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The O.C.

I'm so sad the OC is over... What did you think about the TV show?

was anyone dissapointed with seasons 3 and 4?

i personally think that the writer of the OC must have been seriosly depressed when creating the last 2 series. seasons 1 and 2 were happy and joyful and the Bang everything starts to go wrong with the world that is orange county.

marissa & ryan

they were my fav couple :( and then she died.. i was so sad & im still sad i dont look the 4th season.. i saw it one time and then never again.. without marissa ocs not the same:( do u think the same ? that without marissa oc is totally awful ? i HATE taylor & ryan >.

after OC

Anyone who misses this show after it ended and didnt tried out one tree hill should give it a chance.At first I thought that OTH will be stupid copy of this but its actually awesome show and it brings back good old memories when i compare OC with OTH.OTH misses the good sense of humour from OC but on the other hand its more intense than OC ever got so I suggest everyone to give it a try.


I love this show but Marissa was my favourite and things just werent the same after she died, Kaitlin just isnt troubled enough like she was. It used to be quite a dark programme in some parts but I suppose the last season they wanted to lighten things up. i just finished watching the whole show and it made me cry. I never really new that it would touch me in the way it did.


how do i watch these episodes?

Could The OC have done what One Tree Hill did for Season 5?

For those who don't know, One Tree Hill, for their 5th Season, jumped past the college years and focused on the adult life of their stars. I am only just getting into One Tree Hill, but have read up on its new season, and this got me thinking that had the OC of made a similar step after season 3, the show could have had fresh life breathed into it, and developed into a long running TV series. So think about it if Season 3 finale did not kill of Marissa, it had Marissa going off to work on a boat with her dad, Ryan to Berkeley, Summer to Brown and Seth to art college, and Season 4 picks up 3 years after that, with them all having passed through college with a degree (except Marissa who is doing whatever really). Kirsten's pregnancy could have also been brought forward to be in Season 3, with her giving birth towards the end of the season. So then Season 4 would be in some ways reminiscent of the old seasons (retaining all the lead characters), but would be dealing with whole new set of circumstances and problems, giving the show fresh life, giving the show sooo much potential for future season. Anyway just thought I'd make this post think would have been awesome, not that I wasn't a fan of OC Season 4, it just seemed to fight the prospect of the characters growing up and moving on in the world, rather than embrace it; a stance that from the offset was always going to make Season 4 the OC's final season


I love The O.C. I can't believe they killed Marissa off. :(


I wish o.c carried on

the o c

love it if only there was a season 5