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Jon Stewart Pans Hillary Announcement: This is Boring as Sh*t (Video)

Jon Stewart responded to Hillary Clintons presidential launch Monday, saying he was underwhelmed by her video. This is boring as shit, Stewart said about Clinton dropping a series of average Americans in her video before even appearing. Its ordinary people stuffopening doors, changing gravel bucketsoh I know that lady! He then played TV clips explaining her new strategy of pounding the pavement to earn every Americans vote.   Read More...

Jon Stewart skewers GOP's response to Hillary Clinton's announcement video

Hillary Clinton has finally announced that she's officially running for president in 2016, and she did so via a folksy video that "Daily Show" host Jon Stewart likens to "a State Farm commercial gone viral." But as funny as Clinton's video may be, the real "comedy" comes from the Republicans' response to it. Above, Stewart has clips from Rand Paul, Reince Priebus, Ted Cruz all lambasting her presidential announcement, but the real gems come from NRA executive vice president Wayne LaPierre and Fox News pundit Brit Hume. RELATED: Samantha Bee's segment on rapists' parental rights will infuriate youHume wonders if Americans really want "four more years of the Clintons and their weird marriage," while LaPierre says, "Eight years of one demographically-symbolic president is enough."Jessica Williams has a response to that -- to get the GOP vote, you have to check all three boxes: White, male and not in a weird marriage....

Trevor Noah to Succeed Jon Stewart on The Daily Show

After only three appearances on the Comedy Central show, a 31-year-old comedian from South Africa will step up as its new host.   Read More...

Watch Jon Stewart Address the Trevor Noah Twitter "Kerfuffle" (VIDEO)

"I'm excited for where he's gonna take this thing."

'The Daily Show' gives Jason Jones an amazing sendoff

It's going to be a tough year for die-hard "Daily Show" fans. On Thursday's (March 26) episode, longtime correspondent Jason Jones said goodbye to the program. Watch above as he and host Jon Stewart relive some of Jones' funniest and most incredible segments, including many where he actually went on location to places like Iran and Russia.

George Lucas Mocks Fox News on 'Daily Show'

The director promised in future to only make films that were "blindly uncritical of America."

The Daily Show Gets Its New Host

Your long national nightmare is over because The Daily Show has announced the successor to global treasure Jon Stewart and it's... Trevor Noah ? Check out some of his previous work on TDS below and let us know in the comments what you think of this (admittedly unexpected) choice!

Jason Jones says goodbye to 'The Daily Show'

Jason Jones has been The Daily Show s most intrepid correspondent ever since he debuted on the show in September2005, traveling to global hot spots to expose hypocrisy and his private parts in all different cultures. Whereas the bulk of the Daily Show s on-the-scene segments take...

Rob Corddry to Jon Stewart: More cocaine, less cable news when you leave 'The Daily Show'

Jon Stewart welcomed "Daily Show" alumni Rob Corddry to the anchor desk Thursday (March 12), and he comments that it's nice to see what his former co-stars go on to do after they leave. "When you guys all leave, I always feel like the fourth-grade teacher, like my students leave and then they come back at like 18 and they look at me like, 'Oh, you poor little punk-a** boy,'" says Stewart. But he genuinely wants to know what life is like out there. RELATED: Jon Stewart and Common talk about race in this countryIf Rob Corddry is to be believed, life after "The Daily Show" means a lot less cable news and a lot more cocaine. "When I was here, I was watching two CSPANs at once. I had two remotes. I have not watched a 24-hour news channel since," says Corddry. " ... I do so much cocaine. An impossible amount of...

Jon Stewart and Common: Let's acknowledge that racism is still a widespread problem

"The Daily Show" weighed in Wednesday (March 11) on the racist SAE fraternity chant that has been dominating the news as of late. Jon Stewart (and later in the program, his guest, Common) hit the nail on the head by saying the country needs to acknowledge that there is a problem and try to move forward. In the opening segment above, Stewart first lambasts members of the media who were trying to blame the SAE chant on the fact that these young boys listen to hip hop. "First of all, the kids on that bus weren't repeating a rap song that they had heard. They were gleefully performing one of their fraternity's old, let's call them, anti-negro spirituals. ... Black rappers did not introduce that word into the vernacular," says Stewart. RELATED: Larry Wilmore will stop talking about race when people stop being racist"Second of all," he continues, "how come when conservatives talk about...