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Freeform's Summer Camp Horror Series Adds 'Teen Wolf,' 'The 100' Alums

Creators Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis of 'Once Upon a Time' will direct the pilot episode.   Read More...

Teen Wolf: Holland Roden Teases 'Key' Stiles Moments, Defends Lydia's Mom

Scotts pack is busting Lydia out of Eichen House on tonights Teen Wolf (MTV, 9/8c), and not a moment too soon if you ask me or star Holland Roden. Youll be happy to know that, althoughRoden admits she enjoyed some aspects of life at Eichen House (Insane-Asylum Lydia gets to wear sweatpants!), shes just []

Teen Wolf Boss Previews Malia's Showdown With the Desert Wolf

The mother/daughter reunion Teen Wolf fans have been dreading ever since they first heard the wordsDesert Wolf finally arrives Tuesday (MTV, 9/8c). Episode 14 is very Malia-centered, executive producer Jeff Davis tells TVLine. She learns that the Desert Wolf has Deaton, and shes stuck in a bind with how to deal with her mother. Davis []

'Teen Wolf': Why Mason Hewitt Has to Be The Beast of Gevaudan

The only thing Teen Wolf loves more than introducing a killer monster hunting our heroes, is hiding that monster's true identity. The episode "Codominance" saw Theo, the never ending monster encyclopedia, explain that The Dread Doctors summoned the beast into a body of a teenager. The poor kid might not even have any idea that they spent their nights as The Beast and are more or less completely at the mercy of the Dread Doctors. There were no direct clues given about how could be The Beast but I think there is only one real suspect. Mason Hewitt has to be The Beast of Gevaudan.   Read More...

'Teen Wolf' boss talks unmasking Dread Doctors

The Beast might be the biggest villain currently on Teen Wolf physically speaking but the Dread Doctors are the ones who started all of this madness by creating chimera after chimera until they were able to resurrect the aforementioned werewolf. So in addition to the question of The...    Read More...

7 Characters We Want to See Return on 'Teen Wolf'

It's a season of returning faces on MTV's Teen Wolf . Gerard Argent and Meredith have already made a reappearance. Deucalion is coming, based on the 5B trailer. Crystal Reed is returning as a new character from the Argent family history. All this has us wondering -- who else should return on Teen Wolf . Here's a list for the 7 characters from Teen Wolf past we'd like to see again.    Read More...

Teen Wolf Sneak Peek: Meredith Shows Lydia How to Fight Like a Banshee

In case you ever doubted her, know this: Meredith Walker is a woman of her word. After promising to train Lydia in the ways of banshee-dom during last weeks Teen Wolf, Tuesdays episode (MTV, 9/8c) finds her making good on her offer. As youll see in TVLines exclusive preview clip below, the (former?) Benefactor uses []

'Teen Wolf': There's a Huge Problem with Hayden But Here's How to Fix It

After a sadly mediocre and disappointing first half of the season 5, Teen Wolf has rebounded in season 5B. A lot of problems from 5A have already been fixed in the first two episodes of 5B. Theo is more interesting, the Dread Doctors are less present and Stiles is getting along with Scott. After a boring mess of half season things are looking up on Teen Wolf . There's just one problem left on Teen Wolf and her name is Hayden.   Read More...

Giles Marini and Lachlan Buchanan Join 'Teen Wolf' Flashback Episode

We already knew we'd see a familiar face in an upcoming MTV Teen Wolf flashback episode. Crystal Reed is set to return to the series as ancestor of her original character Allison Argent . Reed will be joined by other characters connected to the distant Argent family past. TVLine reports , that Giles Marini and Lachlan Buchanan will be the February 23 episode of Teen Wolf , "The Maid of Gevaudan".   Read More...

Teen Wolf Enlists Gilles Marini, Y&R Actor for Beastly Flashback Episode

Prepare to meet a few more people from the Argent familys (very distant) past. Gilles Marini (Switched at Birth) and Lachlan Buchanan (The Young and the Restless) will guest-star in Teen Wolfs Feb. 23 flashback episode, TVLine has learned exclusively. Marini will play Sebastien, a French soldier who returns home to the countryside of Gvaudan, []