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A WB Valentine's: Who Should our Fav WB Characters Be With? - Featured

Here at SideReel, we love, love, love The WB ! And we know you do too! Some of all of our favorite shows back in the day (well, the 90's and on a bit) were WB shows with tons of heart and lots of very endearing characters. So, since it's Valentine's Day, let's talk about some WB lovin! Below I've listed some main characters from SideReel's fav older WB shows, so we want to know if you think the characters who did end up with someone ended up with the right someone, and for those main characters left without final love interests, we want to know who you think they should they be with. And don't get too offended here, we're all about empowering the awesomeness of singledom as well, so if you think it's great that character was left living the single life, tell us that too! Gilmore Girls Lorelai & Luke Rory as a single lady Veronica Mars Veronica & Logan - or so we assume! Dawson's Creek Joey & Pacey Dawson single & living his career dream Felicity Felicity & Ben The O.C. Seth & Summer Ryan & possibly Taylor Buffy The Vampire Slayer Buffy being her strong, awesome, single self Share your thrills at these endings or love match dreams below!

Was the last season of The Oc the worst season to end a show in tv history or close to it?

I have decided to put this topic up due in large part to my utter disdain for how the Oc ended it was without a doubt the most lackluster dull drab and completely out of character ending for any tv show i have seen.I say this because of several issues i have with the storylines used to end such a good show ,over the previous three seasons the show was great except for a couple of storylines regarding marissa which were repetitive and ended so tragically.Getting back to season 4 the main issues i had with the season are 1.least deserved happy ending Julie Cooper WTF its like if at the end of the wizard of OZ the wicked witch of the west got everything she wanted and they killed dorothy.she didnt redeem herself yet still got everything she wanted 2.The way the writers chickened out on two storylines about seth and summer first with the pregnancy test and then the marriage. 3.Ryans dad is kevin sorbo and the complete nonsense which followed 4.Volcheck and his surrender 5.ryan ending up with taylor who is almost exactly like seth thats creepy 6.che !! 7.I am not sure how they could justify summers complete change of character within one episode 8. The fact that they wasted so much time on julie coopers wedding and only left themselves only about 45 seconds to rap up ryans fastforward seth and summers wedding and totally neglected the core cast.rushed 9.I know this happ in season 3 but in my eyes it destroyed the show Marissas death!!!! 10.The fact that adam and rachel looked like it was very difficult for them to act with one another in the last few eps it looked uncomfortable. 11.the earthquake eps were terrible 12.The fact they developed kaitlins char 4 a spinoff which never happened These are the problems i had with season 4 i am interested to hear from you the fans of the oc what your opinions on the season are whether you agree with me or can put forward a defense for the season and series finale.Please comment on this discussion.

Who are YOUR all-time favorite character?

vote her for your favorite couple! Gossip girl, OTH, 90210, OC? Vote here! xoxo

Discuss: If Lily van der Woodsen Met Kirsten Nichol... - Featured

I just read something very very interesting. Josh Schwartz is reportedly toying with the idea of having characters in the Gossip Girl spinoff interact with the 80s incarnations of characters from his previous program, The O.C. . Who might Lily van der Woodsen befriend in 80s LA? Kirsten Nichol (this is pre-Sandy Cohen days) and Jimmy Cooper! It's like 2 spinoff/prequels in 1! The concept of fictional characters from completely different programs colliding is tre intriguing...don't you think? Do you hope Josh Schwartz pursues this idea? Source: EW

Mischa Barton or AnnaLynne McCord: Who has Top CW Beast potential?

Let's be honest: No one missed Mischa Barton (left) when she exited Fox's The O.C. in a tragic, fiery fashion back in 2006. The girl can hardly act and she talks funny, too. (Maybe it's the fact that she grew up in London?) But this spring pilot season, there'd been much buzz about her possibly splashing back onto the TV scene -- on The CW 's buzzy Melrose Place , no less. Which, truly, made the possibility of what's sure to be another heinous remake totally awesome. Because, we watch -- okay, maybe it's just me -- someone like Mischa Barton explicitly for total trainwreck factor: How ridiculous is she going to be? Can she actually shed a real tear? Is it possible that she could purse her lips any further? There is little else that is redeeming about her besides answering these queries while watching her on screen. But now, just as the news comes out that Barton's been cast in a different CW pilot, A Beautiful Life, I couldn't care less. (Total zzzzz.) Why? Because I've just recently moved on to another beast on The CW: The delectable, delightful, delovely AnnaLynne McCord (right). The diva rules all the beeyotches over at 90210 and is approximately 10 times more beastly than Mischa Barton ever was. Let me explain: AnnaLynne McCord is awesome basically for her out-of-control nature on 90210: If her Naomi character isn't lounging around the pool at her hotel residence (yes, she lives in a hotel!) or sending bottles of champagne to underage bartenders or making out with boys as they press up against a locker, she's doing something even more heinous -- like yelling at her equally as terrible mother. And then, there are these more personal reasons to obsess over AnnaLynne McCord, too: She loves bananas. She knows how to work angles when she gets in car wrecks. Hell, she wears ugly tights with flip flops! I've seen the next new episode of 90210 (which airs March 31), and it is BEYOND. In the best way ever. I can't go into too many details (don't want to spoil it!), but let's just say it includes a too-too long (and too-too awesome) makeout sesh (which also includes -- yes! -- a banana), a drag racing sequence, and a broken car window. And AnnaLynne McCord, of course! Are you infatuated with AnnaLynne too? Are you still watching her terrorize 90210? And burning question: Who is beastlier -- Mischa Barton or AnnaLynne McCord? Source here

The O.C. ended badly!

At the end it showed nothing of Taylor and Ryan and i just think it was really bad how they ended the show they should have made a few more episodes at the end like the wedding instead of little of it at the end.

CW Look-A-Like-Contest!

Did you ever see someone who bears an amazing resemblance with a CW actor? Well - I sure did. Or didn't I? We all think that the Gossip Girl cast is unique. We wouldn't accept a justification like "I'm Chuck Bass" from anyone else but Ed Westwick. We wouldn't enjoy watching someone being as bitchy as Blair if it wasn't for Leighton Meester. A childish laugh like Serenas wouldn't be that great without Blake Lively. And as for Nate - well noone who seems to fall for girls so easily would still be so nice to look at if it wasn't for Chace Crawford. SEE PHOTOS OF LOOK-A-LIKE

Shows Where Music Plays a Role

EW has assembled a list of 15 shows where they consider the music to be a "costar" (as in, takes on an important role). They include: The O.C. The Hills Entourage Gilmore Girls Grey's Anatomy Swingtown The L Word Greek One Tree Hill Miami Vice Beverly Hills 90210 (the original) Buffy the Vampire Slayer Felicity Veronica Mars Dawson's Creek Any shows missing from this list? One addition for me would be Scrubs , which I can only assume Zach Braff has contributed to musical selections because they frequently sound straight off of the Garden State soundtrack. Also, for the record, EW mentions "How to Save a Life" as being prominent in Grey's, but that song was actually featured first in Scrubs! I remember it distinctly. Also, who finds it interesting that the vast majority of shows where music is viewed to be prominent is in shows geared towards young people? via EW

Why was the O.C. cancelled?

The O.C. was cancelled for a few reasons: 1.Josh Schwartz, the producer & creator of the show believed it was a good time for the show to end. 2. The show's ratings went down more & more by the season and had "only" 4 million viewers by its last season. 3. The hit T.V. show "Grey's Anatomy" appeared at the exact same day and time, which was why a lot of people didn't watch. I think that when they decided Marissa's death, the show didnt't have any more meat, as for most of us, whether we liked her or not, we must admit she was really a basic character.

Josh Schwartz is a genius!

Sometime in the recent past i have inadvertedly become a fan of Josh Schwartz's work. I seem to always get hooked on shows and then find out afterwards that he has created them. I was (and still am) completely obsessed with the OC, and am a big fan of Gossip Girl and Chuck and I'm anxiously awaiting their return. The weird thing is that these shows are pretty different but i like them all and then i find out halfway through the series that Schwartz has created them. Is anyone else a fan?