Meet The Amazing Race 25 Cast

  A one-armed surfer and a Survivor couple are among the cast members of The Amazing Race 25 , which will feature yet another new twist. Surfing champ  Bethany Hamilton , whose left arm was bitten off by a shark in 2003, will globe-trot with her husband, Adam Dirks. Survivor: South Pacific alums Keith Tollefson and Whitney Duncan , who got married after the Race , will aim to do better than previous Survivor -turned- Race pairs Rob and Amber, who finished second and eighth on Seasons 7 and 11, respectively; and Ethan and Jenna, who finished 10th on Season 19.   Read More...

Emmys 2014: 'The Amazing Race' wins reality competition series

CBS' "The Amazing Race" won the Emmy for reality competition series Monday night, a return to form for the longtime champ in this category.   Read More...

'Amazing Race' Season 25 cast features 'Survivor' veterans, surfer Bethany Hamilton

CBS took the unusual step of announcing the Amazing Race Season 25 cast on Saturday (May 31) morning soon after they left the starting line in Times Square;   Read More...

Top Moments: Mad Men Does It Their Way, and Fallon Oils Up and Nips Out

  Our top moments of the week: 16. Worst Wordplay: It's always important to stand out, especially during your initial meeting, but for one Bachelorette contestant, it doesn't go over quite well. Introducing himself to Andi, Emil tries to offer a mnemonic device for ...

Amazing Race's Brendon and Rachel: We Don't Regret U-Turning Dave and Connor

  Brendon and Rachel came up short on The Amazing Race All-Stars finale, coming in third again thanks to a bad cab driver. Not only that, but they had to watch their nemeses/U-Turn targets Dave and Connor win. "They earned that, but it was tough because we were so close and we couldn't race the leg we wanted to race," Rachel tells "We were out of it once we got into that cab, but the episode was still exciting to watch. It was cool to see how close it was between [Dave and Connor, and Caroline and Jennifer ]." But how far behind were they? Find out below, and get the Big Brother duo's take on the U-Turn drama, their baby plans and more.   Read More...

Amazing Race Winners Dave and Connor: "It's An Out-of-Body Experience"

  After 24 seasons, The Amazing Race finally had its first parent-child team winners when Dave and Connor won the $1 million on Sunday's All-Stars finale. "We feel really fortunate to be the first parent-child team," Dave, who at 58 is also the show's oldest winner, tells "It feels pretty cool. It's hard to believe we're the first." See what else the Season 22 alums have to say about their big victory, how close it actually was, and why they were so hung up on getting U-Turned by Brendon and Rachel .

Who Won The Amazing Race All-Stars?

[WARNING: The following story reveals the winners of The Amazing Race All-Stars . Read at your own risk.]

Interview: 'The Amazing Race: All-Stars' host Phil Keoghan previews the finale

Phil Keoghan talks Brenchel, Dave & Connor, Caroline & Jennifer and more, previewing the Amazing Race: All-Stars finale in this interview with HitFix's Daniel Fienberg.

'Amazing Race' Finale: David Copperfield Reveals the Challenges of Creating His Road Block (Video)

The season finale, which airs Sunday on CBS, finds the remaining three teams in Las Vegas.

Amazing Race Sneak Peek: David Copperfield Brings the Magic in Death-Defying Finale Task

The Amazing Race ? More like The Great Escape! Sunday's All-Stars  finale (8/7c, CBS) will take a magical turn when the final three teams — Dave and Connor , Caroline and Jen , and Brendon and Rachel — are faced with a death-defying task designed by none other than David Copperfield .  Read More...