VIDEO: Holly Madison Recounts Hugh Hefner's Attempt to Bribe Her with $3 Million

  Holly Madison revealed even more upsetting details about her experience as Hugh Hefner 's girlfriend on the latest Oprah: Where Are They Now , including when the Playboy founder attempted to bribe her into staying with him. "Hef and I started hitting kind of a rocky patch when it became clear that ...    Read More...

Kendra Wilkinson Jumps to Hugh Hefner's Defense: He's an "Amazing Human Being"

  In the wake of Holly Madison 's hellish depiction of her time at the Playboy Mansion, at least one former Playmate is leaping to Hugh Hefner's defense. Kendra Wilkinson (who, along with Hefner, is slammed in Madison's new memoir), tells People that Madison is rewriting history and Hefner is actually an ...   Read More...

Holly Madison: 'I'm not Perfect, but I Love my Curves'

Holly Madison  is firing back at recent comments made about her weight gain - the result of her move to Las Vegas in 2009 to star in "Peepshow," a burlesque cabaret show at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. "After moving to Vegas," she explains, "I lived in a suite in Planet Hollywood for a year and ordered room service all the time. I like food too much to go on some crazy diet. French fries are my favorite downfall." But Holly's weight gain didn't go unnoticed. The director / choreographer  of "Peepshow" took some shots at the Holly's World star's weight recently, asking her to lose some of the whopping 15 lbs she gained ( which is completely ridiculous ). Holly recently posed for an exclusive unretouched photoshoot with  Life & Style  magazine to show off all her "flaws" and show the world that there's nothing to be ashamed of and that she's got some -  Gasp ! - cellulite. Read More...

Holly Madison Will Respond To Hugh Hefner's Engagement On Reality Show - Starpulse

Hugh Hefner's ex-girlfriend Holly Madison is saving her comments about the Playboy boss' Christmas engagement for her reality TV show. The former Playboy Playmate was heartbroken when Hef tweeted...

Kendra Wilkinson: 'It's time to find home'

Kendra Wilkinson has said that she is ready to find a home and settle down after living in various cities over the past year.   The   Kendra   star told   KTLA News   that, although it had been "fun" experiencing new places as she relocated with Minnesota Vikings player husband Hank Baskett, she was ready to find a family home in California.   "I've finally reached that point where it's time for a home - [to] come to LA and settle down," she explained. "It was fun and adventurous to go to so many places and of course support my husband, but now as a woman and a new mum I need to start building a home, so I'm out here looking for a home for us." To Read More  Click Here.

Kendra Tweets Away Reports of Marriage Trouble With Hank

Kendra Wilkinson is getting all Demi Moore on us. The E! reality cutie is shooting down rumors of trouble in the marriage by tweeting up a storm that their relationship is just fine. "how handsome do my 2 favorite men look???" she wrote earlier today accompanied by twitpics of Hank and baby Hank from an album titled "Photo shoot with my boys!" But that's not all... To Read More Click Here.

Former Girl Next Door: I Don't Want My Sex Tape Released!

Karissa Shannon, former Hugh Hefner girlfriend, has - shocker! - a sex tape. And will it go public? Read on... Steven Hirsch of adult video company Vivid claims to have sex tape footage of Shannon with her boyfriend, Smallville actor Sam Jones III. "We were really impressed at how amazingly hot it was," Hirsch said. "We're hoping we can make a deal quickly on this as we're already hearing from Karissa's fans who want to know if we will be releasing her tape." Hirsch maintains he received the tape from a third party, who he has refused to identify. Shannon confirms that she and Jones have shot naughty videos but insists she doesn't want to see any of it released. "There's stuff between me and Sam [from when] I was at the Mansion still with Hef," she tells us. "I was 18 years old and I was dating Sam. It's really embarrassing. I'm just really trying to move forward and this thing is just really setting me back." In a joint statement released earlier today, Jones and Shannon said Vivid was given the tape "without our knowledge or permission. Our lawyers are on it and will be taking care of the situation." Source Here

Images of Kendra Wilkinson Flashing Her Breast Implants Outed

Kendra Wilkinson might be upset once she learns that Radar Online has obtained a series of never-before-seen pictures showing her flashing her brand new breasts after going under the knife. The images were reportedly taken when Kendra was still working as a stripper in her hometown of San Diego. In most of the shots, Kendra posed nude for the camera with one image showing her throwing her arms up behind her head and smiling seductively to the camera. Meanwhile, in one picture, the 25-year-old beauty wore a hospital bra which she had to wear because she just got breast implants. At that time, the former the Girl Next Door was still dating boyfriend Justin Frye, who appears in her infamous sex tape. To Read More Click Here .

Kendra Wilkinson Attacked by Karissa Shannon in Her New Tome

The Playboy Playmate who has confirmed she shot a sex tape with reality TV star Heidi Montag is now taking aim at new mum Kendra Wilkinson in a new memoir. Footage of Karissa Shannon and Montag is currently being offered to Internet porn bosses and a deal is reportedly about to be made - but the model wants to destroy her Playboy predecessor first. Shannon tells Life & Style magazine her upcoming book will reveal salacious secrets about Wilkinson, the former girlfriend of magazine boss Hugh Hefner. And she says, "Kendra is definitely scared... I'll be talking about Kendra's partying and things I saw (at the Playboy mansion) that no one would believe." Shannon believes her tell-all will be karma for mean-spirited Wilkinson. She adds, "It seems like she always has negative things to say. I think it has to do with having the baby - maybe she's a little more insecure." Wilkinson's son with sportsman Hank Baskett, Hank Jr., was born in December 2009. Source Here

Kendra Wilkinson Planning To Have Liposuction After Second Baby - Starpulse

Former Playboy Playmate Kendra Wilkinson has vowed to undergo liposuction in a desperate bid to get her body back in shape - after she has a second baby. The former Girls Next Door star and her husband Hank Baskett welcomed their first son, Hank Baskett IV, last December but the blonde admits she's been unhappy with her figure since packing on 55 pounds and having a Caesarean section. And Wilkinson, who is aiming to be pregnant "within the next year," wants to regain her famously fit shape with the quick fix medical procedure. To Read More Click here .