'Survivor,' 'Amazing Race' return in February

CBS isn't playing around much with its schedule at midseason -- it's pretty solid, after all -- so the network's announcement amounts mostly to setting return dates for "Survivor" and "The Amazing Race." Both shows will be back in mid-February. "Survivor's" 20th installment, an all-star "Heroes vs. Villains" game, will debut with a two-hour episode on Thursday, Feb. 11. The 16th season of "The Amazing Race" will follow three nights later on Sunday, Feb. 14. Valentine's Day will also bring the time-period premiere of "Undercover Boss," which is getting a post-Super Bowl debut. It will follow "The Amazing Race" at 9 p.m. on Sundays, the spot previously occupied by "Three Rivers." "Cold Case" will slide back to 10 p.m. CBS has also slotted a couple of specials for Thursday night in the run-up to the "Survivor" premiere. Jeff Probst's "Live for the Moment" will air Jan. 28, as previously announced, and on Feb. 4, the network will air a special currently called "Surviving Survivor" that will look back at past contestants and memorable moments on the series. Other than that, everything is staying put. The network also has more episodes of "Rules of Engagement" and a drama called "The Bridge" in reserve but hasn't given them a home yet. Source here

Amazing Race's Brian and Ericka: Poker Chips - Not the Bungee - Were Our Demise

Brian Kleinschmidt and Ericka Dunlap, both 27, caught a few breaks on The Amazing Race, but their luck ran out in Las Vegas when they lost an early lead to come in third place. "It was very discouraging to know we were in last place yet again at the poker chips when we got there second, but it just wasn't meant to be for us," Ericka, a former Miss America, tells us. See what else the couple, who have been married for two years, has to say about their Race game plan, their spats and more. To Read More Click Here .

Amazing Race's Sam and Dan: We Know Who Wayne Newton Is

Brothers Sam and Dan McMillen argued all the way until the end of The Amazing Race, coming up just shy - 10 minutes to be exact. "The truth is, I don't think we fought any more than anyone else," Sam, 23, tells us. "All the other teams had the exact same experience. Ours just happened to be the ones that got shone. We were perfectly fine afterward." The two are also perfectly fine with Harlem Globetrotter Big Easy after Dan, 21, left him hanging last week. Find out what else the two had to say about their time, their "villain" edit and more. To Read More Click Here .

Are Big Brother's Jeff and Jordan Running 'The Amazing Race'?

We're still in the middle--okay, on the tail-end--of season 15 of The Amazing Race, and already, there's talk about season 16, and most importantly, the possibility that Big Brother 11 winner Jordan Lloyd and her boyfriend slash fellow HG Jeff Schroeder are joining it, too. Someone on Twitter posted a photo of those two at the Los Angeles International Airport, and fans are pouncing on it because they're wearing matching blue outfits. Okay, so maybe they're just in the mood for matching outfits, since they're together and all, but anybody who watches The Amazing Race knows that teams usually start the race in matching colors just to make it easier to know who is who. To read More Click Here .

Identity of 'Amazing Race' 16 First Team Leaked

One of the teams that would participate in the 16th edition of "The Amazing Race" has been unveiled. A fan has snapped "Big Brother" contestants Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd at LAX over the weekend, with large backpacks similar to those worn by the participants of the race and matching blue T-shirts. They were said standing in front of the gate from Chicago to Boston, meaning it may as well be early in the race. Other teams were also spotted at the international airport but they weren't immediately recognizable. Jeff and Jordan reportedly had camera crew with them in North Carolina recently, most likely to shoot the promo for "Race". Moreover, Jeff's Twitter has been inactive starting November 22, around the time the production was kicked off. All in all, the casting will not be confirmed at least until early next year. Jordan is the winner of "Big Brother 11" which also included Jeff. They started as competitors but they made an ally until Jeff was voted out of the house. It was confirmed in October that they were dating. Should the report is true, this is not the first time CBS is doing a crossover for reality show contestants. "Big Brother 4" runner-up Alison Irwin competed in the fifth season of "Amazing Race", teaming up with her then-boyfriend Donny Patrick. Also in the seventh season of the race, Rob and Amber from "Survivor" also participated and finished second. The couple were back for "The Amazing Race: All-Star". Source Here

Brian and Ericka Spared 'Amazing Race' Elimination

This week on "The Amazing Race", the order of team check-in did not change from last week's. Brian and Ericka finished last but fortunately they were spared being sent home. The third non-elimination round happened again in the tenth leg, meaning there will be four teams in the final. Megan and Cheyne who statistically have been on top of their game, won a trip for two to Lanai, Hawaii after finishing first. Flight Time and Big Easy were the second team to arrive, followed by Sam and Dan. As the fourth and last team to step on the Pit Stop mat, Brian and Ericka would have to perform a Speed Bump next week and fight their way to the top. The married couple was the last one to leave Estonia for Czech Republic. The fact that they chose to take Subway instead of taxi to get to the town center did not help. Also, Sam and Dan stole their taxi in the second task while Ericka was still trying to complete it. Normally, the "Race" will go with 11 legs per season but this time there are two episodes left before the show reveals its winning team. It will either be another elimination week or a four-team race which is split into two. Either way, the finalists will circle around Czech Republic first before going back to United States. Source Here

Amazing Race's Gary and Matt: We Don't Feel Like We Lost

Father and son Gary and Matt Tomljenovich might have made the final four of The Amazing Race if not for a Speed Bump and getting tripped up by vocabulary. (Note to Matt: a "candelabra" is not an Estonian man downing beer). The partners, ages 47 and 22, say they were actually better than they looked on TV. "They made it seem like we took a while at the Roadblock, but we didn't," Gary tells us. "Once he figured out what a candelabra was, we got out of there pretty quick. We actually made up time when we got to the mat." By how much did they miss a semifinal spot? Find out below - and see what team they worked alongside. To Read More Click Here .

'Amazing Race' Sends Home Gary and Matt

Saved from being sent home last week through the non-elimination round, Gary and Matt cannot keep up with "The Amazing Race" this week. The father and son duo had to perform an additional task for coming the last in the previous leg, spending five minutes inside a Sauna Buss in Estonia before they can perform the Road Block. All teams actually started at the same time because the boat that took them to Tallinn was so late that they all ended up on the same spot. But once there, Gary and Matt had to perform the speed bump while the others moved on with the Road Block. Here, teams were required to travel to Mustpeade and one member must dash to the cellar to acquire a candelabra and an empty scroll inside a room. The scroll contained clue written in invisible ink which will be visible by holding it near the candle. Gary and Matt actually were not too far behind at this point but they made a mistake of not burning the entire clue, causing them to look around in Pik Hermann Tower Garden for the clue box. Next came the Detour where teams could choose between Serve and Sling. In the former, teams must score five points in a volleyball game against a local team. In the latter, teams use slingshots to throw fruits to a moose target. The first two teams to arrive Meghan and Cheyne as well as the Globetrotters chose Serve immediately. Brian and Ericka as well as Sam and Dan had to do the Sling because there were only two courts. They all finished quickly and headed to the Pit Stop. Meghan and Cheyne won infra-red sauna for being the first team this week. Behind them are Sam & Dan, Flight Time & Big Easy, and Brian & Ericka. By this time, it was obvious that Gary and Matt were going to be eliminated. Gary said that he didn't want to see a candelabra anymore in his lifetime. Next week, four teams will travel to Prague and the final three will be revealed. In the promo, Ericka swore to "aim for the jugular" after Sam and Dan stole their taxi. Source Here

Gary and Matt Survive 'Amazing Race' Elimination

Father and son Gary and Matt were saved from elimination round this week on " The Amazing Race ". However, the team who arrived last at the Pit Stop in Sweden had to suffer the consequence. Next week, the remaining teams will travel to Estonia but Gary and Matt will have to do a task that the other teams would not have to perform. Gary and Matt checked in to the Pit Stop mat just behind Sam and Dan. They had difficulty in the Roadblock that imitated the notorious Roadblock performed in the sixth season, which is finding flags among hay bales. Flight Time and Big Easy took the leap from being third place last week to the first this week. They won a trip for two to the Turks and Caicos Islands. In respective order, those who managed to finish the haystack challenge second to fourth are Meghan and Cheyne, Brian and Ericka, and Sam and Dan. Through the preview released for the next episode called "We're Not Meant for the Swamp", two teams battle it out physically to be the first. Source here

Survivor, Amazing Race and Criminal Minds to Become Video Games

Survivor , The Amazing Race and Criminal Minds are just a few of the CBS shows expanding into the video game realm. CBS Consumer Products announced the upcoming release of video games based on those shows as well as Ghost Whisperer , Diagnosis Murder and Hollywood Squares. The Survivor and Amazing Race games require players will participate in various challenges like those in the reality shows in order to win. Like their TV counterparts, Criminal Minds and Diagnosis Murder will require players to examine crime scenes for clues to help solve murder mysteries, and Ghost Whisperer will have players help the recently deceased and their loved ones find closure. The Hollywood Squares game will play just like the game show and will also include bonus footage from the TV show. Like the other games, Squares will be available on computers and gaming consoles, but it will also be accessible on the iPhone. The Amazing Race is scheduled to hit stores at the start of the show's next season. All the other games are scheduled to come out in 2010, but no specific release dates have been announced. Source Here