue to the hidden immunity idol all together and decide that no one is going to use it. But Russell has other plans and goes looking for it, and Sandra catches his - the tribe decided, his fate is sealed - they're voting for him at the next tribal council. Another great line by Rob: 'Russell is like the hobbit on crack' Love it! At the Heroes camp, they also find the clue to the hidden immunity idol all together. They have a different approach though and they all set out to look for it. In the end, Tom finds it and Amada sees. Everyone knows Tom has it. The immunity challenge is the famous challenge from last season which wasn't completed because dreadlock Russell passed out. Rob is in the ball for the Villains and Tom is in it for the Heroes. It's very very close, but in the end Rob leads the villains to another brilliant victory. Heroes are going to tribal. Tribal council was awesome, Jeff goes after Rupert for forming alliances, and in the end JT changes his vote and saves Colby, sending the puppet master Cirie home. Tom uses the hidden immunity idol. First Blindside of the season - and it was a good one. I can't wait for next week!

Why Heroes Vs. Villains will be the best season of Survivor yet.

With the teams finally released for the February premiere of CBS' reality hit Survivor, the Heroes Vs. Villains season of the unstoppable series may be the best yet. The season will see the return of twenty contestants from season's past who have been dubbed some of the greatest and most popular Survivor players of all time. The premise of the 20th season of Survivor is that these past contestants will initially divided into two tribes - Heroes Vs. Villains (good Vs. evil, if you like). However I think the show will become most interesting when it comes time for the merge, and these two forces must meet. Why is this different to other seasons? Because these castaways are returning for their second or even third shot at the title of sole survivor. Some of these contestants have played each other before, and they have all seen each other play through the television. Will alliances from previous games come into play? Discussion continues here, with list of contestants.