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The Closer's James Duff Previews "Under Control"

In my own little world, nothing has meant more to me than family: It is the foundation of my daily life. Properly attended, our immediate kin can be extended by fresh relationships, more marriages and new children; its growth nurtured by the best instincts of the human heart. So when an organism like a family splits apart, it can provoke a nuclear reaction, a shattering force every bit as powerful as the one that held it ...

The Closer Episode Preview: "Under Control"

The Closer aired a perfect episode this week, at least according to one critic . How will the TNT follow up? With an installment titled "Under Control," during which a case gets personal for Lt. Tao because a missing boy has a connection to his son. Meanwhile, Captain Raydor continues her audit of Brenda's team and makes a troubling recommendation to Brenda. Check out the official trailer now:

"The Closer" and "Rizzoli & Isles" Lead the Charge as Basic Cable's Top Scripted Shows for the Week

TNT's summer originals continued their robust performance last week, with The Closer and Rizzoli & Isles leading the charge as basic cable's top scripted shows for the week. Last Monday's episode of The Closer averaged 7.9 million viewers in Live + 3 delivery (6.5 million Live + Same Day), with 2.1 million adults 18-49 (1.4 million L+SD) and 2.8 million adults 25-54 (2 million L+SD). Rizzoli & Isles built on that success with a blockbuster 8.3 million viewers in Live + 3 (6.4 million L+SD), including more than 2.2 million adults 18-49 (1.6 million L+SD) and 3 million adults 25-54 (2.2 million L+SD). Read More....

The Closer Creator James Duff Previews "To Serve With Love"

I have seldom met anyone who didn't think earning a quick four thousand dollars — cash — for an hour or two of work, wasn't a wonderful idea. Of course, everything must be relative. I wouldn't shill for the tobacco companies, no matter what they paid. But serving a subpoena — a subject that we will visit again this summer under less pleasant circumstances — is just the ticket for Flynn and Provenza, who rope the erstwhile civilian tech, Buzz Watson, into their scheme by promising him a third of their take: two hundred dollars. For those who have a bit of trouble with division, Lts. Flynn and Provenza may have misrepresented their fee to the gullible Buzz. On the other hand, the love of money can do strange things to people...

THE CLOSER “To Serve with Love” Season 7 Episode 3

Watch a sneak peek and check out photos of the upcoming episode of THE CLOSER  “To Serve with Love” Season 7 Episode 3 which airs Monday July 25 at at 9 p.m. (ET/PT) on TNT. Episode Synopsis :  THE CLOSER “To Serve with Love” Season 7 Episode 3 – Flynn and Provenza decide to make easy money  by serving court papers for a lawyer. But they once again find themselves in hot water when a man is killed minutes after being served by the pair. As is usual with Flynn and Provenza, things just go downhill from there. Adam Arkin guest stars:

The Closer Sneak Preview: "To Serve with Love"

The Closer got decked out in its dress blues last night. That was a first. What can fans expect next week? On the episode titled "Th Serve with Love?" Adam Arkin will guest star, while Flynn and Provenza will go through with another ill-fated adventure. Look them to fail in their bid to make quick cash after they serve papers for a lawyer... and then the man they serve is killed moments later. Check out the official TNT promo now:

THE CLOSER “Repeat Offender” Season 7 Episode 2

Watch a sneak peek and check out photos of the upcoming episode of THE CLOSER  “Repeat Offender” Season 7 Episode 2 which airs Monday July 18 at at 9 p.m. (ET/PT) on TNT. Episode Synopsis:  THE CLOSER “Repeat Offender” Season 7 Episode 2 – As the LAPD undergoes a major realignment, Brenda and her team investigate the murder of a young  girl who was house -sitting. Captain Raydor is forced to expand her audit of Major Crimes  in light of the civil  suit against Brenda and the LAPD. Read More...

The Closer Creator Previews "Repeat Offender" and Reacts to Emmy Nominations

Of all the finer, more civilized traits that combine to form the enchantment of love — perhaps none is more central than trust. In "Repeat Offender," The Closer examines exactly how much we can believe in our families, spouses, bosses, friends and even destiny itself. Reversals of fortune abound, and no one seems more taken off-guard by fate's shifting winds than Brenda's sometimes antagonist, Captain Sharon Raydor. Tracking our way through the untimely death of a young house-and-baby sitter — that person to whom we entrust our children and most personal possessions — we worry our way to the final moment, where we face the most uncomfortable question of all: "Do I trust myself?" We leave Deputy Chief Johnson pondering this disturbing concept in a powerful episode....

'The Closer' Final Season Opener Draws 7.2 Million Viewers

TNT's  The Closer  and  Rizzoli and Isles  returned Monday night. How did they do in the ratings? The final season of  The Closer , starring Emmy winner  Kyra Sedgwick , opened to 7.2 million total viewers at 9 p.m., down from the sixth season premiere but matching the finale. Among the adult demographics, 1.8 million belonged in the ad-favored 18-49 and 2.4 million were in 25-54. The Closer  will conclude its run next year, but don't fret, spinoff Major Crimes  with  Mary McDonnell  is set to debut after  The Closer 's series ender . Read More...

The Closer Episode Promo: "Repeat Offender"

The final season of The Closer is underway. What did you think of "Unknown Trouble?" Looking ahead, Monday's "Repeat Offender" will focus on Brenda trying to determine how a house-sitting situation resulted in the death of a young woman. Elsewhere, as previewed here, Captain Raydor opens up her investigation to include the LAPD. Get an early look at the installment now: