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'Teen Wolf' season 5 opening titles: EW exclusive First Look

Much like Beacon Hills, Teen Wolf s openingtitles change a little every year in order to match the new seasons arc. And this year, weve got an exclusive first look at the season 5 titles. The most notable difference in this years sequenceis the absence of shirtless Tyler Hoechlinwho...   Read More...

'Teen Wolf' Season 5: Malia's time with the pack will make her 'very human'

Senior year of high school can be stressful with SATs and college applications. For Malia Tate (Shelley Hennig) on "Teen Wolf," those common troubles are exacerbated by the fact she's spent most of her life as a werecoyote.That also makes socializing hard, but Malia has found her place in the McCall pack and having them around has helped her get in touch with her human side."Malia has basically gone through school with the pack by her side. That's been fun to see. She's still not totally finished, if you will, but I like the pack has accepted her," Hennig explains to Zap2it during a recent "Teen Wolf" set visit.However, being human naturally leads to emotional turbulence, which has been a big challenge for Hennig this season.RELATED: Everything you need to know about 'Teen Wolf' Season 5"The challenges I have had with playing Malia this season is that she's going through emotions we've never seen...

Tyler Posey Joins Adam Lambert, Kelly Osborne to Celebrate Matthew Shepards Parents on Logos Trailblazer Honors

Logo TV will recognizethe parents of slain gay teenager Matthew Shepard duringits second annual Trailblazer Honors event,celebrating LGBT leadersduring Pride month. Judy and Dennis Shepard, who foundedthe Matthew Shepard Foundation after their sonsbrutal murder in 1998 sparked national outrage, will receive a special Trailblazers award for raising awareness ofanti-violence legislation and advocacy programs. Their accomplishmentsinclude the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act, signed by President Obama in 2009.   Read More...

'Teen Wolf' Season 4 refresher: How the McCall pack survived the dead pool

"Teen Wolf"Season 5 is just around the corner, but it's been a year since fans have seen the McCall pack. Do you remember what happened in Season 4?To save you from having to binge watch or read endless recaps, Zap2it's ICYMI catches you up on the insanity that went down in Season 4 so that you're ready for the upcoming premiere.RELATED: Everything you need to know about 'Teen Wolf' Season 5From the dead pools, to assassins and the supernatural prison under Eichen House -- this is what you should remember jumping into the new season. After ruining Kate's (Jill Wagner) plan to kill Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) and putting Peter (Ian Bohen) away, the McCall pack now faces senior year. That comes with the pressure of getting into college and trying to stay together while all the while fighting off a new round of supernatural villains."Teen Wolf" Season 5 premieres June 29 at 10 p.m. ET...

34 Unexpectantly Romantic Moments From Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf is known for frightening, gory and heart stopping moments that cause you to shriek so loud you wake up the dog.* It's also known for its beautiful, heartwarming, occasionally tragic but always epic, love stories. Whether you enjoyScallison, Stydia, Dethan, Lackson, Scira, Styliaor one of the other myriad of couple permutations, there's a love story for every audience member to enjoy. At its core, Teen Wolf is about the pack and the foundation of a pack is love.   Read More...

Teen Wolf Season 5 Premiere: Watch [Spoiler] Return in First 6 Minutes

Beacon Hills High Schools class of [whatever year it is on Teen Wolf] mightbe looking towards the future, but as youll see in the first six minutes of the Season 5 premiere, the incoming seniorshavent forgotten about those theyve left behind. MTV decided to make this Monday a little less terrible by releasing an extended []

Teen Wolf Stars Take It All Off for DVD's 'Shirtless Montage' Watch

Attention, Channing Tatum: The men ofMTVs Teen Wolf haveput together their collective audition tapefor the next installment in the Magic Mike saga. Just kidding! (Sort of.) The above video,literally titled Shirtless Montage, is actually a special feature on the Season 4 DVD,which officially hits shelvesTuesday. And while the added dance music putsthe memorable scenes in []

'Teen Wolf' stars talk kissing, flirting, seeing each other's butts

Excerpted from our Three Rounds interview with the MTV teen-soap actors.   Read More...

Teen Wolf: Five Teases from the Twisted Season 5 Premiere

Teen Wolfs fifth season promises to change all the rules for Scott and his pack of supernatural misfits. And after getting a first look at the June 29 premiere (MTV, 10/9c), Ican promise its worth the wait. And while Icant give away any major spoilers the wrath of MTV is far more terrifying than []

Watch the Full-Length Trailer for Teen Wolf Season 5

Is it June 29th yet? Because from the looks of this new Teen Wolf trailer, everything is falling apart. AND WE CAN'T HANDLE IT! If the arrival of the "doctors" from the first season 5 promo wasn't ominous enough, you should be suitably stressed out for season 5 after watching that (and I mean that in the best way possible, of course). Let us know what you make of the trailer in the comments below, and don't forget: Teen Wolf returns with a 2-night premiere on June 29th and 30th!