Former 'Bachelor' Jake Pavelka Back on the Wings of Desperation

It looks like Jake Pavelka's dreams of being a big Hollywood actor weren't so realistic after all. After a terrible performance on Drop Dead Diva, Jake's Actor Phone went dead. Who saw this one coming? As a result, Jake is back in the skies as a commercial pilot--the role he was born to play (after "sociopath" and "Ken doll" were taken). reports that Pavelka piloted a Delta flight from Atlanta to Augusta on October 24th. "The flight attendant asked us not to tell anyone because he didn't want it to be known," a passenger reported. This brings two scenarios to mind: 1) How it would have gone in Jake's mind: The flight attendant announces, "your captain today is Jake Pavelka, former star of The Bachelor!" Then the passengers pee themselves with excitement and start tearing the oxygen masks down (securing their own before assisting others, naturally). To Read More Click Here.

'Bachelor' Spoilers and Roundup: More of Brad's Ladies, Jake Pavelka's New Girlfriend

If you're looking for a non-sarcastic take on the latest Bachelor and Bachelorette "news" ... this probably isn't the right place for you. If you look at Jake Pavelka and still think, "my dreamboat!" ... also probably the wrong place. (And the wrong boat.) But if you want the "news" with a hefty slice of "uh, what now?" then you're home, Bachelor(ette) fans! Here's what's been cooking in the Bachelor kitchen lately: SPOILERS: Reality Steve has more dirt on probable contestants (part 1, part 2, both with photos) from this upcoming Bachelor season with Brad Womack. Here are the details: To Read More Click Here.

Jake Pavelka Heads to 'The View' - Wetpaint

WELL, this should be interesting! Somewhat disgraced former Bachelor Jake Pavelka will be appearing on The View next week! Jake will be there to promote his guest starring role on Drop Dead Diva, where he plays a bachelor that is in no way based on himself, wink wink. But he'll also have to answer many a question about Vienna and their explosive break-up. To Read More Click Here .

Vienna Girardi Throws Herself a "Single and Fabulous Party" in Vegas - Wetpaint

AS much as she likes the song, maybe Vienna Girardi doesn't want to get a ring on it. The newly single lady threw her "Single and Fabulous" party in Las Vegas this weekend and it was a bacchanal complete with shots, more shots, Beyonce, and beffies. "She was having a great time, a source said. She was smiling the whole day." Echoed her friend, Miss Florida, Rachel Todd, "I am so happy to see my best friend get her smile back." And smile she did! Vienna was joined by MTV's Amber Lancaster and fellow Bachelor castmate Ashleigh Hunt on the dance floor. Naturally, everyone went crazy when "Single Ladies" came on; shortly after, Vienna offered free shots to bachelorettes in the crowd. Earlier in the day, she was also doing shots with her beffies on the beach. She toasted her friends "To being single," and pumped her fist after doing the shot. Hey, at least someone is having fun. Source Here

Bachelor's Chris Harrison: "You Saw Jake For Who He Is"

Although Ali Fetodowsky is the star of this season's Bachelorette, the breakup of last season's Bachelor couple, Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi, has taken center stage. In a reunion that got as heated as ABC previewed (you can watch the video below), Vienna called Jake a "fame whore," while Jake maintained he was constantly "undermined and emasculated" by his fiance. Host Chris Harrison shared his thoughts with and why he believes Jake has been burned by the fame flame. Plus: Harrison talks about Ali's choice to cut Ty and how her relationship with Chris L. is "normal" for her. To Read More Click Here .

Vienna & Jake, TV's Beauty and the Beast

Wow, did not expect this one! As a longtime member of Team Jake, it was with a slack jaw and a sick feeling that I watched Jake Pavelka morph from The Bachelor's aww-shucks stud into a bitter, aggressive pile of suck during last night's "break-up special" interview with Chris Harrison. Sitting there, soaked in smug looks and an almost creepy calm, the pilot with the life-giving abs showed that he was no hero to Vienna Girardi - the ex-Hooters up-talker who needs to ease up on the lip-gloss and get her roots done - as she explained their split. Well, tried to explain it. Each time she got to the good stuff about their lack of intimacy and his obsession with fame, he'd interrupt to call her domineering or unfaithful. (Note to Captain Cruelty: Hanging with a gay friend is not cheating.) But easily the ugliest display of Jake's dark side came when he flipped out on the woman he loved sooo much six months ago for daring to speak over him. " quiet while I'm talking!" he bellowed, sending the previously unsympathetic Girardi into fits of tears and forcing her to leave the set amid a whimpered, "you're the meanest person I've ever met in my life." Needless to say, this was not a good night for ABC's former golden boy. But it was sort of TV gold. Did you watch? Which team are you on now? Source Here

Jake Pavelka "Never Considered" Playgirl

Sorry, ladies: Jake Pavelka isn't stripping down any time soon. Though the Bachelor alum received an offer from Playgirl, he has no plans to pose for the magazine. "Jake is not doing Playgirl - never considered it, never will," his rep tells Us Weekly. Playgirl Vice President of Marketing Daniel Nardicio said Thursday that the magazine extended Pavelka an offer. Pavelka isn't the only one keeping his clothes on: Ex-fiancee Vienna Girardi denied Wednesday that she was posing for Playboy. "Really Playboy?! Something else I didn't know about myself," she tweeted. "It's another rumor." Source Here

'The Bachelor': Vienna (AKA the pot) calls Jake (AKA the kettle) 'liar,' 'fame whore'

ABC is teasing a contentious new interview with The Bachelor exes Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi, their first since they ended their engagement. It's an intense verbal confrontation that ends in tears, as we learn from a press release quoted by People. Is there any shred of hope left for these lovebirds? While Jake and Vienna acknowledge the love they felt was real, let's just say they are definitely not feeling it anymore. So tragic. But my favorite part of the press release is this gem. Among other things, Vienna calls Jake a liar and a fame whore. Free advice for next time, Vienna: If fame-whoring is a turn-off for you, maybe don't look for love on a reality television show. And maybe don't engage in a full-fledged media tour to dish the details of your breakup. The interview with Bachelor host Chris Harrison airs July 5 on ABC. Will you tune in? Regardless of your answer, do take our very important poll! Source Here

'The Bachelor' : An Explosive Secret Reunion, Plus Jake Joins 'Bachelor Pad'

Breaking up with someone is never too easy but breaking up in the world of reality TV makes everything even more complicated. Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi, the latest Bachelor couple to join the list of reality relationship wrecks, have been dishing their dirty laundry in public through magazine interviews ever since the public learned about their split this month. Catch up on the "He Said, She Said" fiasco here. Unfortunately, Jake and Vienna's attempts to gain sympathy in the eyes of the public have only made them look like fools (and liars) for encouraging the media to capitalize and pry in their breakup. Of course, the best exploit can only come from the network that started it all. As mentioned earlier, ABC will be airing a special segment featuring interviews with Jake and Vienna before, during or after the July 5 episode of The Bachelorette. But according to RadarOnline, the special segment has already been "secretly" taped on Wednesday and it has controversy and drama written all over it. To Read More Click Here .

Jake Says He Broke Up With Vienna Over the Phone - Wetpaint

DESPITE earlier reports that Jake found out he and Vienna were through when he saw it on the cover of a magazine, People is now reporting that Jake broke it off with Vienna over the phone. Guess it’s better than a text! To Read More Click Here .