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'Bachelor' Ben Flajnik on the premiere: 'Found myself chuckling a bit more than I thought'

Ben Flajnik, the latest "Bachelor" looking for love on ABC, spoke with Zap2it Thursday morning (Jan. 5) about the premiere episode, plus what viewers can look forward to in the coming weeks. We, of course, had to find out what he thought of all the drama going on during the first episode."I did watch the premiere, I was in New York with some friends," Ben laughs. "Interesting premiere. I found myself chuckling a bit more than I thought. There's a lot of stuff that I don't see while we're filming that I get to see with the rest of America."Some of the "stuff" he is referring to is the drama going on amongst the women."That first night is difficult to know exactly what is going on. I pegged the wrong people as the ones causing the drama that night," says Ben. "You don't see everything, you definitely don't see everything."One thing Ben did do that...

Kacie Boguskie Teaches Ben Flajnik to Twirl a Baton — Adorable Bachelor Season 16, Episode 2 Sneak Peek!

The Bachelor Season 16's second episode promises a lot! Tears, trash-talking, and — most amusingly — baton twirling! On Kacie Boguskie and Ben's one-on-one date (spoiler alert!), Kacie teaches Ben to twirl a baton right on the streets of his home town. And he's game! | Episode 2 airs on Monday, January 9 at 8/7c.

Ames Brown Reveals His Favorite Girl on The Bachelor Season 16 Premiere [VIDEO]

Oh, how we've missed Bachelorette Season 7 and Bachelor Pad Season 2 contestant Ames Brown! In this vid, Ames offers his insight on Bachelor Ben Flajnik's character (do we sense a man crush?), and gives us some sage relationship advice. So sweet!

The Bachelor Season 16, Episode 2: Blakeley Shea and Ben Flajnik Kiss in the Pool [VIDEO]

Now it's time for some grown-up time with Ben, indeed! Wonder how Monica will feel about this?| The Bachelor Season 16 Episode 2 airs on Monday, January 9 at 8/7c

Who Is the Mystery Woman Who Comes on The Bachelor to Date Ben Flajnik?

By now, you’ve probably seen at least one preview teasing a mystery woman who arrives to stir up drama with Ben Flajnik’s beauties on The Bachelor Season 16.As the tease plays out in this extended promo:Voice of mystery woman: "Hey, Chris, I'm on my way to San Francisco."Voice of one of Ben’s bachelorettes: "Who the f--k is that?"Voice of another bachelorette: "It's an ex-girlfriend."Rachel Truehart: "This f--king stranger walks in?"Voice of bachelorette: "Why is she here? I...

'The Bachelor' Deleted Scenes: The Diaries of the First Departed, Plus a Sneak Peek in Sonoma

Woof. What a Bachelor premiere , right? Ben is surely one of the most normal human beings, and thus one of the strangest Bachelors, ever to headline the show. He's so calm and composed, but instead of laying on the charm, he mostly just sits there and lets his hair do all the work. I know he was low-key on The Bachelorette, but now that the spotlight is on him and he still can't emote past "this is pretty cool," he just seems bored . And swarming around Ben's cocoon of eerie calmness, those WOMEN. Especially rabid and cloying and off-putting, aren't they? I actually can't remember a season of The Bachelor that, on first impression, offered up so few genuinely good candidates. Maybe, after a few more episodes, more of the girls will reveal themselves to be more likeable, but for now, Ben's best options include the girl who rode in on a horse and the girl who rapped. That doesn't bode too well for Ben, but it does for us. What about the ones who didn't get roses? And what's in store for the 18 women who did? Watch two deleted scenes from last night's premiere, plus a sneak peek of next Monday's Bachelor episode, which immediately takes the group on the road:

The Bachelor's Chris Harrison: We Thought Jenna Would Be a Front-Runner!

Every season of The Bachelor has an emotional wreck, and as viewers saw on the premiere, Jenna is that girl this time. Host Chris Harrison says that both he and producers initially pegged the New York City blogger a front-runner until they saw her meltdown almost lead to a missed rose ceremony. We're back with our weekly chats with Harrison who shares his thoughts on the women, which entrance he thought was the worst and how Ben did on his first night running the show.

The Bachelor Promo: A Season Like No Other

The Bachelor is really upping the ante this season. Sure, there's a quest for love and all that jazz, but if we learned anything from last night's season premiere, it's that The Bachelor has become about so much more than a fairy tale romance. In the coming nine weeks: There will be tears. There will be nudity. One girl will become the enemy of all the rest. A girl will up and leave the show of her own volition. A girl will hyperventilate and pass out mid-rose ceremony. There will be a mysterious, familiar face making her return. Excited/repulsed yet? You will be, viewers. You will be. Watch the trailer for the rest of the 2012 season below:

When Does Jenna Burke Go Home on The Bachelor Season 16?

*Spoiler alert* We don’t want to be drama, but... Bless her heart, she’s just not cut out for this. During her intro on The Bachelor Season 16 premiere, relationship blogger Jenna Burke seemed like she might be Carrie Bradshaw 2.0 — except Carrie probably wouldn’t be the kind of drama girl who suggests she and her nemesis share a tampon. Even Samantha Jones would raise an eyebrow at that one.

Sneak Peek of The Bachelor Season 16, Episode 2: Dates, Tears, Jealousy!

It’s time for the 18 remaining women of The Bachelor Season 16 to go to Ben Flajnik’s hometown of Sonoma, CA. ABC just issued a press release with details on the second episode and at one point it states “it doesn’t take long for the women to get under each other’s skin and ramp up the drama, ending in uncontrollable tears for some of the bachelorettes.” Women. Under each other’s skin. Drama. Uncontrollable tears. Anyone else thinking Jenna Burke will...