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What's going on?

When will this be back on? Any info?

next episode?

can anyone tell me when the next episode will be aired?

Help with links

I am having trouble watching episode 9. For some reason my internet connection wont do ninjavideo and the sound is off on the megavideo links. I usually watch it on supernova, but I cant find it. Any suggestions? I really want to watch it. Thanx

The Mentalist-- CBS Link

Did I miss the memo about CBS not having The Mentalist on their website? Up until about Episode 5 or 6 there have been links to CBS to watch the show. Why is it that episode 7 and beyond doesn't have a link to CBS? If I missed something, please tell me! I'm lost without it! LOL I tried watching episode 7 on Megavideo, but the sound doesn't match the video. What should I do?

Discuss: Favorite New Show of the Season

As I watched last night's new episode of True Blood (check out the Kendra's review of the episode here )!, it occurred to me that this is one of the few new shows of the new season that I really, truly, like. In fact, I'd say it's my favorite new show of the season! It's quite original - I feel like there's nothing else on TV quite like it (whereas even if you are a fan of Fringe ...there's also Eleventh Hour ). The world that Alan Ball is portraying here is so twisted and fascinating (and at times grotesque)...that I really can't stop watching! It's the only new show that has fully drawn me in. question to you all is...which new show has done it for you? Which new show do you most look forward to the next new episode? You can check out our New TV Shows Page to see the complete list, but some options include: True Blood The Mentalist Fringe 90210 Privileged Sons of Anarchy Kath and Kim My Own Worst Enemy Crusoe Life on Mars Eleventh Hour Gary Unmarried Discuss!

casting ruining the story

Hey, i just watched an episode of the mentalist and i am not one to boast but it became pretty obvious from the beginning who was the killer. the clue? he simply looked familiar i saw him in some other tv shows i cant even remember but when i saw him i knew he had something to do in the story that was bigger than what is suggested at first. this is not the first time i've seen this in tv. has anybody else ever felt this? or is it just me? I think they should be careful in the casting of people like that because eventually they end up killing the whole suspense of the story for people who already know some actor has to much experience to be there only as a background.

doesnt this show already exist?

I admit I haven't seen the show, or heard much of it (actually, hadn't heard anything about it till just now - but isn't this almost the exact same story line as that of Psych? Ok, so the guy admits he's not psychic, but thats the only difference I can see from the synopsis.