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The Colbert Report Season 9 News

Stephen Colbert Tells Female Voters to Dig the GOP ‘Sausage Fest’ (Video)
Stephen Colbert: Do-Nothing Congress Does Something for Chimps (Video)
Stephen Colbert: Pope Francis Is Batman — Check Out the Nipples on His Suit (Video)
Stephen Colbert Petition Calls on Obama to Execute Thanksgiving Turkey (Video)
Stephen Colbert Worries Without Filibusters, Something Will Get Done in Washington (Video)
Stephen Colbert Is Ready for Snow — Rep. Trey Radel’s Coke (Video)
Stephen Colbert Praises Slate’s New Read Time Feature: Web Stories Are Huge Commitments (Video)
Stephen Colbert: Obamacare Makes Michele Bachmann Look Like a Genius (Video)