Interview with 'Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains' Candice Woodcock

Candice Woodcock seemed, at first glance, a perplexing choice for the cast of Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains. An informal survey of my family and friends suggests that no one remembers who she is. Here's the thing about Candice, though. She's a born All Star. There is not a more natural leader in this game. Candice was captain of her high school soccer and cross country teams when she got a perfect math score on her SATs. She was inspired by Survivor: Africa so she moved across the world and taught school out of a mud hut. In college she became the Executive Director of Students for Students International and now she's in medical school while she plans her wedding. Oh yeah. She's also a Survivor All Star. Sounds like a hero to me! For a girl who gets dismissed as being cast for her sex appeal, Candice kicks some serious butt in life. I asked her how Survivor stacks up next to her (greater) accomplishments, and she gave me a fantastic interview. To Read More Click Here .

SURVIVOR: HEROES VS. VILLAINS Premiere "Slay Everyone, Trust No One" - Preview

Watch a sneak peek of the premiere episode of SURVIVOR: HEROES VS. VILLAINS which airs with a special two-hour episode, Thursday, Feb. 11 (8:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Episode Synopsis: In one of the most physical reward challenges ever played, injuries threaten to send two castaways home before the first challenge is completed, on SURVIVOR: HEROES VS.VILLAINS, Thursday, Feb. 11 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Source & Preview

Tonight's TV Hot List: Thursday, Feb. 11, 2010 - Featured

* Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains (8/7c CBS) The granddaddy of reality shows, which debuted on May 31, 2000, celebrates its 20th edition with 20 former players who became famous either for their heroic efforts or villainous ways. They first arrive in Samoa via helicopters and are divided into their respective "good" and "evil" tribes before taking part in the initial immunity challenge and attending the first tribal council, where one player's attempt at revenge or redemption will come to an abrupt end. Among the castaways are previous game winners Tom Westman, Parvati Shallow and J.T. Thomas, and last season's breakout personality and runner-up to the title, Russell Hantz. * Grey's Anatomy (9/8c ABC) It's Valentine's Day, but love isn't exactly what's in the air around the hospital after a restaurant roof collapses, and the hot docs have lots of work to do. Still, this is Grey's Anatomy and, sure enough, something might be stirring between Bailey and Ben (Jason George), the anesthesiologist she sparred with last week. As for Mark and Lexie, it looks bad (and he's preoccupied with daughter Sloan). But there was that elevator scene last week, so the final word on Mexie has yet to be written. * The Office (9/8c NBC) A rattling Sabre has teeth in the wake of the mysterious company's strategic acquisition of Dunder Mifflin. The corporate curtain rises for new CEO Jo Bennett (Kathy Bates), who arrives in Scranton and awes the staffers with her magnetic swagger and charismatic Southern style. But this belle rings loudly: She resists the Dunder Mifflin notion of having two branch managers, a policy shift that sorely impacts Michael and Jim. One remains captain; one must step down and return to salesman duty. Meanwhile, a Valentine's Day plan blows up on Andy. * In Performance at the White House (8/7c PBS) President and Mrs. Obama host a White House celebration of the civil-rights movement that features renditions of the era's memorable songs and readings from important speeches and writings. Among the artists taking part: Yolanda Adams, the Blind Boys of Alabama, Natalie Cole, Bob Dylan, Jennifer Hudson, John Legend, John Mellencamp, Sweet Honey in the Rock founder Bernice Johnson Reagon, Smokey Robinson and Seal. Speakers include Morgan Freeman and Queen Latifah. * Sarah Silverman Program (10:30/9:30c Comedy Central ) For a series that shamelessly traffics in potty humor, it's not too surprising that Sarah would finally get her own show for the toilet-training set. It comes about after her craving for a pancake brunch is spoiled by a kiddie-lit reading, and just like child's play, Sarah's on the air with a new target audience of wee ones. Of course, her chief antagonist, Jay, joins a group opposed to her brand of entertainment, which leads to a debate on Real Time with Bill Maher (who appears as himself). Source Here

Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains: A Battle 10 Years in the Making - Featured

Survivor often has boiled down to power struggles between perceived good and evil. So it made sense to host/executive producer Jeff Probst to celebrate the show's 10-year anniversary and 20th season with the Heroes vs. Villains edition. "Heroes vs. Villains was a great idea from the get-go and I think we all knew it," Probst says. "It captures what Survivor really has become about, the good versus the bad." Signing on also proved to be a no-brainer for many former castaways, even past winners such as Tom Westman from the Cook Islands. "As a fan of the game, you want to go out and compete against these people and see if you've got what it takes." Other contestants say they just wanted to give back to the show (premiering Thursday at 8/7c on CBS) that gave them so much. To Read More Click Here .

Jeff Probst Signs on for Two More Seasons of Survivor

Jeff Probst will outwit, outplay, and outlast a bit longer: The enduring Survivor host has signed on for two more seasons, has confirmed. Probst will serve as the show's host and as an executive producer until at least the end of the 2010-2011 television season, which will include Survivor's upcoming 21st and 22nd seasons. "I am thrilled to continue working with [the] Survivor family for another year," Probst said in a statement. "Even in my wildest dreams, I couldn't have predicted we'd still be going strong 10 years later." Probst, 47, has been with show since its debut in 2000 and took home the Emmy for outstanding host for a reality competition series in 2008 and 2009. Survivor's recent renewal makes it the longest-running reality show on broadcast television. "Jeff is an amazing creative talent and an integral part of the Survivor team - both on-camera, and, equally as important, as a producer," executive producer Mark Burnett said in a statement. "For 20 seasons, he has earned the trust of the audience and the respect of Survivor's castaways." Survivor's 20th season, Heroes vs. Villains, kicks off Thursday at 8/7c on CBS. Source Here

Survivor Heroes vs. Villains Cast Preview: Randy Bailey

The other day, Survivor fans saw their fantasy come true: 20 veteran cast members returned to the competition that made them famous, as a group of Heroes takes on a tribe of Villains. We've been previewing each returning castaway. Last time, it was Parvati Shallow. Today, Randy Bailey. Previously seen on: Survivor: Gabon True love: His dog, Johnson, according to Randy himself. Describes himself as: "Angry, blunt, mean and sarcastic, yet charming." Memorable quote: "I have a new operation, and it's called, Operation: Let Everyone Else Crash and Burn." Odds of winning: 80-1. Source Here

Interview with 'Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains' Boston Rob Mariano

"Boston" Rob Mariano was a 23 year old construction worker when he competed on Survivor: Marquesas. I have been to the town of Canton, Massachussetts where he lived. It's a small residential town far removed from the action of the big city. There's a romantic touch of old New England about it, but the real estate is affordable, and it's still pretty salty. It's not where you go to strike it rich. It's where you go to have a family and a simple, low income life. I bring this because today "Boston" Rob is, by his own admission, a very successful man. He's got a nice house in Florida with a beautiful wife, and they recently had a daughter. Despite the wild fantasies so many forgotten reality show castoffs have had about landing major movie deals and talk shows, not very many reality contestants have been as blessed by the experience as Rob and Amber have. What's really special about Rob is that he doesn't seem ruined by the experience. He's not the same guy he was at 23. He has grown up over the years. But he's still honest, humble, and yet charmingly scandelous. Despite his many successes, I could not possibly begrudge Rob if he were succesful on Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains. I'd be thoroughly excited about it. I asked Rob about his path from construction worker to small time celebrity, and the role Survivor played. We talked Red Sox baseball and about Amber. To Read More Click Here .

Interview with 'Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains' Colby Donaldson

Colby Donaldson is a Survivor icon. It's a shame Richard Hatch wasn't able to do Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains, as the series' original villain. But they did bring back the original hero. The best part is, I kind of feel like we're seeing Colby for the second time. Sure, he came back for Survivor: All Stars; but his heart wasn't in that, and it showed. The humor and energy just wasn't there. Colby has vowed to fully commit to this season and play to win it all, which will be great for the series if the other contestants let him get very far. But remember, Colby wasn't just a good looking guy in a cowboy hat. He was an action hero. Can he still own a monopoly on the challenges 10 years after the Outback? I asked him that, and we talked about some of the things that have changed since he played the first time. To Read More Click Here .

Interview with 'Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains' Amanda Kimmel

Amanda Kimmel is a player out for redemption this season. If you ask Amanda, she's one of the most cunning players of all time. And how about it? She made the Final 3 both times she played. And remember, she was actually doing a lot of the decision making both times. But fans might vividly remember the way Amanda fared in the Final 3. Remember? The jury said things like "I feel like I'm getting stupider just listening to you." If Eliza rolled her eyes one more time they might have stuck like that. Can Amanda shake her reputation as a doe-eyed, disingenuous beauty queen? And is it really fair to ask her to make the Final 3 yet again just to earn some darn respect around this place? Perhaps trying to get a jump start on a season as a background character, Amanda didn't talk much during our interview. I guess we'll have to stay tuned to find out. To Read more Click Here .

Interview with 'Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains' Courtney Yates

Of everyone coming back for Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains, Courtney is the one I'm excited to see a second time. Courtney always reminds me of a particular 1968 presidential candidate. Fed up with big party politicians Richard Nixon and Hubert Humphrey, a group of sarcastic political junkies with too much time on their hands promoted a candidate they thought could do a better job. A pig named Pigasus. Much like Pigasus, Courtney's plea to the Survivor: China jury was that she was a madcap alternative to the bigger players in the game. "If you don't like The Snake or The Rat, vote for me. I'm a screw-up, but at least I don't act like I did anything important here." While other All Stars have moved to LA, taken up acting, and seemingly been ruined by the world, Courtney still has the same waitress job now that she did before China. What's better, she doesn't seem to take herself any more seriously. She's just gotten even funnier. Not surprisingly, she was one of the funnest people to talk with. Even when she gives drab answers it's with such eye rolling irony that you realize it was the question that was drab. She's just answering it. To Read More Click Here .