Celebrity Apprentice Shocker: Arnold Schwarzenegger Replaces Trump -

The onetime Governator has been tapped to replace a POTUS hopeful, as host of NBC’s The Celebrity Apprentice . Movie star-turned-twice-elected California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger will lord over the boardroom as the competition series returns for the 2016-17 season, NBC announced on Monday. Last month, NBC president Richard Greenblatt made clear that Donald Trump , who has evolved into a polarizing politico during these early days of his White House run, would “absolutely not” ever reclaim his chair as Apprentice host. Read the full article at .

Apprentice Producers Speak Out About Donald Trump And Their Stories Might Surprise You

Donald Trump isn't what he appears to be. On camera, he's brash and disrespectful, a pompous ass whose defiant demeanor and bullying behavior have put all of the Republican presidential candidates on their heels. He insults people everyone from Sen. John McCain and rival Jeb Bush to Fox's Megyn Kelly and Univision's Jorge Ramos and the entire population of Mexico and he plays fast and loose with the facts.   Read More...

NBC to Donald Trump: You're Fired -

Donald Trump is going to have a lot more time to spend on his presidential campaign in the weeks and months to come, because NBC has severed its relationship with the outspoken entrepreneur. “At NBC, respect and dignity for all people are cornerstones of our values,” the network said in a statement released Monday. “Due to the recent derogatory statements by Donald Trump regarding immigrants, NBCUniversal is ending its business relationship with Mr. Trump.” Read more at .

'The Apprentice' Season 10 Finale -- The Winner Is Revealed (VIDEO)

As we all know, each episode of 'The Apprentice' ends with the dreaded words "You're fired!" from Donald Trump. But once every season, we get to mix it up, as the most promising candidate is actually ... hired. Tonight's finale (Thu., 8PM ET on NBC) came down to a choice between Brandy Kuentzel and Clint Robertson, the two survivors out of the sixteen original contestants. Clint and Brandy sat nervously in the wood-paneled boardroom, as "The Donald" glared down at them from his high-backed chair. The pair made their final pitches, and then Trump made his final pronouncement. To Read More Click Here.

The New 'Apprentice' Winner Is Brandy Kuentzel

In perhaps the most quiet finale in "The Apprentice", 30-year-old Brandy Kuentzel came out as a winner. This season Donald Trump gave people who have been affected by the latest recession a second chance to make a decent living through the competition. The finale on Thursday, December 9 came down to Brandy and Clint Robertson. In the final task which was aired in two parts, Brandy organized a VIP golf tournament featuring Kathy Griffin while Clint arranged a dinner gala with Liza Minnelli. Both had a successful run but Trump criticized Brandy for her poor choice of prize given to the attendants. Trump was not happy with the way Clint oversaid "y'all" which made him "unpolished". To Read More Click Here.

THE APPRENTICE “Welcome To The Club” Season 10 Episode 13 (Finale) - Preview

Watch a sneak peek the season finale episode of THE APPRENTICE “Welcome To The Club” Season 10 Episode 13 which airs Thursday, December 9 on NBC (9-11 p.m. ET) Episode Synopsis: In Part 2 of the season finale, one finalist is horrified to realize that Kathy Griffin has missed the start of the tournament, and that Mr. Trump’s golf team is missing a player. The other scrambles to meet the challenge of feeding 450 people before the Liza Minnelli concert. Cheap tournament prizes embarrass one finalist, but Liza Minnelli’s performance wows the crowd and the evening ends on a high note. The next day, Donald Trump makes his final decision … one candidate is fired, and the other becomes The Apprentice. Source & Preview

Could Major Spelling Mistake Cost 'Apprentice' Finalist the Win? (VIDEO)

It's standard practice that in 'The Apprentice' (Thu., 10PM ET on NBC) finale, several fired contestants return to help the two finalists in the last challenge. [Spoiler alert.] In part one of the finale, Clint heads up a dinner gala at the Trump National Golf Club. Liza Minnelli will be giving a special performance. Mahsa and Poppy peruse the event's posters: Minnelli's name is spelled wrong. The next morning, Poppy then notices a second, far worse error. "'Liza Minnelli' wasn't just misspelled on the welcome poster. It was also on each and every individual place card that would go on the dinner tables," explains Poppy. There's no way to fix it. The printing cost $4,000 and the team has $1,400 left. "That is the type of thing that you lose 'The Apprentice' for!" exclaims Mahsa. We'll see next week. Source & Video

THE APPRENTICE “Tee’d Off” Season 10 Episode 12 - Photos

Check out photos of the upcoming episode of THE APPRENTICE “Tee’d Off” Season 10 Episode 12 which airs Thursday, December 2 on NBC (9-11 p.m. ET) Episode Synopsis: In Part 1 of the season finale, the final three face Mr. Trump in the boardroom to plead their cases. The axe falls on one, and the next day, the two remaining candidates are tasked with their final – and toughest – challenge. One finalist will run a VIP golf tournament featuring Kathy Griffin, and the other will manage a Liza Minnelli concert and tournament dinner. Previously-fired candidates return to help, but one is called away, leaving a finalist short-handed. A caterer drops out, a photographer ends up in the wrong state, and a major printing error all threaten to ruin the finalists’ chances of becoming The Apprentice. Source & More Photos

Steuart Martens Fired, 'The Apprentice' Reveals Finalists

On Thanksgiving night, " The Apprentice " aired the last episode before the live December finale, and revealed the top 3 contestants of season 10. Steuart Martens has become the 12th candidate fired from the competition, leaving Clint Robertson, Liza Mucheru-Wisner and Brandy Kuentzel in the run.  The four remaining contestants were challenged to market products by Isaac Mizrahi, and Donald Trump told them to divide by sex. Brandy and Liza took the side of Fortitude while the men teamed up for Octane. They were free to pick a product to be sold at QVC and must earn the biggest profit through careful calculation.  The women chose to sell watches while the other team chose purses. In the boardroom, Mizrahi told Mr. Trump that Octane gave too big a price tag to the purse while Fortitude under-priced the watch. When the result was revealed, Fortitude took bigger profit since they sold more products. The women sold 77 watches for a profit of $2,998.38 while the men sold only 25 handbags for a profit of $2,174.25.  To Read More Click Here.

THE APPRENTICE “Driving Miz-Rahi” Season 10 Episode 11 - Photos

Check out photos of the upcoming episode of THE APPRENTICE “Driving Miz-Rahi” Season 10 Episode 11 which airs Thursday, November 25 on NBC (9-11 p.m. ET) Episode Synopsis: Teams are tasked with writing, directing, producing, and starring in a live sales segment on QVC, while Mr. Trump and Isaac Mizrahi watch the broadcast from New York City. When negotiating for the Isaac Mizrahi products they will sell, one team dupes the other and wins both their preferred product and sales time slot. Choosing a price point becomes a critical decision, and one team loses the task by just 10 sales. Facing Mr. Trump in the boardroom, the losing team battles it out, and another candidate is fired. Source & More Photos