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When Jason Met Molly's Family (His Future In-Laws!) on The Bachelor — Love Story Flashback

None of these people had any idea what was to come. The good. The bad. The ugly. In this video, Bachelor Jason Mesnick  visits Molly Malaney in Grand Rapids, MI for some cute golfing, drawing, and random headdress wearing with her parents, a.k.a. his future in-laws. Ultimately Jason would choose Melissa Rycroft at the end of The Bachelor Season 13, then change his mind during the uncomfortable After the Final Rose special that followed. Jason and Molly are now happily married as The Mesnicks...

Bisexual Bachelorette Launches "Gay Scandal" on The Bachelor Season 16

It’s the final Bachelor frontier — same-sex shenanigans. To date, no two women or men have shown open romantic interest in each other on the show. But that streak ends with Ben Flajnik’s beauties on The Bachelor Season 16. The cover of the January 2 issue of In Touch Weekly has a little photo of Ben in the bottom corner with a button teasing “Ben’s gay scandal!” Inside the issue, an insider is quoted saying, “the show’s first-ever self-proclaimed...

The Bachelor Season 16 Premiere: Emily O'Brien Sanitizes Ben Flajnik Before Kissing Him

Somebody saw Contagion! Emily O'Brien is finishing her PhD in epidemiology, the study of transmission of disease. She tells this to Ben Flajnik right out of the limo on The Bachelor Season 16 premiere. 'Cause what could be sexier than a first impression connected to disease?

Emily O'Brien Raps On The Bachelor Season 16 [VIDEO]

One of Ben Flajnik's blonde beauties, PhD student Emily O'Brien, has a "gangsta" side. At least, that's what she thinks. She impresses Ben with a (long!) epidemiology-inspired rap comparing love to a disease.

Emily O'Brien Raps About, Um, Epidemiology On The Bachelor 16 Premiere [Must Watch Video]

Everyone wants the first impression rose on The Bachelor premiere. Even a horse is in the running. One of Ben Flajnik's blonde beauties, PhD student Emily O'Brien, has a "gangsta" side. At least, that's what she thinks. She impresses Ben with a (long!) epidemiology-inspired rap comparing love to a disease in this sneak peek clip from the Season 16 premiere. Will her rap steal Ben’s heart or send him into cardiac arrest?

The Bachelor Season Preview: Ben Flajnik Returns!

Famously heartbroken on The Bachelorette this summer, Ben Flajnik makes his debut as the star of The Bachelor January 2, and we could be in for the wildest season of the ABC quasi-reality franchise in history. No, seriously, we're not just going all Chris Harrison on you. It looks fairly insane. The California winemaker, who was rejected by Bachelorette star Ashley Hebert, certainly looks at home calling the shots, but at the same time, he looks like he's got his hands full with 25 women this time around. There is cat fighting. There is (male) nudity. There are scandals. There are tears. Watch a three-minute preview for the 2012 season and see what you think:

The Best of Erica Rose From The Bachelor: Rome — Flashback Video!

Note to Michael Stagliano: If you want to get a spot on Ellen DeGeneres' show, be a little tiara princess on The Bachelor. It worked for Erica Rose. In 2007, she went from being dumped by Lorenzo Borghese on the Rome-set Season 9 to doing the talk show circuit — from chatting with Ellen to being mocked by Kelly Ripa and sparring with the “ladies” on the Women Tell All special. Watch this wonderful compilation video for the best of the pre-Bachelor Pad Erica. Love her.

"You Make Me Very Horny" The Bachelor: London Calling Preview — Flashback Video!

We love the crazy new promos for The Bachelor Season 16, but it's not like ABC just learned how to make enticing videos. Take Matt Grant's The Bachelor Season 12. Those girls were crazy, catty, competitive, and horny as all get out. "American woman can seriously kiss," Matt puts it in this full season preview. "It's so sexy dating a British man," a bachelorette says. "Do I make you horny?" one girl asks in a (bad) Austin Powers impression. "You make me very horny," Matt replies. Well! Watch this...

Meet Jenna Burke of The Bachelor Season 16: She’s an Over-Analyzing Love Blogger

Entertainment Weekly recently posted five little sneak peek videos from The Bachelor Season 16. These are meet-the-bachelorette features on the five ladies Rosemaster Chris Harrison said we should keep an eye on this season.

Bachelor Season 16 Gossip! Which Hollywood Actor Did Courtney Robertson Used to Date?

The Bachelor Season 16 won't be Courtney Robertson's first trip into the spotlight. Far from it. Not only is she a working model/actress featured on the cover of Fitness Magazine and in a few commercials, she's used to dating celebs.