Big Bang Theory Wedding Video: Leonard and Penny Tie the Knot!

Its the wedding of the year September! Leonard and Penny will tie the proverbial knot in Big Bang Theorys Season 9 premiere(airing Monday Sept. 21 at 8/7c), and we have a first look at the understated, no-frills Last Vegas-set ceremony. The following promo, which debuted Wednesday night during The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, offers []

Big Bang Theory Season 9: Our Hopes for 'Shamy,' Li'l Wolowitz and More

WhenThe Big Bang Theorys Season 8 finale cut to black, nearly each and every one of the comedysromances were in danger. Sheldon, having just ended a Skype chat with Amy that signaled trouble for their slow-burning romance, revealed what looked to be an engagement ring to the audience at home. Meanwhile, on their way to []

'The Big Bang Theory' Will Feature 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Storyline

According to Steve Molaro, the seventh installment of the 'Star Wars' film series will make its presence felt in the upcoming ninth season of the CBS popular TV series.   Read More...

Big Bang Theory Cliffhanger Mystery Solved: Leonard and Penny [Spoiler] in the Season 9 Premiere

Will they or wont they tie the knot that was the nagging question The Big Bang Theoryposed in last Mays finale as Leonard and Penny closed in onLas Vegas. And now we have the definitive answer. (Spoilerphobes, thats your cue to hit the nearest exit.) Big Bang showrunner Steve Molaro confirms to TVLine that []

THE BIG BANG THEORY Season 9 Premiere Photos: The Matrimonial Momentum

THE BIG BANG THEORY will deal with the fallout of Amy/Sheldons breakup and Leonards confession that he cheated on Penny in the season 9 premiere. And based on these photos from The Matrimonial Momentum, its a tough call on which character will be having a rougher go at it in the episode. Check them out []

The Big Bang Theory Guys Rule the Forbes List of Highest-Paid TV Actors of 2015

  Forbes has released its list of best-paid TV actors for 2015, and this year, comedy reigns supreme. Eleven of the top 15 earners play in sitcoms, most notably The Big Bang Theory , which boasts four of the top six slots. The show's Jim Parsons leads with $29 million, overtaking last year's king, Ashton Kutcher ($26 million, from 2014), who fell to third. The other dominant show turned out to be Modern Family , which has its four main men all making the cut. Notably, the ghost of McDreamy haunts the list, as well as a couple other dramatic heavyweights (Kevin Spacey and Mark Harmon). Forbes points out that there is a different list for comedians and TV personalities (i.e., Jon Stewart), and that cult figures (i.e.,Terrence Howard) don't necessarily have immediate monetary figures that match their light-speed popularity so keep that in mind when yelling at the list for excluding them.   Read More...

'Big Bang Theory' Star Simon Helberg Inks Pod Deal With Warner Bros. TV

The actor behind Howard Wolowitz and his writer/director/actress wife Jocelyn Towne will develop series for the studio via their production company, which has enlisted Cora Olson to head development. The company already has a comedy and drama in the works.  Read More...

'Big Bang Theory' Assistant Director Hits Warner Bros. With Age Discrimination Lawsuit

Christopher Klausen claims the producers conspired to remove him from the show after he turned 50.   Read More...

The Big Bang Theory to Introduce Leonard's 'Other' Woman in Season 9 See Who's Playing Her!

This could put a crimp in Leonard and Pennys potential honeymoon. The Big Bang Theory has decided to throw kerosene on the fire by introducing thewomanLeonard kissed while on that North Sea expedition an indiscretion Penny was made privy to on the eve of the couples elopement. And TVLine has learned exclusively that Melissa []

CBS Premiere Spoilers: Guest Stars! Serial Killers! Russian Satellites!

Guest stars galore! Cliffhanger questions answered! And a whole lot more! CBS has come out with the official descriptions for all returning fall shows. What can you expect when hits such as The Big Bang Theory and The Good Wife return? Find out now...   Read More...