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'The Good Wife' Enlists Blair Underwood for Guest Role (Exclusive)

The 'L.A. Law' alum will appear in an upcoming episode centered on gun violence ahead of the May series finale.    Read More...

'The Good Wife' Spinoff Rumors Are Still Just Rumors

The Good Wife's impending exit was announced on Sunday and by Monday, rumors of a possible spin-off series had already begun.   Read More...

The Good Wife: What to Expect in the Final Episodes

  The biggest surprise of the Super Bowl had nothing to do with football. After initially weighing continuing The Good Wife without its creators , Robert and Michelle King (who previously announced their impending exit from the show), CBS confirmed Sunday, via a Super Bowl ad, that the series will end ...    Read More....

Who Will Return for The Good Wife's Final Episodes? Is a Spinoff Already in the Works?

The Good Wife says goodbye this May, but not without welcoming some familiar faces back to the series. In addition to the previously announced returns of Margo Martindale and Carrie Preston, The...   Read More...

The Good Wife Will End This Season, CBS Confirms in Super Bowl Ad

CBS confirmed that The Good Wife will end with Season 7 in a new ad for the show that debuted during Super Bowl 50. Series creators Robert and Michelle King previously announced that they would depart the long-running legal drama starring Julianna Marguiles after the current season. Nine more episodes of the series will air on CBS with the finale set for Sunday, May 8.    Read More...

What to Expect in The Good Wifes Final 9 Episodes

  After a few months of hemming and hawing, CBS announced in a Super Bowl ad Sunday nightthat The Good Wife will conclude this season. The network was considering keeping it on the air without its creators, Robert King and Michelle King, who announced they would be leaving the show this year.   But now CBS has come to terms with life sans Alicia Florrick (Julianna Margulies), and the creators are very pleased. Its really lovely that CBS will allow it to end, Robert King said during a press call on Monday morning. The producers only learned last week that CBS was considering making the announcement as a Super Bowl promo. We knew we could control our fate, but we were very aware that we did not control the fate of the series, Michelle King said. That was for the studio and network to decide. So we felt very fortunate and flattered that were being allowed to end the show with the writers and producers the way we want it to end.

'Good Wife' creators: Decision to end show only happened last week

Robert and Michelle King planned to leave the show before they knew it was ending

Heres The Good Wife to Explain the Iowa Caucuses (Video)

Gov. Peter Floricks presidential hopes are dashed. But that doesnt mean his campaign has nothing to offer the American people. In a Good Wife episode last month, Floricks campaign manager, Ruth Eastman ( Margo Martindale ), explained to the Florick family (and viewers at home) how Iowans do their primary voting. Actually: She only explains how Democrats caucus. Republicans do it differently. Still, the episode provided a helpful dramatization of what Iowa voters are doing today.   Read More...

Why The Good Wife Needs to End This Season (Listen Up, CBS)

Chances are, you wont hear a Kenny Rogers classic playing in the background of The Good Wife anytime soon (eclectic as the shows soundtrack can sometimes be). And yet as CBS ponders the fate of its acclaimed Sunday-night drama in the wake of creators Robert and Michelle King announcing theyll stepdown as showrunners at the []

Did Julianna Margulies Just Confirm The Good Wife Is Ending?

The Good Wife without the good wife? Not a chance. Julianna Margulies seemed to indicate this is really itthe endfor CBS's The Good Wife with a speech honoring co-creators Robert...     Read More...