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'The Amazing Race' Leg 9 Prediction: Which Team Will Go Home Next?

There are only five teams left on The Amazing Race , and the stress is beginning take a toll on all the teams. The racers went to Africa and saw elephants, zebras, and wild dogs in their natural habitats. The first leg was a non-elimination round, much to the relief of Olympians Aly Dudek and Steve Langton, who struggled to make up the time after experiencing a flat tire. Sadly, the duo was unable to overcome performing the additional Speed Bump on the next leg, and then being U-Turned by blind daters Laura Pierson and Tyler Adams.   Read More...

'The Amazing Race' Leg 7 Prediction: Which Team Will Go Home Next?

The last leg of The Amazing Race was slightly more peaceful than the previous one, but some couples still couldn't contain their bickering. Blind daters, and admittedly passionate couple, Jackie Ibarra and Jeffrey Weldon were the final team to reach the mat and were eliminated from the race. Six teams remain on The Amazing Race , but who will be packing up and heading home next? Let's take a look at why some teams are hitting their stride, while others are grating on each other's nerves.   Read More...

'The Amazing Race' Leg 5 Prediction: Which Team Will Go Home Next?

The last leg of The Amazing Race was filled with tension. In the end, dating couple Jonathan Knight and Harley Rodriguez weren't able to overcome the Speed Bump that they incurred after being the last team to arrive on the previous, non-elimination leg. Bangkok was enlightening in a lot of ways, and finally showed the difficulties that faced the blind date couples once they were put under increasing pressure. With eight teams remaining on The Amazing Race , who will be next to pack their suitcase and head home? Let's examine why some teams are hitting their stride, and some are falling apart.   Read More...

'The Amazing Race' Leg 4 Prediction: Which Team Will Go Home Next?

The last leg of The Amazing Race was a non-elimination round, much to the relief of dating couple Harley Rodriguez and Jonathan Knight, who came in last place. For the first time, a dating couple, Rochelle Nevedal and Mike Dombrowski, came in first place. Nine teams remain on The Amazing Race , but who should be packing their suit case to go home? Let's take a peek at why some teams should stay, and some should go.   Read More...

'The Amazing Race' Leg 3 Prediction: Which Team Will Go Home?

The Amazing Race is certainly not disappointing in the drama department this season, especially with some of the blind dating couples. Still, the teams that came in first and second place again last time were blind date duos. Eight teams remain on The Amazing Race after Libby Simpson and CJ Harris were eliminated. So who will be packing their suitcase next time? Let's break it all down to see who is doing well, and who is in danger.   Read More...

'The Amazing Race' Prediction: Which Team Will Go Home Next?

Season 26 of The Amazing Race kicked off with some interesting changes. Ten single competitors met their teammate at the starting line for what can only be labeled an epic blind date. The thought of how awkward it would be if you couldn't stand your partner and still had to travel across the world with them will make for great viewing, I am sure. So now that 10 teams remain on The Amazing Race to vie for the one million dollar cash prize, let's break down who is doing really well on the race, and who could be sent packing next week.  Read More...

'The Amazing Race' Predictions: Who Will Win Season 25?

The Amazing Race is about to conclude its 25th season and, for the first time ever, the final leg will feature four teams competing for the $1 million grand prize. Brooke and Robbie, also known as the wrestlers, unexpectedly finished in first place in the penultimate episode. Soul Surfers Adam and Bethany came in second, Dentists Misti and Jim came in third while Sweet Scientists Amy and Maya were last to arrive but were not eliminated. Among the remaining pairs, the Dentists seem to be physically strongest and have won five legs so far. Still it's hard to say which team would end up winning since anything can happen in the race. Here are my predictions:

What Is and Isn't Working for the Remaining Teams on 'The Amazing Race'

We've narrowed it down to seven teams and we've gotten to know them as they've traveled across the world. At this point we're growing attached to some teams and wishing other teams would just go away. Here are my theories on what is keeping these teams in the game, and what could be their ultimate downfall. Which team do you think has what it takes to win the whole thing? To Read More  Click Here.

Last night's episode

Spoiler Alert!! If you haven't watched it yet...don't read ahead!! I just want to say that I really don't like two of the teams that are still on the race - Brent and Caite and the lesbians. I hope they are both eliminated one after another. I thought it might happen in this leg...the lesbians were very close to being the end the cowboys came in last... I think I would have stopped watching this season of the amazing race if the cowboys were eliminated. Usually, there are a couple of teams you like and that you hope one of them will win...this season I found that from the very beginning I only liked 2 teams: the cowboys and married couple Joe and Heidi. Since Joe and Heidi got eliminated, there is only one team I'm rooting for. It is unfortunate that the teams this season aren't as personable and likable as other seasons, but if the cowboys don't make it to the final 3 teams, I will not watch what happens after they are eliminated because I just wont care. Do a better job of picking contestants next time producers of the amazing race.


One of the benefits of the internet is watching television programs that one missed on television. Not everyone can catch the show on television or even watch the program online the day after it was uploaded. I, for example, don't always watch The Amazing Race on SideReel until a couple days later and I don't appreciate having the entire episode ruined by numb nuts who thinks it's a great idea to post the ending (pic of the eliminated team) for everyone to see before watching the program. So, KNOCK IT OFF!