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The O.C. Reunion? This Star Is In! "I'm Sure It Would Be Fun"

One down! TV show revivals are all the rage right now — and after six years off the air it may be time to revisit The O.C. The Fox show ran from 2003-2007, starring Benjamin McKenzie, Mischa Barton, Adam Brody, Rachel Bilson, Autumn Reeser, etc. Cast members have talked about a reunion in the past, but not too favorably. However, Us Weekly recently caught up with Rachel Bilson (Summer Roberts) and she said she's in — just not alone. "If everyone wanted to do it, I'm sure it would be fun,"...

The O.C. and Entourage Star Is Pregnant — Here's Her Due Date ... and Baby Bump! (PHOTO)

Autumn Reeser is pregnant with her second child; appropriately enough, he or she is due ... this autumn! The 32-year-old star of The O.C., Entourage, Hawaii Five-0, No Ordinary Family, and Last Resort shared the happy news on her website in a post titled "It’s Pregnancy Awareness Month": "So you should be aware… Baby number TWO is on the way and due at the end of November. We’re thrilled!" Read More...

'The O.C.' reunion staged on 'Men At Work' Season 2 episode

This week, Zap2it exclusively revealed to you that "One Tree Hill" star Bethany Joy Lenz would make her return to television on TBS's "Men At Work," as Meg, a single mother and love interest to series regular Michael Cassidy's character Tyler.Now, we've also confirmed that there will be another guest star from the teen drama vault! Ben McKenzie, otherwise known as Ryan from "The O.C.," otherwise known as one of the most underrated actors on TV, will play Lenz's ex-husband. Let's just say that Ben complicates Meg and Tyler's blossoming relationship.It's something of a reunion. On Season 2 of "The O.C.," Cassidy starred as Zach, the waterpolo-playing, comic book writing romantic rival to Ryan's BFF Seth Cohen. Of course, when he decided to take a meeting with George Lucas instead of going to prom, Zach disappeared and was never heard from again.A "One Tree Hill" alum and an "O.C." reunion in one episode? Our inner...

Throwback Video: Paul Wesley's Bad Boy Guest Appearance on The OC

Okay, Paul Wesley fans, this one's for you! Long before his TVD days as sweetie Stefan Salvatore, Paul was a guest star on The OC! His character Donnie was, how do we say this, a total troublemaker.In Season 1 when Ryan Atwood (Benjamin McKenzie) starts working at the Crab Shack, he meets Donnie (Wesley), who takes Seth (Adam Brody) to a raging party where he promises there will be "crazy hunnies." Well, Donnie also pulls out a crazy gun...Oh, Paul. Have we mentioned we like you so much better...

Alex's Picks Of The Week: Remembering Old Marathon Favorites!

Need more ideas on what to watch next? Last week, I introduced my new weekly recommendations column with the 10 shows that are on my Watch Wishlist -- the ones I've been meaning to start watching but haven't had the chance (I know, tsk tsk). This week, I'm back with a new set of suggestions for you to consider looking into, and this time I'm in the reminiscing mood! I'm throwin' it back to some shows that are no longer with us (*tear*), but are still totally marathon-worthy (thanks to SideReel!), and have treated me well as some of my all-time favorite shows to watch over and over again. Yes, my list of old favorites definitely makes for an "eclectic" bunch, but that just means that there's bound to be at least one for every kind of TV addict out there! Here's what I think you should start watching this week: 1. Lois and Clark - The New Adventures of Superman Before there was Smallville, there was Lois and Clark. And before there was Alcide Herveaux, I was crushin' on Dean Cain's version of Clark Kent. 2. Boy Meets World What can I say? As a TGIF staple, this show made me feel like I grew up with Cory Matthews. 3. The Sopranos Definitely more character-driven than what some might expect from a show about organized crime, but it's certainly a must-try for any TV maven. 4. Friends No matter how many times I've seen each episode, the punch lines still get me every time, even if I already have them memorized! 5. Seinfeld Who knew that a show about nothing could be so entertaining? 6. Sex and the City Carrie bugs the crap out of me most of the time, and it has some questionable stances on femininity, but you can't help but love watching... even if it's just for the shoes. 7. The O.C. I'm pretty sure I stopped watching after they killed off one of the main characters (er, spoiler alert?), but back in high school, you had to live under a rock if you didn't watch this show! 8. Nip/Tuck It got a little ridiculous towards the end (it's always disheartening to watch a favorite show jump the shark), but the first few seasons were gripping! 9. The X-Files I used to have to beg my mom to let me stay up on Sunday nights to watch this show. If she knew how many nightmares this show gave me (and still does), she definitely wouldn't have let me watch it! 10. Extras Ricky Gervais definitely had the right idea by keeping this series short and sweet to avoid "overstaying his TV welcome" (the American version of The Office probably should have followed this advice like 2 seasons ago, no offense), but sometimes I wish there was more of this kind of comedic genius to come! Got any other off-the-air old favorites worth recommending to fellow SideReelers? Share below in comments!

Vote For Your Favorite TV Dads In This Week's SideReel Showdown!

Father's Day is here and what better way to celebrate it than with a new SideReel Showdown featuring our favorite TV fathers? Sure, we at SideReel love our own dads (and we especially love buying them cool TV-related Father's Day gifts ), but there's something about these on-screen papas that are always dear to our hearts in so many ways. For example, they indirectly give us advice when we're down like good 'ol Sandy Cohen from The OC, stick up for our favorite characters like Glee 's Burt Hummel, and demonstrate to daddies-to-be everywhere that sometimes being #1 dad is a learning experience, like Phil, Cameron, and Mitchell from Modern Family .

Landlord Sues Mischa Barton, Claims Unpaid Rent

Mischa Barton's landlord has filed a lawsuit against the actress, accusing her of failing to pay rent on her New York City apartment, The Associated Press reports. In a lawsuit filed Thursday, MRA Realties stated that Barton has rebuffed the company's attempts to collect the $7,000-a-month rent on her pad for the past three months, and demands that the star pay the rent and cover the company's legal fees, according to The AP. Calls to Barton's rep were not immediately returned. Barton, who turns 24 on Sunday, also lives in Los Angeles and moved to New York last fall to work on the CW drama The Beautiful Life: TBL, which was canceled after two episodes. Source Here

Mischa Barton: 'TV's Not For Me'

Actress Mischa Barton is turning her back on the world of TV following the cancellation of her latest series The Beautiful Life - because she wants to focus on "more serious roles." Read More: - Mischa Barton: 'TV's Not For Me'

Because Josh Schwartz wasn't already busy enough... - Featured

...he will now be creating a half hour scripted comedy for CBS with Chuck producer Matt Miller. Schwartz is currently an executive producer on both Gossip Girl and Chuck . He also has 2 film projects in development, including the next installment of X-Men. From TV Guide: "The untitled, multicamera project centers on a twentysomething newlywed couple as they go through their married life together. The pilot picks up post-honeymoon and is inspired by Schwartz and Miller's recent marriages." Source

Peter Gallagher Dabbles in Sex, Drugs & Rock N' Roll on Californication - Featured

Peter Gallagher revisits his Sex, Lies and Videotape bad-boy ways when he shows up on Californication this fall to stir up trouble for David Duchovny's Hank Moody. The former The O.C. star recently told E!Online that he's had "about as much fun as any actor is allowed to have" playing Dean Stacy Koons on the Showtime series. But that's not all he spilled. Here's the lowdown on what we can expect in the new season... Tell us about your character. I play the dean of the university, and my daughter [Chelsea, played by Ellen Woglom] and David's daughter are best friends. Hank and Dean Stacy Koons have a marvelously, antagonistic, yet respectful occasional relationship. Do you get to do the fun stuff--the sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll scenes? Yeah, pretty much all of those things. And there's a lot of violence. Do you get beat up, or do you do the beating? Both. We have an epic brawl at the end. Over what? What can I sneak? Let's see, the first one is that I'm wearing some skintight clothes. And the last one, I'm wearing a Civil War uniform. And there are guns involved. That's all I can say. How many episodes are you in? I did 8 out of the 12. I've had the time of my life. It's about as much fun as I've ever had. The scripts are hilarious. What makes it different than other gigs? What's great about it is it's really, really, really well-produced and really, really, really well-written. And that's what makes all the difference in the world. The writers are amazing. Each episode, I laugh outside just reading it. And they create an environment where good things can happen--so we can all bring our best game. You're also a singer, so do you end up singing in any episodes? Yeah, actually. It's a Sinatra-esque ring-a-ding-ding kind of song. It goes like this, "Each my peach, blow on my dice/ Come on baby, don't you dare treat me nice." I forget exactly how it goes. It's kind of dirty, but kind of fun. Season three of Californication debuts Sept. 27 at 10 p.m. on Showtime. What kind of trouble do you think Hank's going to get into this season? Click below for two season-three trailers. Source: E!Online - Peter Gallagher Dabbles in Sex, Drugs & Rock N' Roll on Californication