Trump Fires 'Apprentice' PM Instead of 'Background' Candidate (VIDEO)

Team Fortitude's Stephanie and Liza created a conundrum for Donald Trump on 'The Apprentice' (Thu., 10PM ET on NBC). Stephanie's role as project manager gave her ultimate responsibility for the failure of the team's commercial. But no one in the boardroom seemed impressed with Liza's abilities. Who should be fired? "Liza has sat in the background: She steps up when I show up or during the boardroom," Donald Trump Jr. told his father. Trump said to Stephanie, "I'm not happy with Liza, but you're the project manager, and you have to say you came up with the concept, and that was the single biggest problem you had ... Stephanie, you're fired." As Liza left the boardroom, Trump gave her a stern warning. "I was not. happy. with. you. one. bit. You better get your act together." Do you agree with Trump's decision? Source & Video

THE APPRENTICE “Must See Mobile TV” Season 10 Episode 10

Check out photos of the upcoming episode of THE APPRENTICE “Must See Mobile TV” Season 10 Episode 10 which airs Thursday, November 18 on NBC (9-11 p.m. ET) Episode Synopsis: With numbers dwindling on both teams, the candidates must scramble to produce 30-second commercials featuring FLO TV and AT&T Mobile TV. One team ambitiously plans to produce two different commercials, while the other takes a risk by casting a teammate in the lead role. A fatal flaw in one team’s commercial sends them to the boardroom, where another candidate hears the words they dread from Mr. Trump – “You’re fired.” Source & Photos

'Apprentice' Candidates Fail to Impress Kim Kardashian (VIDEO)

On 'The Apprentice' (Thu., 10PM ET on NBC), contestants created a display advertising Kim Kardashian's new perfume. When the celebrity herself showed up to peruse the result, project manager Poppy was forced to "present her product to her." She said the team tried to capture Kardashian's tagline ("the voluptuous new fragrance") in the display through lights, rhinestones and sequins. "I believe that the essence of what we have going here just really captures the beautiful woman that we have standing in front of us." Kardashian said, "I love it, it looks great, guys. Good work!" But the feedback in the boardroom was very different. To Read More  Click Here.

'Apprentice' Contestant's Sexual Orientation Is Questioned (VIDEO)

There's a bizarre and lengthy discussion in the boardroom of 'The Apprentice' (Thu., 10PM ET on NBC) about one contestant's sexual orientation. It seems that a guy (with five children) can't say another guy is attractive without everyone, including The Donald, wondering if he's gay. "David just had this ridiculous man-crush" on a model used in the challenge, explains Anand. "It was very odd." Trump asks David outright if he's gay. David says no. Trump clarifies, "You never know, and who cares, right, David? I know guys who were married for 20 years, they left with a guy." But Trump doesn't change the subject, asking (jokingly, we think), "Are you sure you don't want to come out?" David says, "I'm not gay, dammit, the model was fantastic ... If you look at his picture, he's the man." Trump's son responds, "That sounds pretty gay." And that sounds so junior high... Source & Video

THE APPRENTICE “Dressed To Kill” Season 10 Episode 8 - Preview

Check out photos of the upcoming episode of THE APPRENTICE “Broadway Boardroom” Season 10 Episode 7 which airs Thursday, November 4 on NBC (9-11 p.m. ET) Episode Synopsis: Teams must create a 4-page advertorial featuring the suits, shirts, and cufflinks of the Donald J. Trump Signature line. On one team, the project manager becomes obsessed with one of the models. The other project manager strips down to pose in a racy bedroom scene. In the boardroom, Mr. Trump reveals the winning team and the losers battle it out before another candidate is fired. Source & Preview

The Winning Team Winds Up at the Elimination as Tempers Flare and Lies Are Told on 'The Apprentice' (VIDEO)

Omarosa may be long gone, but that doesn't mean there are no villains on the new season of 'The Apprentice' (Thu. 10PM on NBC). Mahsa reached critical mass this week, as the women revealed a key element of the task to the men's team. But what really happened created such a heated debate that both teams wound up in the Boardroom during the elimination ceremony. **SPOILER ALERT** To Read More Click Here.

THE APPRENTICE Season 10 Episode 7 - Photos

Check out photos of the upcoming episode of THE APPRENTICE “Broadway Boardroom” Season 10 Episode 7 which airs Thursday, October 28 on NBC (9-11 p.m. ET) Episode Synopsis:  Each team is given an up-and-coming musical, and tasked with producing a backer’s audition for potential investors. One project manager admits to knowing nothing about musical theatre, but then sends away a concert pianist on their team. On the other team, a sidelined candidate takes over creative control. Broadway star Kristin Chenoweth helps judge each presentation, and the past comes back to haunt one teammate in a shocking boardroom, before Mr. Trump sends another candidate packing. Source & More Photos

The Apprentice Season 10 Episode 7 Recap

Sometimes I wonder what the challenges on THE APPRENTICE really have to do with working for Donald Trump one day. Being skilled at project management, sales and communications is essential to any high level position, but running a pedicab team? The teams were challenged to take in the most money with running a pedicab company. Right away it would seem that the women would be at an advantage at this just because of the volume of their team. But that was until the ladies picked their location. Anand decided to lead team Octane and had the guys do their routes around Trump Tower. The guys thought of doing a Roman Chariot theme pedicab and making the most out of the tourist heavy area around Trump and Central Park. The ladies over at Fortitude had different plans. Trying to erase damage done in last week’s boardroom, Kelly nominated herself as a leader and the group unwisely decided to run their Babes on Bike route over by Wall Street. Take it from someone who works in the area, this is not the place to run a pedicab. No matter how cute the ladies were they wouldn’t have enough interested foot traffic to even come close to the men’s volume. Tourists rarely venture the area they were in and those who walk around Wall Street all day are too preoccupied with working that outside is not a necessary luxury for them. Brandy and Poppy seemed to be picking up sales, which was noticed by Kelly. To Read More Click Here.

Donald Trump Fires 2, Says Contestant 'Can't [Beep] Read' (VIDEO)

On 'The Apprentice' (Thu., 10PM ET on NBC), Gene is tasked with emceeing a footwear fashion show. To say that he stumbles over the script is putting it mildly. The various shoes are described as being "biscotti cover -- color," made of "four-grain letter -- leather" and "breather -- breathable -- polyurethane moisture absorbinate [sic] odor-resistant cushioning." And at one point, Gene calls a model Audrey, when that's actually the name of the shoe. Donald Trump witnesses the botched job firsthand, as he sits on the front row. (Check out the orange foundation overkill.) In the boardroom, Trump says of Wade's performance: "He couldn't [beep] read! ... This is the worst job I've ever seen as an emcee." As a consequence, two contestants take the hit. Source & Video

THE APPRENTICE Season 10 Episode 5 - Preview

Watch a sneak peek and check out photos of the upcoming episode of THE APPRENTICE (2010) Season 10 Episode 5 which airs Thursday, October 14 on NBC (9-11 p.m. ET) Episode Synopsis:  The teams are tasked with producing a fashion show to launch Rockport's Spring line of shoes. One team makes the risky decision to clothe their models only in shoes and underwear for their finale. The other team faces a crisis with an under-prepared emcee. In the most explosive boardroom yet, Mr. Trump rakes the losing team over the coals before lowering the boom with the fateful words,  You're Fired. Source & Preview