Holly Madison Attends Conventions To Promote Shoe Accessories Now - Starpulse

What happens to washed up reality TV stars? They attend the World Shoe Accessories 2010 Convention in Las Vegas. Holly Madison, former "Girls Next Door" star and ex-girlfriend of Hugh Hefner, displayed her large bosom in a low-cut black dress with matching peep toe pumps and pink hair accessory. To Read More Click Here .

Jayde Nicole Covers Her Brody Jenner Tattoo with a New One on 'The Bunny House' (VIDEO)

Jayde Nicole, 2008 Playboy Playmate of the Year, was Brody Jenner's GF a couple years ago -- so you might have seen her on 'The Hills' or 'Bromance.' Now she's a star in 'The Girls Next Door' spin-off 'Bunny House' (Sun., 10:30PM ET on E!). In Las Vegas, she and her bunny friends are downing drinks two at a time at the tattoo shop in the middle of the night. (A tattoo shop/bar combo? Genius idea.) Her history with Brody is still evident, in the form of a tattoo. "After we broke up, I felt really stupid having a 'B' initialed on the inside of my mouth," she admits. Jayde can't get it removed, so she covers it up with a new tat (check the video for it). Shots of Jagermeister get her through the pain. "Learn from my mistakes, and don't get your boyfriend's name tattooed on you anywhere ever for any reason," she advises her comrades. Noted. Source & Video

Kendra Wilkinson: The Best-Selling Girl Next Door

Not only have reality TV Girl Next Door-turned-mommy Kendra Wilkinson and her husband, NFL wide receiver Hank Baskett, just taught their son, Hank IV, to high-five, they definitely have something to high-five about: Kendra's autobiography, Sliding Into Home, made the bestseller list. "We are so excited because we found out that I made No. 4 on the New York Times bestsellers list!" the E! star told TV Guide Magazine when the couple attended the ESPY Awards. Wilkinson is still wrapping her head around her durable popularity, which hasn't been dimmed despite her wild past as one of Hugh Hefner's trio of live-in girlfriends and the recent surfacing of a sex tape from her teen years. Since the book debuted, she's learned just how closely her fans identify with various periods in her personal life, controversy and all. To Read More Click Here .

Kendra Wilkinson Calls Hank Baskett's Strip-Club Visits Reports Lies

Kendra Wilkinson has spoken for her husband Hank Baskett, debunking reports that the Philadephia Eagles' wide receiver hit two strip clubs once he learned about her sex tape and even when she was eight months pregnant. Asked by TMZ cameramen about the stories, the 25-year-old beauty called them "lies." The report was first run by Life & Style. An acquaintance of Hank's, Carl Miller, told the site that he accompanied him to Rick's Cabaret in Houston on November 28, 2009 and then to the King of Diamonds Gentleman's Club in Miami in early February. "Hank went to the private VIP room with two girls. Everyone knows what goes on in those rooms - I don't need to spell out what happened," Carl said on their first raunchy night out. Meanwhile, their second visit was to a party at the King of Diamonds Gentleman's Club. Kendra, at that time, reportedly hosted a bash at Passion nightclub in the Hard Rock Hoteland had a bikini photo shoot. To Read More Click Here .

Kendra Kept Stripper Past From Mom

Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett may have stripped down a swimsuit to host a 4th of July pool party in Vegas this weekend, but as of this morning she was back to business promoting her book on the Today show. Covered up in a surprisingly modest floral shift during her appearance, Kendra told Kathie Lee and Hoda about the moment she had to reveal her stripper past to her mother just before the release of Sliding Into Home. So was mom shocked? Um, no. "I was embarrassed about it and didn't want to tell my mom," Kendra told the ladies. But her mother was pretty clued in. "She was like 'Kendra, I knew the day you walked into that strip club, OK?'" And the book isn't the only thing the sexy reality star is promoting this week—her workout video, Be A Knockout with Kendra, is available just in the time for bikini season. Source Here

Kendra Wants Her Pre-Baby Body Back for Hank

It may be seven months since Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett gave birth to son Hank Baskett IV, but she is still working hard to lose that baby weight. The E! reality star credits working out every day- sometimes even twice a day - and an almost entirely carb-free diet for her newly toned physique. However, there is one cuisine she misses. Kendra dished her favorite indulgence to E! News: "I am crazy into Mexican food. I can live on Mexican food every day!" To Read More Click Here .

'The Girls Next Door': Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett Celebrate Anniversary

Despite all the trouble caused by her sex tape, Kendra Wilkinson is still happily married to husband Hank Baskett. They even celebrated their first year anniversary on Sunday, June 27 at the place where it all began. On an interview with People, the former star of The Girls Next Door proclaimed her excitement over the big day. After an eventful 12 months together, Kendra Wilkinson really does have a lot to be grateful for. There's Hank, of course, and then there's Little Hank too. "One year - oh, my god!" the reality TV star exclaimed. "One year down, forever to go. That's the way it goes. Every day, we just love each other more and more. We're that Hollywood couple that will survive." It certainly seems like it, since they've survived a lot together already. Controversy and scandal aside, Hank Baskett and Kendra Wilkinson are still going strong. Even after one year of their marriage, the romance is still there. To Read More Click Here .

'Girls Next Door': Kendra 'Back and Better', Holly Dating UFC Star and More

After confronting her sex tape scandal, former Girls Next Door star Kendra Wilkinson has been making a lot of changes in her life. So is her co-star Holly Madison, who's was seen around Las Vegas again. But with someone new, as sources suspect. Kendra's Virtual Return After her update on Twitter, the Kendra star has also returned to blogging. On the latest post for her official site, she wrote about how she's "back and better than ever." She thanked followers for their support as well. "I want you to know I've literally been on here everyday reading all of your comments and just wanted to thank you guys for the love, kindness and support you've shown me over the past few weeks," she wrote. To Read More Click Here .

'Girls Next Door': Kendra Wilkinson Moves On From Sex Tape Scandal

Now that she's opened up about her sex tape nightmare, things are going smoothly for Kendra Wilkinson. The former Girls Next Door star has finally gotten over the controversy and is getting her life back on track. According to, the reality TV star just recently returned to the virtual world. She updated her Twitter account, having just celebrated her birthday last Saturday. "[T]hanks so much for all the birthday wishes!!!!! 25 feels good lolol!!" she wrote. It's been more than a month since her last post. Her fans certainly missed her, so it was just right to show her appreciation for them. Kendra Wilkinson also sent a message to the public via her Facebook page. Hoping to show that she's finally bounced back from the sex tape scandal, she excitedly wrote how she's leaving all that behind. To Read More Click Here .

Holly Madison Talks 'Holly's World' And Loving Las Vegas

Holly Madison was once one-third of the world's hottest trifecta -- Playboy honcho Hugh Hefner's three blonde girlfriends on the E! show 'The Girls Next Door.' But now, Madison is breaking out on her own show, 'Holly's World,' which follows the 30-year-old bombshell in her new life in Las Vegas. The Playmate's new solo show premieres on E! this Sun., June 13. Madison, who performs six nights a week on the burlesque Peepshow, talked to TV Squad about the first couple episodes of her show, getting into local politics, embarrassing Hugh Jackman and writing an insider's guide to her favorite city. To Read More Click Here .