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Landlord Sues Mischa Barton, Claims Unpaid Rent

Mischa Barton's landlord has filed a lawsuit against the actress, accusing her of failing to pay rent on her New York City apartment, The Associated Press reports. In a lawsuit filed Thursday, MRA Realties stated that Barton has rebuffed the company's attempts to collect the $7,000-a-month rent on her pad for the past three months, and demands that the star pay the rent and cover the company's legal fees, according to The AP. Calls to Barton's rep were not immediately returned. Barton, who turns 24 on Sunday, also lives in Los Angeles and moved to New York last fall to work on the CW drama The Beautiful Life: TBL, which was canceled after two episodes. Source Here

Mischa Barton: 'TV's Not For Me'

Actress Mischa Barton is turning her back on the world of TV following the cancellation of her latest series The Beautiful Life - because she wants to focus on "more serious roles." Read More: - Mischa Barton: 'TV's Not For Me'

Because Josh Schwartz wasn't already busy enough... - Featured

...he will now be creating a half hour scripted comedy for CBS with Chuck producer Matt Miller. Schwartz is currently an executive producer on both Gossip Girl and Chuck . He also has 2 film projects in development, including the next installment of X-Men. From TV Guide: "The untitled, multicamera project centers on a twentysomething newlywed couple as they go through their married life together. The pilot picks up post-honeymoon and is inspired by Schwartz and Miller's recent marriages." Source

Peter Gallagher Dabbles in Sex, Drugs & Rock N' Roll on Californication - Featured

Peter Gallagher revisits his Sex, Lies and Videotape bad-boy ways when he shows up on Californication this fall to stir up trouble for David Duchovny's Hank Moody. The former The O.C. star recently told E!Online that he's had "about as much fun as any actor is allowed to have" playing Dean Stacy Koons on the Showtime series. But that's not all he spilled. Here's the lowdown on what we can expect in the new season... Tell us about your character. I play the dean of the university, and my daughter [Chelsea, played by Ellen Woglom] and David's daughter are best friends. Hank and Dean Stacy Koons have a marvelously, antagonistic, yet respectful occasional relationship. Do you get to do the fun stuff--the sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll scenes? Yeah, pretty much all of those things. And there's a lot of violence. Do you get beat up, or do you do the beating? Both. We have an epic brawl at the end. Over what? What can I sneak? Let's see, the first one is that I'm wearing some skintight clothes. And the last one, I'm wearing a Civil War uniform. And there are guns involved. That's all I can say. How many episodes are you in? I did 8 out of the 12. I've had the time of my life. It's about as much fun as I've ever had. The scripts are hilarious. What makes it different than other gigs? What's great about it is it's really, really, really well-produced and really, really, really well-written. And that's what makes all the difference in the world. The writers are amazing. Each episode, I laugh outside just reading it. And they create an environment where good things can happen--so we can all bring our best game. You're also a singer, so do you end up singing in any episodes? Yeah, actually. It's a Sinatra-esque ring-a-ding-ding kind of song. It goes like this, "Each my peach, blow on my dice/ Come on baby, don't you dare treat me nice." I forget exactly how it goes. It's kind of dirty, but kind of fun. Season three of Californication debuts Sept. 27 at 10 p.m. on Showtime. What kind of trouble do you think Hank's going to get into this season? Click below for two season-three trailers. Source: E!Online - Peter Gallagher Dabbles in Sex, Drugs & Rock N' Roll on Californication

SNEAK PEAK of The Beautiful Life

Watch The Beautiful Life Trailer! The ashton kutcher show 'the beautiful life' is the new jewel of The CW. Check it out in this sneak peak. xoxo Watch The Beautiful Life Trailer!

Sparks Fly: Top 5 Favorite TV Proposals - Featured

SideReel's Wedding Wars just wrapped up, so now for 4th of July weekend, we're ready to watch the fireworks' sparks fly, so why not recall some other sparks flying too? Here are our fav proposals where we got to watch sparks fly between some of our fav TV couples. Comment with your favs as well! The Office - Jim & Pam Jim is probably the most adorable character on TV - maybe rival to Chuck in my TV heart. But what does Jim have that Chuck doesn't? A ring he bought after just a week of dating Pam. He also had the perfect proposal plan in the S4 finale where he paid for fireworks for Toby's goodbye party. Sadly, Jim set the mood too well as he was interrupted by Andy. But while Andy stole Jim's fireworks that time, Jim still found a way to be his sweet and romantic self when he did propose! In ' Weight Loss ,' Jim popped the question when he and Pam met at a gas station between her school and the office on a very rainy day. The only thing I don't love about this proposal is how jealous I am of their perfection! Friends - Chandler & Monica Chandler's proposal was interrupted by Richard twice, including when Richard asked Monica to marry him! The unfortunate events continued as Chandler said he didn't want to get married, and Monica had to think, but thankfully they both came to their senses. In ' The One with the Proposal ,' Monica surprised Chandler with a candlelit proposal, leading to her falling apart and Chandler taking the lead (and knee). Sex and the City - Charlotte & Harry In ' Hop, Skip and a Week ,' Charlotte was mourning her return to the single world while still dedicated to the Jewish faith despite her break-up with Harry. But surprise! Harry turned a singles event into the happiest day of Charlotte's life, and the most hopeful day for all the other single ladies there! He appeared at the mixer, apologized and proposed gushing with his love. Finally Charlotte got her fairytale ending, unexpected bald, sweaty lawyer and all. Grey's Anatomy - Denny & Izzie Denny and Izzie fell head over heels and not so soon after, on his possible deathbed in ' Losing My Religion ,' Denny asked her to marry him. Despite her best judgment, Izzie said yes. Then we had the LVAD drama, but the best part in all that drama was Izzie telling Denny he could take the proposal back after he got the new heart and they thought he'd make it, but Denny saying it wasn't that he proposed to her on because he was dying. He proposed because he finally had a choice in his life, and he chose Izzie to be his wife because he was in love with her. The O.C. - Seth & Summer - Seth and Summer had a pregnancy scare, leading to the freak-out marriage discussion. But because Seth is super adorable boy, in ' The Earth Girls Are Easy ,' before they looked at the pregnancy test, Seth proposed to Summer in front of a bunny with an eye ring. When they found out they weren't pregnant it resulted in some confusion, but nonetheless, Seth's sweetly expressed feelings were perfectly showcased, so I have to say it's a fav understated proposal.

SideReel's Top 10 Favorite TV Moms, Part 1 - Featured

Family Guy - Lois Griffin There are a rare and precious few moms who can be cool, hilarious, hot, and good mothers all in one, but Lois Griffin is one of these lucky few. Sure, she's an animated character on TV, but hey, she's allowed one flaw, right? So what makes Lois such a cool, funny, and good mom? It's the little things: she reads her daughter's diary out loud to the family as a joke, she manages to survive and still love her sweet little baby constantly plotting to kill her, and she gives her kids good life lessons like while you should wait to have sex, sometimes "rattlin' around just right is tops." Gilmore Girls - Lorelai Gilmore Speaking of cool, funny, and good moms, Lorelai most certainly ranks up there. Lorelai started her mothering days as a confused and scared 16-year-old, then went on to be a wonderful, supportive, independent, and truly excellent mom. Her ability to be best friend and mother to Rory made for one of the greatest mom-daughter relationships of its day (or ever) on TV. Friday Night Lights - Tami Taylor Tami is one of the most sweet yet real moms on TV these days as she juggles her home life with her husband, baby, teenage daughter, and her busy work life. Yet in all that, while she's wonderfully supportive, she also is no supermom which I appreciate in comparison to the TV moms of the good ol' days. No, real women cannot work all day, come home and make dinner, run 5 school committees, and keep a smile on their faces. Tami is an excellent, understanding, and honest mother, all the while reminding her family, and us viewers, that moms are human (and should be) too! The O.C. - Kirsten Cohen Kirsten is kind of the super rich O.C. version of Tami Taylor as she was an awesome wife and mom, a great friend to those from her ex-boyfriend/neighbor to her foster teenage son, or anyone else who happened to wander through her home. She kept up a stressful job, plus often, but not as realistically, reminded everyone this was not easy. Kirsten knew just when to tell her teens something "big" was going to blow over, and when to tell them they needed to call the cops because killing someone even by accident wasn't a usual blow-over teen issue. With all that O.C. drama, a big fav TV moms thanks to Kirsten for (kinda) keepin' it real for us! That 70's Show - Kitty Forman Kitty Forman was among TV's first truly awful/awesome moms. She cared deeply about the well-being of her children, didn't judge her children's bad decisions that didn't really matter, and knew far more than her sweet curly hair and smile let on, until she burst forth with a snarky comment or five. She was the perfect balance of sarcastic and sweet mother who was always prepared to be the shoulder to cry on, or the voice of unwanted reason. Continue to Part 2

Rachel Bilson Out Shopping in Soho

The O.C.'s Rachel Bilson was seen out and about in New York's Soho District on Saturday (May 2), doing some shopping by herself. Rachel appeared causal and elegant in black tights, classy leather boots... See the pics at Putu.Us

Grey's Recasts Kaley Cuoco Role - Featured

Looks like Kaley Cuoco won't be appearing on the Grey's Anatomy finale after all, as previous reported by Entertainment Weekly. Cuoco backed out of the gig due to a "publicity commitment", though the rumor mill is claiming that the real reason was more along the lines of "They [CBS] didn't want one of their biggest stars appearing on one of ABC's biggest shows." No matter what the reason...Cuoco's definitely out and Shannon Lucio - who appeared in the second season of The O.C. as Caleb's illegitimate daughter Lindsay - is now in. It's still unknown what this mysterious role even is...! Source: EW Related Stories: 'Grey's' exclusive: 'Big Bang' babe checks in!

SideReel's Top 10 Shows with Notable Music, Part 1 - Featured

The O.C. - The O.C. always seemed to have just the right song during Ryan and Marissa's many break-ups, during the sweet beach moments and the suicidal drunk beach moments and ever so much more. "California" by Phantom Planet will forever be etched into every fan's head, plus there have been many more amazing music moments including Jem's "Maybe I'm Amazed" that played at Julie and Caleb's wedding where we Ryan and Marissa danced when Ryan was about to leave to go back to Chino for his pregnant ex-girlfriend. "Dice" by Finley Quaye & William Orbit became a fav in S1, E14 when on New Year's Eve, Ryan rushed to find Marissa to tell her he loved her. There's also "Hallelujah" which played in the S1 finale when we saw Ryan going off to Chino, Seth running away on his boat, Marissa turning back to drinking, and everything falling apart. We heard it again in the S3 finale as Ryan held the dying Marissa in his arms on the road. Chuck - Chuck comes to us from the same show creator as The O.C. and Gossip Girl, so it seems to be a Josh Schwartz thing to have great music essential to a show! Along with that, Schwartz is a fan of playing with music and scenes from movies, and also his own shows as he repeated an OC song moment in Chuck's S1, Ep 6. In this episode, Chuck raced home to same song used on New Year's ep of OC, "Dice." Instead of going to see the girl he loved, Chuck raced to be a giant sandworm on Halloween with Morgan. Other great music on Chuck includes Spoon's "Don't Make Me a Target" that played in S2, Ep2 as Chuck distracted Casey to go see Sarah while Casey and Sarah were not on the same page about protecting Chuck. This song is also generally perfect for the show as Chuck just keeps on being that very important target! Gossip Girl - As for Schwartz's Gossip Girl, there are tons of moments that become instantly more juicy, dramatic, and sexy because of the music accompanying them! Some of the highlights have been "Young Folks" from Peter, Bjorn & John in the pilot episode setting up all that is the Upper East Side and "Sheena Is a Punk Rocker" from Thurston Moore and Jemina Pearl in S2, Ep9 that fully rocked out Jenny's guerrilla fashion show. Flight of the Conchords - FOTC is a different story on the music front as the focus of the show is the band that's a real band portraying themselves as a more pathetic version of themselves on this hilarious music-driven gem. My personal favs from this one are those that set that mood ever so perfectly in romantic moments like "Business Time" in S1, Ep5 where Jemaine described his sexy relationship and "If You're Into It" from S1, Ep 4 where Jemaine helped Bret serenade his new girlfriend. The Hills - Like many of our favs, one of the best songs stuck in our heads because of The Hills is its theme song, Natasha Bedingfield's "Unwritten." And of course, The Hills' many "real" dramatic moments find themselves giving us some extra drama and great new music to get hooked on. Some goodies include "Stop and Stare" from OneRepublic played in S3, Ep19 when Spencer left Heidi in Colorado to finish up one of her many 'thinking' trips, "Umbrella" by Marie Digby from S3, Ep1 when Lauren realized after chatting with Whitney that she was done with Heidi, and Garrison Star's "Beautiful in Los Angeles" in the S1 finale when Lauren decided to give up her internship in Paris to spend the summer with Jason. Continue to Part 2