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I'm A Celebrity... Heidi and Spencer

would you watch the show if they weren't there? [spam link removed]

thw hills

its well good

where can i find it

anyone can tell me where i can watch this ep?

Brodrina: The Saga Continues

There are many ways you can handle being a homewrecker... you can apologize, you can lay low hoping the storm will blow over, you can keep the affair alive by texting the helpless man in question while keeping it a secret, OR if you're Audrina, you can parade your sexiness around in the presence of the homewreckee and challenge Brody to openly choose between the two of you. She wasn't kidding when she said bring on the war... who knew sweet brunette Audrina was so equipped to play with fire? The camera crew has a done a great job at showing us just how desperate and insecure Jayde is. Chugging Jager? really? I think she missed her calling with 'my new haircut' guy... jager bombs anyone? Poor Jayde doesn't realize that her leash on Brody is wearing thin and her brainless antics, along with her entourage, will earn her an equally tasteless reputation in a very small city. Once Brody is done with her, those yapping pups in skimpy dresses who are only there to soak up crucial camera time won't even talk to her anymore.. the consequences of being obsessive and shamelessly dependent on a boy. She may have won the battle when Brody asked Audrina to leave the club, but the war is far from over... Especially when Lauren comes into play. As the voice of reason, Lauren sits Brody down for a very direct 'you screwed up and you need to apologize speech.' This is when we truly recognize how whipped Brody is. He is at a table without Jayde on his side and he is repeating the mantra that she evidently gave him. 'it wasn't you honeykins, that slut should have known better...' can't be far from what she fed him. How could he otherwise possibly blame Audrina for their hookup. He was there wasn't he? He knows that he is the one that suggested the one-night-no-strings-attached 'sleepover' but he way too scared to admit it. I think the entire audience wants to slap mr. Jenner across the face and say man up, and choose already. It's friends or a self-destructive girlfriend, and the choice is obvious to anyone else but him. Alas, the saga continues, will Audrina finally get her victory? She doesn't think that Brody should be with Jayde, but does she mean that as a concerned friend or a possible replacement? Either way, I know who I'm rooting for.. what about you?


Are we not ready for some juicy homewrecking already? Yes, Stacy did a little of that with Spiedi but that couple is old, no longer interesting, and borderline fair looking, not to mention the nonstop boring drama... whereas, AUDRINA and BRODY are both smokin' hot and their romance is budding over sparkling cocktails at snazzy clubs - that's the way to live. The best part about it is that Brody has a girlfriend, who is so insecure she invests all her time in shameless PDA and paranoia over Brody talking to other girls. I don't believe there is a shot of her smiling or having fun unless she is making out with the poor man. That kind of behavior is what makes pretty boys like Brody become player players. He will slowly but surely realize how desperado she is... On the flip side, Audrina is starting to rebel against her feelings for Justin. After he rudely walks away from her after Audrina's "crazy in love with you" speech, you can see a distinct difference in her demeanor. (with the help of little birdie Stephanie who constantly whispers dumb advice in her ear) You can tell Audrina is ready to do something wild, something hurtful to Justin, something that shows that she doesn't care. Now the stage is set. Two fatally attractive people are fatally attracted to one another. The devils will come out to play in Hawaii and as sweet Audrina puts it in the previews.. bring on the war!

"the city"

if you've seen the first three episodes of the hills spin off THE CITY, than maybe your wondering the same thing as me.... Olivia ( the socialite) is wonky. who thinks she's a little too concerned with Whitney's boyfriend and Whitney's life in general? She always asks about jay. i think she secretly loves him...


Can someone please post a link for the finale that works OUTSIDE of the U.S. (MTV DOES NOT WORK)

The Hills Gossip

I have heard rumors that next season is going to blow our minds away. I know some of you heard this from the same place as I did. The Hills Forum usually has the best gossip. Anyways who else thinks so?

upload plzzz

hey can sum1 please please upload the new episode dream boy dream job xox

Links for the outside the U.S !!!

Please can people in the U.S upload the episode on the Mondays? It seems that only the 'megavideo' links work for the U.K and the others such as itunes and amazon don't.