Ratings: Football Still Rules, While Family Guy and Dexter Post Strong Showings

Another Sunday, another ratings win for NBC. Sunday Night Football, featuring the New York Jets vs. the Miami Dolphins, dominated the evening, giving NBC an easy victory, with 15.9 million viewers and a 6.5 rating in the 18-to-49 demographic on a night when no new series debuted. Fox's hourlong Family Guy posted the best showing among scripted fare, according to early Nielsen estimates, with 9.1 million and a 4.5 rating, despite dropping 13 percent from last year. It was preceded by The Simpsons (7.8 million viewers, 3.7 rating) and The Cleveland Show (6.6 million, 3.1 rating), both of which were also down significantly versus last year. Still, CBS likely placed second, but its prime-time lineup was affected by a National Football League overrun. 60 Minutes, which ran from 7:47 to 8:47 p.m., drew 13.9 million viewers and a 3.8 rating, while a 90-minute premiere of The Amazing Race 17 and Undercover Boss both earned about 11 million and a 3.6 rating. ABC's Sunday flagship Desperate Housewives was the network's top show of the night. The seventh season opened to 12.8 million with a 4.2 rating, but was down about 11 percent from last year. Housewives was bookended by Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (8.4 million, 2.5 rating), which was also down from a year ago, and Brothers & Sisters (9.6 million, 3.0 rating), which was on par with last year's premiere. In cable news, the Season 5 premiere of Dexter pulled in 2.3 million viewers to give Showtime its biggest season premiere in 15 years. Source Here

Phil Keoghan: A Game-Changer Does Amazing Race Good

After seven straight wins at the Primetime Emmy Awards for reality-competition series, The Amazing Race was dethroned this year by Top Chef - a loss that Phil Keoghan sees as a positive. "Change is just a really good thing," the Amazing Race host tells us. "And it only makes us want to continue to make a good show, which I think we've done this year." The globe-trotting series' 17th installment kicks off Sunday with a new and heavily-hyped game-changer called the Express Pass. See what Keoghan has to say about the new element, what teams you should watch out for, and if Padma Lakshmi really hit him on the Emmys red carpet. To Read More Click Here .

THE AMAZING RACE Season 17 Premiere

Watch a sneak peek and browse photos of the premiere of The Amazing Race Season 17 episode 1 which will air with a special 90-minute debut on Sunday, Sept. 26 (8:30-10:00 PM, ET/PT). Phil Keoghan is the host. Episode Synopsis:  Eleven teams depart on a race around the world for one million dollars. Source & Preview

THE AMAZING RACE Season 17 Premiere

Watch a sneak peek and browse photos of the premiere of The Amazing Race Season 17 episode 1 which will air with a special 90-minute debut on Sunday, Sept. 26 (8:30-10:00 PM, ET/PT). Phil Keoghan is the host. Episode Synopsis: Eleven teams depart on a race around the world for one million dollars. Source & Preview

'Amazing Race' Contestant Gets Hit In The Face With Whole Watermelon (Video) - Starpulse

It seemed like a relatively harmless Amazing Race challenge at the time: launch watermelons with a giant slingshot and try to hit stationary targets. Unfortunately for Claire Champlin of the Home Shopping Network team, she inadvertently made herself one of the targets. As a teaser for the upcoming season premiere on September 29th, CBS shared this clip of what appears to be a Roadblock challenge. After Claire launches watermelon after watermelon at the target, she concentrates and aims for another shot while lying down on her back. As she lets go, the watermelon gets trapped in the loading band and swings back, launching the watermelon back at her face in an explosion of red. Luckily, that red was the fruit. To Read More Click Here .

Meet the Amazing Race 17 Cast

Looks like there will be some nicely coiffed contestants on this season's Amazing Race: Three hair stylists - on three different teams - make up the new Season 17 cast. The three hair stylists are Vicki Casciola, Stephanie Smith and Jill Haney. All three are racing with their respective boyfriends, Nick DeCarlo, Chad Waltrip and Thomas Wolfard. To Read More Click Here .

Phil Keoghan Sets Sail with New Reality Series

The Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan is setting sail on a second gig: a new reality series about the Velux 5 Oceans race. He will host and produce the untitled series, which will follow the 2010-11 race. The skippers, who must single-handedly sail in the 30,000-mile contest, will film themselves at sea during the race. The Velux 5 Oceans race - a series of five ocean sprints - occurs every four years. It's the longest-running round-the-world yacht race. This year's competition kicks off Oct. 17 in France, before hitting South Africa, New Zealand, Brazil and the United States. "Extreme adventure sports have been captured many times, but what makes this race so unique is the world's best sailors will take on the unforgiving oceans alone," Keoghan, 43, said in a statement. "This is a fantastic opportunity to share a physical and mental challenge that will test competitors beyond what seems humanly possible and at the same time highlight the planet's awe-inspiring oceans." Will you watch Keoghan's new show? Source Here

Interview: Brent and Caite from 'The Amazing Race'

When I heard that Brent and Caite were joining The Amazing Race, the first thing that came to my head was that thing Caite did during the Miss Teen USA pageant years back. I thought it'd be amusing to see her race. I thought Brent and Caite wouldn't last long, but I kept that opinion throughout the race--at least until the last two legs, when I realized that there's more to Brent and Caite than I thought. I caught up with Brent and Caite early this week, and apart from the obvious discussion of the lesbian couple's comments against them, we talked about losing sleep during pit stops and why Caite will never go away. To Read More Click Here .

Interview: Jet and Cord from 'The Amazing Race'

t's a no-brainer: cowboys Jet and Cord are probably the biggest fan favorites on The Amazing Race by far. They're fun to watch, they're quite good at the race, and they remain down to earth in spite of being in the front of the pack for most of the race. No wonder most of us were rooting for them to win. Even if they ended up in second place, we all feel they're winners. I caught up with the cowboys early this week, and despite the interview's short length, you can feel how close they are as brothers. We talked about their almost-elimination, their take on Dan and Jordan's game-changing move, and their hometown with one yellow light. To Read More Click Here .

Amazing Race's Caite and Brent: Carol and Brandy Were "Complete Bitches"

Caite Upton and Brent Horne were surprised and unsurprised by Brandy's outburst at the Amazing Race finish. "[Brandy and Carol] need to get over the U-Turn and grow up. It's a game and it was over," Caite, 21, tells "But it's just like them to complain since that's what they did the whole Race." It was the girls' grouchy attitude - and not homophobia - that fueled the models' decision to U-Turn them, Caite, 21, says. See what else the two, who are no longer dating, have to say about their arch-enemies, why they weren't worried about Dan and Jordan's first-class move, and if Brent, 29, really had to pee that badly in Shanghai. To Read More Click Here .