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aaah dude DIVX is a codec .. and i think your talking about Stage6 which was taken down, but for some reason seems to be still streeming from stage6.. whatever the case my be is awesome.

Cheesecake Factory?

Does it bother anybody else that the restaurant Penny works in could not look less like a Cheesecake Factory?? Seriously, a Cheesecake Factory looks so distinctive inside that I don't understand why they would actively choose to make Penny work at a "Cheesecake Factory" if they weren't going to make a more convincing set. Nitpicky, yes, but isn't this a show for nerds? :-)

Watch It In Divx

I was on ninja video the other day and seen new shows on it and though it was abit strange cause it always used divx (which i thought was off the net). It asked me to download the ninjavideo-helper to view the content, so i though i'd give it a go and by-jebus it did and i can now watch my fav shows on the gr8st player on the web!!! Try it out and hopefully you will be as happy as me B-)

This is a great show

I like this show very much. Found it in a lucky day and saw the first 6 episodes in two days. Now I'm eagerly waiting each tuesday for a new one. It's been a long time since I laugh this way, probably since Friends and Roseane. I totally recommend it. The male characters are awsomely nerdy, and the girl is, unlike one could expect, totally real. No blonde stereotype here.

the best place to watch this!!

the best place to watch this, is it has veoh and megavideo and yokuo(wt eva its called), and by the way yokuo is crap.


YouKu, Is not always slow. Sometimes it works fast and sometimes it loads slow for me. The problem is, Megavideo, Constantly removes the videos due to copyright. YouKu, I have not seen do this once as of yet.

Big Bang

WHEN ARE THEY GONNA MAKE ANOTHER EPISODE!?!?!?!?!?! I AM SO MAD!!!! Let the bang be back already! Curse you stupid strike!!!! I wish I didn't keep seeing the same episodes over and over again on TV. I dont mind seeing repeats but they dont show too much of a variety of the episodes. It's too bad because this show is so freakin funny and I've gotten so many of my friends to like it and now theyre all like "wheres the show?" Well, hope it comes back soon... I miss you Leonard!!!!


ok...this is such a good show .. i watched ep1 and i think i'm gonna watch the's so damn funny ....