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Teen Wolf Video: Dylan O'Brien Pitches the Series' First Threesome in Season 5

We already know Theo is going to throw a wrench inScott and Stiles relationship on Teen Wolf this season, but will the lone beta take a slightly sexier approach when it comes to disruptingStiles relationship with Malia? First threesome coming up this year: Me, Codester, Shell, Dylan OBrien said, rather excitedly, during a visit to []

'Teen Wolf' cast visits EW Lounge at Comic-Con

So far, Teen Wolf s fifth season has beenfull of flashbacks, mystery, and lot and lots of black ooze. And with the Dread Doctors who we know are going to stick around for part 2 of season 5 creating new supernatural enemies every week, things are just starting to get complicated. To...   Read More...

Comic-Con: MTV's 'Teen Wolf' Renewed for Sixth Season

The supernatural drama continued to deliver the best news to fans at the annual convention.   Read More...

Is 'Teen Wolf' Trying to Replace Scott with Liam?

There was a collective groan across the internet when Liam was first introduced on Teen Wolf . Creating a new character that all of Jackson's annoying outrage and none of his complicated backstory was not a great move. Since then though Liam has become much more than the Aggro Cousin Oliver he first appeared. Not only has become more likable but Liam is poised to become one of the most important characters on MTV's Teen Wolf . As the other main characters age and the actors playing them grow more successful, Liam could become THE Teen Wolf. Liam could be the werewolf in line to replace Scott McCall.

'Teen Wolf' Star Tyler Posey on Scott's "Mental Breakdowns," Future After High School

The actor tells THR that audiences should brace for some "really gross shit coming up."   Read  More...

Tyler Posey talks 'Teen Wolf'...while playing Mario Kart

Two episodes into season 5, and Teen Wolf has already kicked off a number of mysteries, from Theos backstory to The Doctors motive. But according to star Tyler Posey, things are only going to get more complicated. When Posey came by our New York offices, we sat him down for a quick Q...   Read More...

'Teen Wolf': Is Theo Really Evil?

The two night premiere of Teen Wolf season 5 saw the emergence of not one, but two, villains. There were the masked steampunk nightmares that can seemingly turn people into supernatural creatures. One of Stiles' paranoid suspicions finally turned out to be right with the mysterious Theo appearing to be just as evil as Mr. Stilinski predicted. But what if Stiles was wrong? What if there is more to Theo than appears? He doesn't seem like a good guy but it could be that he has more virtuous plans than we suspect.   Read More...

'Teen Wolf' season 4 DVD: See the limited edition art for Comic-Con

Last night, Teen Wolf fans were introduced to season 5, the first season in which Tyler Hoechlin, our beloved Derek, is no longer a series regular. And although his presence is still felt throughout Beacon Hills, there is a void when hes away. (Thankfully, between The Doctors and The Wild...   Read More...

'Teen Wolf': Tyler Posey previews Scott's darkest season yet

From the looks of Teen Wolf season 5, things are about to get dark, mostly thanks to the introduction of The Doctors, this years new villainor rather, group of villains. But for star Tyler Posey, theres a better word to describe this season than dark. I feel like [this season] is the...   Read More...

Teen Wolf Boss Previews Scott's 'Failure,' the Return of Aiden (Among Others) and More Season 5 Scoop

Teen Wolf kicks off its fifth season Monday (MTV, 10/9c) as Scott and his pack prepare to face their darkest prospect yet: the end of high school. We took this as a season to re-concentrate on the teens of Teen Wolf, executive producer Jeff Davis tells TVLine. And a big part of the season will []