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The Good Wife Fan Who Became Its Breakout Star: Meet Cush Jumbo

There's a new lady in The Good Wife's life. Cush Jumbo makes her splashy debut as Lucca Quinn, a new attorney who befriends Julianna Margulies' Alicia Florrick, and she's basically...   Read More...

'The Good Wife' Showrunners on Including Hillary and Trump in New Season and Branching Out with 'BrainDead'

Michelle and Robert King talk about the challenges of running two shows at once, keeping up with the headlines and their favorite Leslie Moonves story.   Read More...

'The Good Wife's' New Addition Tackles Comparisons: "Kalinda Was Then and This Is Now"

"The minute I started reading about Lucca, it was really clear to me that they were two different entities," new series regular Cush Jumbo tells THR about her character.   Read More...

7 Things to Know About The Good Wife Season 7

  "For the first time in my life, I don't have to answer to anyone." That's what Alicia ( Julianna Margulies ) says to Louis Canning ( Michael J. Fox ) on the Season 7 premiere of The Good Wife (Sunday, 9/8c, CBS) -- and for the first time, it's actually true. "Alicia is starting from scratch," executive ...   Read More...

'The Good Wife' 7.02 Preview: New Rivals, New Friends

A sneak peek for the next episode teases a rivalry between Ruth Eastman (Margo Martindale) and Eli Gold (Alan Cumming), and introduces Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Jason Crouse.   Read More...

Who (Else) Is Getting a New Gig on The Good Wife?

  Alicia isn't the only one who will have a new job on The Good Wife in Season 7. While Alicia ( Julianna Margulies ) attempts to re-establish her legal career in bond court, another character will find him or herself hitting the pavement minutes into Sunday's season premiere. But fear not, the person in ...   Read More...

The Good Wife May Explore Alicia's Alcoholic Tendencies in Season 7

Her name is Alicia Florrick. And it appears she is, in fact, analcoholic. In an interview with CBS Sunday Morning, Good Wife leading lady Julianna Margulies revealedthat hercharacters fondness for pinot noirmay soon become more than just a running joke. I think Alicia might have a drinking problem, the Emmy winner told Jane Pauley. Shes []

The Most Important Shows on TV: Week of September 28, 2015

Which TV series will your friends (and the entire internet) be talking about this week? Stay informed—or at least be able to fake it—with SideReel's weekly guide to The Most Important Shows on TV.   Blindspot Monday at 10:00pm on NBC Why: A metric butt-ton of people tuned in to watch the premiere of this show last week! Maybe they just all wanted to see Jaimie Alexander (kind of) naked or maybe they were intrigued by her tattoos. Who knows! Either way, it's a cool premise (though it's been done better ), even if the dialogue leaves something to be desired ("One thing's for sure, someone likes playing games… and this is just the beginning"), people are talking about it. Maybe you should be one of them! Prepare to talk about: How it's a good thing Jane is working for the FBI because I'm not sure she could get too many other jobs with that many tattoos; what's going on with the FBI Director's case file (oooOOOOooooo); how Jane's eyeliner is like, always perfect even when she's been zipped into a suitecase.   The Daily Show (Season Premiere) Monday at 11:00pm on Comedy Central Why: There was a time, oh young ones, when The Daily Show was hosted by a man named Craig Kilborn. When he left, people swore up and down that this Jon Stewart fellow could never replace him. Then again, here I am reminding you that Craig Kilborn ever existed. While it's doubtful that Mr. Stewart will suffer the same fate, is it possible that Trevor Noah can make TDS his own show? Or keep it the must-see political commentary it's become? Well, his first guest is Kevin Hart, so... you know, what? Let's give it at least a week to find out. Prepare to talk about: How much faith you have in Trevor Noah on a scale of one to Jon Stewart; whether it's the same to have a non-American criticizing the American political process; how you wouldn't mind moving to Jon Stewart's new farm in New Jersey.   The Good Wife (Season Premiere) Sunday at 9:00pm on CBS Why: Peter's running for President (LOLOLOLOLOL), Alicia's trying to fix her law practice (though one might say that of every freakin' episode), and KALINDA IS GONE. Is this show even worth watching without Kalinda? We love you, Kalindaaaaaaaaa. Also, Margo Martindale is joining the cast! She's great. Prepare to talk about: How Peter will never, never, never win the presidency (in the words of Taylor Swift, like, ever); how maybe Alicia should just take it easy for a while and take up crocheting or binge-watch Judging Amy or something; whether you can deal with a Kalinda-less Good Wife .     Leah E. Friedman  is the editor of You can follow her musings on  Twitter . p { text-align: justify; }

The Good Wife Adds Vanessa Williams

  Vanessa Williams is joining The Good Wife for Season 7, TVLine reports. The Ugly Betty and Desperate Housewives alum has signed on for a recurring role playing a love interest for Eli ( Alan Cumming ) and will appear in multiple episodes, Cumming told TVLine. The news comes on the heels of Williams'   Read More...

The Good Wife's Jeffrey Dean Morgan Has His Eyes on the Prize First Look

Are we looking at a job interview or an OK Cupid meet-up? That question may course through your mind as you peruse the following first-look photos from The Good Wife of our protagonist Alicia Florrick interviewing prospective legal investigator Jason Crouse (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). Series co-creator Robert King confirmed in TVLines Fall Preview that F []