The Amazing Race: Phil's No Longer "The Orphan In The Production"

Being a fan of The Amazing Race , I'm quite happy to hear that Phil Keoghan finally got an Emmy nomination. Never mind that he's always gone up the stage to receive those Emmys for his show, which has forever swiped the Best Reality Competition Series award since it was born. Consider that, when the Best Reality Host category was introduced, he wasn't there, which was a surprise. Well, perhaps you can also argue that Survivor's Jeff Probst needed the honor, too, having arguably been the face to the genre's revolution. And, at least, Phil now has that nomination, too. Which, as it turns out, isn't much of a big deal for Phil. When he was told that he snagged the nomination, he was scraping the walls of his garage preparing for a home renovation. In his underwear. Well, no bad sight there, since we've seen him do that in The Amazing Race's last season, in frigid Russia... "I missed out and felt like the orphan in the production," he recalled when the category was first introduced last year. But he's got a silver lining: at least he didn't get to host the Emmys. Of course, last year's Emmys was widely considered as a flop. Well, not the show itself, but the attempt to make all five Best Reality Host nominees host the show, which is admittedly a pretty painful thing to watch; all its attempts at being full of banter ended up looking contrived. Phil couldn't explain why that was the case, but he's pretty happy not to be there last year. "I was relieved that I wasn't up there, to be honest with you, because I don't think it worked out as well as anybody wanted," he said. Some of those hosts are returning for another stab at the awards: his fellow nominees include American Idol 's Ryan Seacrest, Dancing with the Stars ' Tom Bergeron, Project Runway 's Heidi Klum, Top Chef 's Padma Lakshmi and Tom Colicchio, and of course, Jeff. Phil's glad to be with such company. "I feel honored to be part of the group," he said. "Obviously it's a lot better to be part of it than not, you know. I could be home still scraping my wall, right? In my underpants." Yeah, that's what I meant. And at least he doesn't have to make a fool of himself on stage. That's Neil Patrick Harris' job. And he won't look like a fool, too, so... Maybe that bit about the underwear was hypothetical. Source Here

We're Nice Girls with Bad Luck

It was a taxi that was the deciding factor in Jaime Edmondson and Cara Rosenthal's advancement to The Amazing Race 14 finale, and it was also a taxi that was responsible for them coming up just short of the win. "So much of the game is luck and, without fail, we always had bad luck with the taxis, so it really didn't surprise us the final leg for a million dollars that we'd get the taxi driver that we did," Jaime tells The former NFL cheerleaders also weren't surprised with Jaime's "mean-girl" label. See what they have to say about their portrayal, as well as what it will take for an all-female team to finally win the Race. To Read More Click here .

Margie and Luke Say Pit-Stop Fight Was Blown Out of Proportion

Two puzzling surfboard photos prevented Luke Adams from being Amazing Race's first deaf winner. But even if the die-hard Race fan and his mom, Margie, had won, they'd probably still be remembered more for their infamous fight with Kisha and Jen. Is it all water under the bridge now? Find out what the third-place finishers had to say below, as well as why Luke couldn't stay cool under pressure at the Roadblock. To Read More Click Here .

Tammy and Victor Jih, Winners of 'The Amazing Race' 14

" The Amazing Race " season 14 had its finale on Sunday, May 10 with three remaining teams. Lawyer siblings, Tammy and Victor, literally run for their lives against mother-son Margie and Luke as well as cheerleaders Jamie and Cara. All the three teams departed from Beijing, China and traveled to Maui, Hawaii on the same flight. Thus everybody got the same chance to win the race. Once in the destination, they have to go to a beach and season a 140-pound pig before carrying it with only a pole as a tool. The journey to lift the pig was proven tough as the weight and the few hundred yards under the sun became a huge challenge for some of them. Margie and Luke arrived first and headed to McGregor Point to hop on a Jet Ski to find their next clue among many buoys. Tammy and Victor were right behind them, followed closely by Jamie and Cara. Meanwhile, Margie and Luke had found their clue and were told to find Maui Surfboard Fence. Jamie and Cara overtook Tammy and Victor in finding the clues. Turned out the next task was a Road Block. One of the team members has to sort out a huge pile of surfboards that have pictures of monumental events during the 11 legs of the race. Using their memory skill, the member must erect the surfboards in order of the occurrence. Luke volunteered to do the challenge and got off to a nice start. Jamie and Cara were frustrated with their cab driver who took them to a surfboards shop instead. In the mean time, Tammy and Victor were trapped in traffic jam but they got to the place first. Victor stepped up for the challenge while Luke got his boards wrong. Jamie arrived and did the task too. But it was Victor who got all of them correct first. After frustrated by getting it wrong several times, Jamie and Luke decided to work it up together and found the missing icon. Both finished the job and ran for their next clue with Jamie slightly ahead. While they were on the cab for the final destination, Tammy and Victor finished the race and became the winner of the 14th season. The siblings won 1 million dollars and apparently their victory was by far margin compared to the other two. Jamie and Cara finished second followed by Luke who beat himself a lot. His mother told him that she was proud of him. Source Here

Watch a sneak peek of THE AMAZING RACE 14 Episode 12 "This is How You Lose a Million Dollars"

Following a Race that spanned three continents, nine countries and 40,000 miles, Tammy and Victor, Cara and Jaime and Luke and Margie will square off in a grueling final leg that will test their endurance, their memory and one Racer's karma, during the season finale of THE AMAZING RACE 14, Sunday, May 10 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Phil Keoghan is host. Source & Sneak Peek

Urine Trouble: Amazing Race's Kisha and Jen Explain Pee Break, How to Eat Starfish

When you have to go, you have to go - even if $1 million is on the line. Jennifer Hoffman prioritized her bladder over finding the Pit Stop on this week's Amazing Race, and she and sister, LaKisha, were eventually eliminated. But was the ill-timed potty break the cause of their demise in Beijing, as host Phil Keoghan so sternly implied? Find out below, as well as their thoughts on being U-Turned and their take of the infamous Pit-fight with Margie and Luke. To Read More Click Here .

Preview of 'The Amazing Race 14' Season Finale

" The Amazing Race " 14 is down to three teams. Tammy and Victor, Margie and Luke as well as Jamie and Cara are in the last leg of their race to 1 million dollars. The preview to the season finale has been available, showing the teams in the struggle to transport a boar, stack up surfing boards and ride on jet ski in Hawaii. The official recount from CBS is read: "One team's rage against taxi drivers around the world comes back to haunt them. Two teams put their friendship first when they set aside the race and help each other finish a task. One racer's constant nagging while searching for a clue causes their partner to lose their cool and in an unprecedented finale." The final three were determined when Kisha and Jen finished last on the race on Sunday, May 3. The challenge in Beijing, China proved to be a fierce competition. Tammy and Victor decided to use U-Turn on Kisha and Jen because they are deemed too athletic. Tammy and Victor ended up the first to arrive and won a trip for two to Galapagos Islands. Source & Video

Watch a sneak peek of Episode 10 "Having a Baby's Gotta Be Easier Than This"

In an Olympic-themed task in Beijing, Teams swim the same distance that Michael Phelps swam in the 400 meter individual medley, and two Teams continue to hold a grudge against each other, on THE AMAZING RACE 14, Sunday, April 26 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Phil Keoghan is host. To Watch The Preview Click here . Source Here

Interview: Mark and Michael, from 'The Amazing Race 14'

Mark and Michael, the stuntmen brothers, surprised a lot of people this season on The Amazing Race . While often portrayed (wrongly) by CBS as bumbling fools, Mark and Michael proved to be able racers with incredibly high motors, and exceedingly likable guys to boot. While a couple of mistakes placed them in an unenviable hole going into last night's leg on The Amazing Race, the brothers kept their spirits high and never gave up. We had the distinct pleasure of speaking with Mark and Michael earlier today, and they were as congenial as you might expect. To Read More Click here .

Watch a sneak peek of Episode 9 "Our Parents Will Cry Themselves to Death"

During the Detour, one Racer is frustrated when a dancing judge doesn't understand their question, and two Teams battle each other throughout the leg, leading to a full-blown mat meltdown, on The Amazing Race 14, Sunday, April 19 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Phil Keoghan is host. To Watch The Preview Click here . Source Here