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Has anyone been having problems viewing Youku videos? I keep getting "This clip has been blocked in your region" every time I've tried watching an episode. I've tried other links, but Youku has always loaded for me, while the other links haven't. Help?

Where to find s05 e13

Can anyone help me find a working link to watch season 5 episode 13? I tried the zango one but I don't want to download that software onto my computer. I've also searched on the, and websites, but none of those seem to have the final episode. Help!

WTF, I cant live without L word

Some of the links dont work on this site. i find ones that do but, for Season 3 Ep 12, NONE of the links work except for one. and that one is only for the first half of the episode. i tried youtube too, its not there. wat am i suppose to do???? i cant just skip the second half of the final episode in season 3!!! AH help please???

Episode 11

Bette & Jodi's break up took up too much time this episode. Break up and be done with it! That Adele got Jenny really good! Jenny had been a B***H to her and many people around. I feel bad for Jenny but not too bad. I guess I'm a meanie! Kit...needs to get her emotions together. She shouldn't have gone over there in the first place she should've called the woman who owns half (or more than half) and got the facts. Kit needs to get a grip..I'm over her. Ohhh Shane how I love thee..Sexy ass! Tasha is my girl she is so cool and Alice talks too much but she's cute! I hope they can last..they make a very nice couple. Just my thoughts. I love the L word!


I can't wait for episode 12. I'm an addict of this show i slept 4am to finish 1 season, wow i can't believe my self. how cute angelica, i cried when Danna died.

Episode 11

Can't wait to see it... Hope it's gonna be as fast as last week. Thanks for all the postings

Ep 510

Thanks heaps for 510...loved every second of it.. I would love to help out you guy's that cant download it properly but, I wouldn't have a clue.. I'm lucky that I managed to download it. Cheers

lifecycle not working

hey ive tried watching the posts of the newest episodes and the two on there arnt loading right, and have NO sound... such a tease :(

Can't get enough L Word!!!

Who's gonna post "Lifecycle"? I can't wait to see it! This season has been so HOT so far!!! Kudos to whoever posts this episode first!!


THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! To whoever posted 509...we were all dying to see that liquid heat action!!