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'Teen Wolf': Cody Christian says finale will have fans 'losing their minds'

For most of season 5, Teen Wolf has pitched the idea that the Dread Doctors are the big bad. And although theyre obviously bad, theres been another villain lurking around Scotts pack Theo. Sure, he might not look as scary as the Doctors, but considering his proximity to Scott and...   Read More..

Teen Wolf Has a Problem Regarding Female Characters and We Need to Stop Ignoring It

Teen Wolf is struggling to develop rich female characters and build strong emotional connections as it ages. And it needs to do better.   Read More...

'Teen Wolf': The Problem with the Dread Doctors and How to Fix It

There's something rotten in the state of Beacon Hills and it's the Dread Doctors. The season five Teen Wolf baddies started out with a lot of promise. They have a haunting costume design, creepy sounds signal their arrival and they are literal mad scientists. This all sounds like a perfect recipe for villainy. Yet as Teen Wolf season 5 progresses and all these aspects remain, the Dread Doctors still haven't been entirely successful as villains. In fact, it's pretty easy to qualify them as failures. Now as Teen Wolf goes into its ninth episode of the first ten episodes of season five, is there anything that can save the Dread Doctors storyline?

Teen Wolf's Ryan Kelley Talks Parrish's Big Reveal, That 'Disgusting' Lydia Kiss

Ryan Kelley has some very good news for Teen Wolf fans: the cat or whatever Parrish turns out to be is almost out of the bag. You will get many of theanswers youve been waiting for [before Season 5A ends], Kelley tells TVLine, including the truth about Parrishs supernatural side. (Kelley famously turned []

Teen Wolf Casts NCIS' Marisol Nichols as the Mysterious Desert Wolf

Teen Wolf is enlisting Marisol Nicholsfor one Hale of a family reunion. Nichols(NCIS)has been cast as the mysterious Desert Wolf, who will soon come face to face with daughter Malia for the first time since their fateful separation, TVLine has learned exclusively. Though specific details of the Desert Wolfs arrival are being kept under wraps, []

'Teen Wolf': 15 Times Lydia Martin Proved She Is Better Than You

If Teen Wolf had to award a character with a title like Most Valuable Player, it would probably, no definitely, go to Lydia Martin. Teen Wolf has a complicated history when it comes to logic, even the most hardcore of fans will tell you that the eleventh hour twists frequently don?t any make sense. Yet in one area Teen Wolf has always excelled and that?s Lydia?s character development. Lydia is not only the best character on Teen Wolf but she?s probably a better person than you and here are fifteen moments where she showed her perfection.   Read More...

'Teen Wolf': Why Stiles and Lydia are Perfect Together

Teen Wolf is no stranger to the "will-they, won't-they" trope, it is a teen drama after all. As the fifth season progresses though, it looks like Teen Wolf will finally have a fan favorite couple pair up, effectively moving them from "will-they, won't-they" to "they did." Stiles and Lydia might finally end up together. The evidence is everywhere. Not just tweets from actors Linden Ashby and Holland Roden but in the show itself. Stiles and Lydia have always been on-screen together quite a bit but in season five that number has only increased. Teen Wolf makes a lot of questionable choices in terms of its character but here the show is right. Stiles and Lydia are absolutely meant to end up together.   Read More...

On the prowl with the 'Teen Wolf' pack

Because season 5 of Teen Wolf has been incredibly grim and because Mondays episode, in particular, broke our hearts into one million pieces we decided to resurface a story from our Summer TV preview issue which never made its way online,so that we may remember happier times....   Read More...

'Teen Wolf' Interview: Dylan Sprayberry Talks More Comedy for Liam in Season 5

Liam's life has gotten a bit more complicated ever since he became a werewolf. Now with Scott's pack in danger, Liam is facing bigger problems than ever before.   Read More...

'Teen Wolf' Interview: Tyler Posey Teases a Dark Period for Scott and Describes the Season in Emoji

It's been a tough seasons so far for Scott McCall. Not that things are usually sunshine and puppies in Beacon Hills, but Scott and his pack are facing new and dangerous foes this season.   Read More...