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'Teen Wolf' Interview: Executive Producer Jeff Davis Talks Lydia and Teases The Rest of Season 3

The man behind Teen Wolf found himself on the other side of the cameras last week at San Diego Comic Con. Executive Producer Jeff Davis sat down with reporters to talk about this action-packed season and what's to come for our favorite characters as the first part of season 3 winds down.

'Teen Wolf' Finally Reveals What Lydia Is

Jenny had been sacrificing victims according to a celtic symbol divided into five categories: warriors, virgins, healers, philosophers and guardians. She attempted to kill Lydia, leading to one of Lydia's patented screams. Only this one was heard by everyone in the school. It also revealed to Jenny just what she is. “Unbelievable," Jenny marveled. "The wailing woman. A banshee, right before my eyes.” Hollywood Life's Andy Swift loved seeing things coming together on the show, calling the banshee reveal "so much cooler" than anything he could've predicted . Jenny didn't think it so cool. Despite her realization, she was going to kill Lydia anyway. That is, until Stile's dad -- the good sheriff -- showed up and saved her. In doing so, he finally learned the truth about Scott and werewolves. Actually, he'd learned the truth earlier when Scott told him, but this was the first time he actually believed it. Seeing is believing, after all.

Teen Wolf’s Tyler Posey: A Bunch More People Die in Season 3

It’s already been a thrill-ride of a season on Teen Wolf. Not only have we gotten some info on the show’s biggest mysteries, Beacon Hills is currently under threat from two menaces: the Alpha pack and the darach. Tyler Posey (Scott) was honored at Variety’s Power of Youth event for his work with Leukemia and Lymphoma Society over the weekend. When he spoke with reporters, he promised Season 3 of Teen Wolf will only get more grim and gruesome.The actor also talked about his recent engagement...

'Teen Wolf' Interview: Tyler Posey Shows Off Nipple Tattoos and Talks Scott's True Alpha Transformation

Teen Wolf 's hero Scott McCall is having a pretty crazy year. His friends have died, his family has been threatened, and now he found out he's something called a "true alpha," one who gets powers from leadership instead of killing.    Last week at San Diego Comic Con, show star Tyler Posey sat down with a bunch of inquisitive journalists to find out what's up with Scott's alpha powers and what it's like to play a heroic character. Read More...

'Teen Wolf' Interview: Dylan O'Brien and Tyler Hoechlin Talk Stiles' Virginity and Derek's Apartment

Teen Wolf  keeps getting more and more dramatic as season 3 approaches it's mid-season finale. As one of the few shows currently airing during San Diego Comic Con 2013, the stars of the show tried to remain fairly tight-lipped bout what's to come for our favorite hunky werewolves.

MTV Announces Premiere Dates for 'Teen Wolf', 'Awkward', 'Nurses, 'Generation Cyro' & More, Plus Miley Cyrus Documentary

MTV announced today a Miley Cyrus feature documentary, and premieres for docu-series “Generation Cryo” and “Nurses” (working title), in addition to renewals for highly anticipated shows, including “Teen Wolf,” the third season of“Snooki & JWOWW”and the fall season of“Awkward.” Read More...

Teen Wolf Season 3 Spoilers: Will Scott Become an Alpha?

Tread softly: Teen Wolf spoilers from TVLine below! When Deaton (Seth Gilliam)— veterinarian, emissary, and mentor — explained to Scott (Tyler Posey) that he’s a “True Alpha,” some things clicked into place: The werewolf’s eyes that would occasionally flicker to red, the way Isaac (Daniel Sharman) would always look to him as a leader, and his ability to easily separate from Derek’s (Tyler Hoechlin) pack. So will we see Scott embrace his new position as Alpha? “Scott is well on his way to...

'Teen Wolf' deaths: Which three characters die in Season 3?

Despite a lot of death in the first part of "Teen Wolf" Season 3, the horror has not ended yet. Rumors indicate that at least three more major characters will die before the show's summer finale. Who could be the next to go?Here are some possibilities, listed from most to least likely to die. Since there are supposed to be three more deaths in total, several of these names could end up in trouble.KaliOther than being a barefoot lady with weird nails, this character has little identity and little purpose. Her death would be easy and less-than-tragic.CoraIt's not like Derek needs to lose more family members. Unfortunately, Adelaide Kane, the actress who plays Cora, is the star of the upcoming series, "Reign." She probably has to go in some manner.Grandpa GerardThat black goo is probably fatal. No one would cry too much if that turned out to be the case.Miss MorellTeachers drop like flies...

Teen Wolf Season 3.5 Premiere Date Revealed! Plus Derek's Flashback Episode!

Teen Wolf gets a midseason premiere date! If you've been itching for more werewolf drama, mark you calendars because the second half of Teen Wolf's third season will be premiering on January 6th. The news was announced at this Year's Teen Wolf Comic Con panel alongside some juicy details on what to expect, including Derek's big flashback episode! So Teen Wolf fans, are you excited for season 3.5? Let us know what you hope to see in the comments and stick with us at Celebified for more of the latest TV buzz!

Teen Wolf Season 3, Episode 9: "The Girl Who Knew Too Much" Promo Video

We learn more about Lydia (Holland Roden) in Teen Wolf Season 3, Episode 9, "The Girl Who Knew Too Much." Apparently we also see the darach's true face, which is bound to give us nightmares. Read More...