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SideReel's Top 10 Favorite TV Bromances, Part 1 - Featured

House - House & Wilson House and Wilson have become the most interesting "romance" of sorts on House which was probably done very purposefully since House is incapable of being nice to women and having any sort of real emotions, and Wilson is overly emotional, but still always fails in his love life. This has made them the perfect odd couple as they quip, they squabble, and they just plain entertain us and balance each other to perfection! Chuck - Chuck & Morgan While Chuck , the show, quickly showed us it was going to have a great balance of Chuck's very ordinary family and work life and his new adventurous spy life, his relationship with Morgan made this show and our love for Chuck Bartowski grow more quickly than we could've imagined! One moment Chuck is risking his cover and life for Morgan by boxing Morgan's unconscious self up to get him away from confused villains, and the next Chuck and Morgan are sitting in their underwear playing video games. They are adorable, hilarious, and show a profuse amount of man-love that they profess for each other to anyone who might try to threaten the other's life, their relationship, or thier nerd herd statuses! Flight of the Conchords - Bret & Jemaine FOTC's Bret and Jemaine are debatably the top most couple-tastic of our fav bromances! This hilarious comedy band duo live together in a tiny apartment, share a bedroom (with separate beds), fight over their low finances, hang out in fleece pajamas, get jealous over girlfriends and often date the same girl until she chooses one and then ultimately dumps that one because of the other guy... and so on. While jealousy may get the best of them, lucky for us, they almost always make up by the end of those too short episodes and the ridiculousness and sweetness of their bromance carries on! The O.C. - Ryan & Seth The O.C. showed us just how perfect the cool tough guy and the hilarious insecure nerd could be together if only given the chance... to live together because the nerd's lawyer dad brings the tough kid home from juvie. Ah, such a typical bromance beginning! Ryan may have resisted Seth's nerdy, needy ways at first, but they quickly saw that they very much needed each other. Seth gained some confidence, Ryan learned life wasn't always so impossible, and both of them learned to lean on each other, and be hilarious together - aw. Burn Notice - Michael & Sam Yet another bromance pair incapable of successful romantic relationships - I'm starting to see a trend! These two rekindled their friendship over Michael needing Sam's help to figure out who burned him. Most of their time is spent squabbling over what side jobs they should take, what mistakes they're making with the women in their lives, and how to do a job, big or small correctly, all while Sam cracks open another beer from Michael's fridge, and Michael pops open another of his dearly beloved yogurts. Continue to Part 2

Top 10 Shows that "Jumped the Shark," Part 1 - Featured

Remember when your show had a plot that made sense, was amazing every week, didn't have off-the-wall moments, or the feeling that someone was begging you to keep watching? Well, I hate to break it to you, but your show has jumped the shark! Check out SideReel's top 10 shows that jumped the shark, and comment with where you think these shows jumped, or defend your fav. Heroes Season 1 of Heroes was unique and captivating with a dramatic conclusion - but then S2 began, and dashed all our hopes of continued greatness to pieces. It became clear immediately into S2 that Heroes had jumped the shark as we discovered none of the possible main character deaths went through, (Really? Peter and Nathan didn't blow up AND the battle with Sylar didn't kill Sylar or anyone else?), there was a batch of new heroes that were awful and took the plot off track, and Peter just popped up in Ireland after the explosion with amnesia. Lost I still love Lost and am psyched to watch every week, but it did admittedly jump the shark. So, objectively, Lost "lost it" when the all-important smoke monster, polar bears, and the terrifying "Others" of S1 were either dropped with no explanation or only had a lame explanation later, and then the whole deal with Walt was never explained and everything got very confusing and flashback-centric. And if that wasn't enough, finally now in S5, excessive, ridiculous time travel has taken over after a very ridiculous S4 finale moment with Ben cranking that fakey island-moving wheel. House House is the most debatable show on this list as it's still delivering its basic promise of being a great, formulaic medical show with a snarky genius, but House has done some jumping of the shark when it comes down to a few items: bringing on a new team, and the constant "who's going to quit and come back this week" phenomenon. Sure, there's only so much you can expect in the 5th season of a medical show with the same basic cast, but S4 had great momentum going with an amazing, shocking finale, then S5 dropped the ball and never picked it back up. Family Guy Family Guy is meant to be ridiculous, but it hit a point where it became clear Seth MacFarlene knew his show was golden, and he could do whatever he wanted without worry of getting pulled (again). It was on track with its perfectly crafted "f***-you America/FOX" groove until S6's "Stewie and Lois kill each other" storyline got off into an imaginary place where they could play out extended fantasy sequences with barely a wrap-up. Yes, this should be excused by the fact that it's a cartoon, but to get to the point where episodes include Peter as a pirate, the guys doing "Jackass" without need for recovery, Brian and Stewie time traveling to the Nazi invasion, and really playing an entire Conway Twitty song is just far too much. The O.C. The point of jumpage for this one was the S3 finale in which after a floundering season, they decided to kill off one of the show's main characters and then allowed grief, college, bad new relationships, and dream-sequences to take over the pretty awful 4th and final season. Having Marissa not die would've been lame, but having her die turned out not to be the great idea to get the show back on its feet. Instead it was the idea that made the whole thing flounder to the point of drowning. Sorry, O.C., you were good for most of the time you lasted. Continue to Part 2

Mischa Barton Looks Hot in Gym Clothes

Mischa Barton was caught leaving the Jukari fitness club in Beverly Hills in a lovely bright blue sleeveless top and gym pants, after a possibly strenuous workout session. Mischa has reason to get back... See the pics at Putu.Us

Gossip Girl Spin-off May Involve O.C. Teens, Too

It might be East meets West, CW style. As if exploring Lily van der Woodsen's roots via a Gossip Girl spin-off wasn't enough, Josh Schwartz may revisit an old TV family tree for his new pilot - namely, he might shake the branches of his previous teen drama, The O.C. Schwartz and co-creator Stephanie Savage are "toying with the idea" of having young Lily (to be played by American Dreams girl Brittany Snow) interact with teen versions of The O.C.'s Kirsten Nichol and Jimmy Cooper, reports. That's right. Serena and Marisa may on one time have had (bitchy little) play dates with each other. Nothing is official yet and Lily is still at the pilot stage, but what do you think of this idea? Is it too far-fetched, or bicoastal genius? And more importantly, who would you cast as young versions of The O.C.'s elders? Source here

Mischa Barton - Having lunch with a friend in Los Angeles, March 11th

This is the third time in just the past few days that Mischa Barton was seen out with a friend having lunch, this time it was in Los Angeles. It seems Mischa has a lot of free time on her hands these days, and... See the pics at Putu.Us

Entourage Gets a Little Bigger: Jami Gertz, Autumn Reeser Added - Featured

The offices at Miller/Gold are going to get a little bit sexier. Jami Gertz ( Ally McBeal , Still Standing ) and Autumn Reeser ( The O.C. , Valentine ) will join HBO 's Entourage as recurring characters next season, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Gertz will play Marlo Klein, the wife of recently added agent Andrew, played by Gary Cole. Reeser will join Miller/Gold as a new junior agent named Lizzy. What do you think of the new additions? Source here

Fav TV Couples: Top 10 Failed Couples, Part 2 - Featured

The O.C. - Ryan and Marissa Do the constant make-ups and break-ups of Dan and Serena on Gossip Girl drive you insane? Well, Ryan and Marissa of The O.C. were the original Serena and Dan...and they made Dan's and Serena's problems seem like chopped liver. There was the resurfacing of Ryan's ex-girlfriend Theresa who became pregnant with his (possible) baby, Marissa's bout with lesbianism, the attempted rape of Marissa by Ryan's brother Trey and Marissa's eventual shooting of said brother (cue the Imogen Heap)...and if that wasn't enough to keep the two apart, there's that whole "Marissa's tragic death" thing. Grey's Anatomy - Christina and Burke It's too bad that all of the various issues between actor Isaiah Washington and the cast/producers of Grey's occurred (see here ) or perhaps the Christina/Burke relationship would not have to appear on this failed list. The two were seemingly perfect for one another and the relationship survived its fair share of issues, including Christina's miscarriage a hospital scandal involving Christina's coverup of Burke's post-shooting hand troubles. However, the nail in the coffin for this relationship was Burke's running out on the two's wedding, packing up and leaving town, never to be seen or heard from again. Seasons later, Christina's character is still troubled by this relationship's failure. Desperate Housewives - Susan and Mike Bet you all didn't see this relationship's failure coming, did you? After all, we waited 3 seasons for Susan Mayer and Mike Delfino to finally end up happily ever after (and married)! However, at the end of the show's 4th season, the show takes a 5-year leap into the future and we are shown shocking footage of Susan coming home to a man that isn't Mike ! Now in it's 5th season, Susan and Mike are divorced, their marriage not surviving a car accident that resulted in the death of a mother and her daughter. The two have both begun dating others, and continue to share custody of their son. Friends (1994) - Rachel and Joey We all knew that the coupling of Rachel and Joey on Friends was doomed before it even started; after all Ross and Rachel were the perfect couple . Some people disliked this story arc that developed in the later seasons of Friends, where Joey seemingly out of nowhere realized he was in love with Rachel. I think I was one of those people (at the time). However, thinking back, perhaps it wasn't entirely unrealistic that platonic friends of a friend clique might realize they have feelings for one another. It might not have worked out, but at least they gave it a shot! The Big Bang Theory - Penny and Leonard You might argue that this couple isn't failed so much as it remains in progress, but I'm kind of hoping that it remains in the "Fail" column. If you recall, the two have had a few almost moments - but things always go awry before anything serious develops. Personally, I think the show has been thriving without a Leonard/Penny romance - the two don't quite seem right for one another and the show works better with Penny merely as a friend to Leonard and a member of the gang. Not every sitcom couple has to end up together like Ross and Rachel! Can you think of any other memorable failed couples? Share 'em!

Fav TV Couples: When On-Screen Romances Get Real, Part 1 - Featured

Gilmore Girls - Milo Ventimiglia & Alexis Bledel Besides the sweet love of this duo's on-screen mother and uncle, the high school romance of Rory Gilmore and Jess Mariano was one of the greatest heartbreaking romances of the WB - but even better? That the addictive on-screen chemistry wasn't just the amazing acting of Alexis and Milo, but also their true attraction shining through! Alexi and Milo dated for 3 1/2 years, from about December 2002 - July 2006, aka during Seasons 3 - 6. So they began dating around the time Rory and Jess were in the beginning of their relationship, and then ended during Rory's Yale days with Logan, and just months before Milo's new hit gig of Heroes premiered. The O.C. - Adam Brody & Rachel Bilson Another adorable on-screen couple from a WB fav, Seth and Summer, also took their romance off-camera dating for 3 years from 2003 to December 2006. This would put them at beginning to date in the 1st season of The O.C., perhaps meaning just like her on-screen counter-part, Rachel found herself wooed by the adorable and funny Seth/Adam, but then they grew apart until their 2006 break up about where Seth and Summer were trying to work things out in their college days and the final season of The O.C. Felicity - Keri Russell & Scott Speedman The purpose of Felicity was to discover if Felicity and the boy she followed to college, Ben, were meant to be or if Felicity was just a stalker, and surprise! She was a stalker because they were meant to be! It didn't hurt their on-screen chemistry and romantic development that these two began dating near the beginning of Felicity's 4 season run in 1998 and dated throughout almost the entire series. Sadly, though, they didn't find their soul mate in each other like their on-screen counterparts as they broke up in 2001, but when Felicity wrapped up in 2002, Felicity and Ben officially got their happy ending. House - Jennifer Morrison & Jesse Spencer On House, it's always about disastrous relationships, and well, it looked like though their on-screen selves were struggling, the real-life Chase and Cameron, aka Jennifer and Jesse, were going to make it to happily ever after... or not. Jennifer and Jesse met in March 2004 at the airport on the way to shoot the first House episode, and they started dating in July 2004. In January 2007, they got engaged in Paris, but then that August, called off the engagement. Ironically, on-screen, there was plenty of Chase-Cameron flirtation, but the characters didn't get together until May 2007 in Season 3, so while their on-screen characters were just getting together, just months later their real-life romance came to an end... for now? True Blood - Anna Paquin & Stephen Moyer Oh, the sexy vampire-telepathist romance of True Blood's Sookie and Bill! While some fans of True Blood strongly dislike this coupling, their chemistry on-screen is overwhelming and was one of the most intriguing parts of the 1st season - and apparently the pair agreed in finding that on-screen chemistry overwhelming as it led to their real-life mortal romance! Anna and Stephen began dating right around filming the first episode of the new series, and so far, unlike the star-crossed Sookie and Bill, are still going strong! Continue to Part 2

Favorite TV Couples: Top 10 Perfect Couples, Part 1 - Featured

The Office - Jim & Pam From the first Pam giggle and Jim camera look, JAM was formed. Sure, she was engaged to Roy, but we all knew well that just couldn't last - could we cheer for "RAM?" This perfect couple didn't work out as quickly as us JAM fans were hoping for, but has it ever paid off with some wonderful moments like the poker night JAM kiss ending the RAM wedding, but not bringing JAM together quite yet, the Roy attempted assault on Jim after finding out about that kiss, and then finally after the Karen era, Jim and Pam getting together, and in a perfectly understated moment at a gas station during Pam's art school days, a romantic engagement in the rain! Here's to JAM and much excitement for this Office wedding in the making! The O.C. - Seth & Summer With Seth as the dorky, snarky, outcast of the OC with a crush on one of the most gorgeous, popular girls in school, how could we not root for him to somehow get a chance? And so when he did get that chance because of the cool bad boy who moved in with his family who attracted the attention of that popular girl's best friend, perfection! And the best part was not that Seth got a chance to be cool hanging out with the popular girls, but that Summer's true personality of intelligence and plastic horse-loving was more than perfect for the dorkiness of our dear Seth! Boy Meets World - Cory & Topanga Not since the days of The Wonder Years have we seen such a couple so made for each other! Cory and Topanga made for the perfect love story as they grew from a couple of confused kids with cooties to a few super confused teenagers, and finally into the most adorable high school couple, though mostly dominated by that ridiculous hair of Topanga. As Boy Meets World continued, we saw our dear couple struggle with college life and temptation, tragically splitting them up, only to thankfully finally bring them back together to get married! Kevin and Winnie didn't get the happy ending we all yearned for, but at least the later Savage brother's character found some perfect TGIF happiness. Dawson's Creek - Joey & Pacey I held on to being a Joey & Dawson girl throughout the majority of Dawson's Creek's run with the belief that the show wouldn't have set them up as soul mates only to break our hearts by not bringing them together at the end, but it became clear from the moment Joey and Pacey had a fight that was just a little too heated that there was an undeniable fire there that was far too much for Dawson's little creek to squelch! Joey and Pacey are now arguably one of the sweetest love stories of TV history as the bad boy showed his soft side, and the tough girl got to give in, and no matter if they tried to fight it or not, their perfect match could not be denied. Sex and the City - Miranda & Steve It's hard to choose just one SATC couple as I adore Charlotte and Harry, and Carrie and Big, but I think the couple most strongly in need of their counterpart in another was actually Miranda and Steve. The tough lawyer Miranda needed to be appreciated for her confidence and success, but most desperately needed that cynicism to be melted down, and Steve the dorky, sweet bartender was the man for the job. They still struggled, but found their counterpart in each other so well that no matter what got in their way, they could stick it out and be the more perfect for it all. Continue to Part 2 for More

WB Week: The O.C. - Where Are They Now? - Featured

The O.C. made stars out of most of the cast, but the breakouts and the fading stars were not as expected from this WB-produced fav, so take a look at what our O.C. kids (and lovable parents) have been up to and what they have coming up. Adam Brody - Seth Cohen While Seth Cohen will always be my favorite character for Adam Brody unless he has some mind-blowing role in his future, he's popped up in films as well as WB favorites Smallville and Gilmore Girls before his breakout in The O.C. . Since The O.C., he's appeared in Death in Love, and coming up in 2009, he'll show up in Jennifer's Body and then in 2011, Justice League: Mortal as The Flash! Now that sounds like a fun role to look forward to seeing Brody use those comedic acting skills! Benjamin McKenzie - Ryan Atwood While I loved Benjamin McKenzie as bad boy Ryan Atwood, I feared he's be a TV star we saw disappear after that role. While he didn't make any big splashes, he popped back up in 2008 with 88 Minutes . He'll soon be back to the small screen starring in the new series, Southland , a drama following an LA police unit. How do you think Ryan Atwood would have felt about jumping into a police uniform?? Mischa Barton - Marissa Cooper On the opposite side of the coin from McKenzie, I expected Mischa Barton to be the breakout star of The O.C. , but since then, she has appeared in a few small films, but her main "claim to fame" has been as a spokesperson for a "skin awareness" campaign, and release her own line... of headbands. She also has a contract with Herbal Essences, so looks like we'll be seeing much more of Mischa on our commercial breaks, and maybe on the big screen with some upcoming films. Rachel Bilson - Summer Roberts Rachel Bilson's first post-O.C. appearance was on one of my favorite new shows, Chuck , as a sandwich-making love interest for our leading man! Bilson appeared in Jumper in 2008 and will be appearing in Waiting for Forever, and New York, I Love You this year which is a collection of twelve short films that, according to Wikipedia, will be the same narrative style as Love Actually . Peter Gallagher - Sandy Cohen Peter Gallagher has a long history of film acting, and could not have been more lovable as softie lawyer, Sandy Cohen! Since his days saving the world one misunderstood Chino kid at a time, Gallagher has made a guest appearance on Shark , made a reprise of his role as Jonathan Reeves in Center Stage: Turn It Up , and this year will be appearing in films Adam and The War Boys. Kelly Rowan - Kirsten Cohen While Kelly Rowan was busy with plenty of TV and film roles before The O.C. , she has had few projects since including a 2008 film and a short-lived TV series, The Good Times Are Killing Me. Alan Dale - Caleb Nichol While Alan Dale wasn't in a starring role on The O.C. , he keeps appearing as a mysterious and rich older business man. After The O.C., Dale appeared on Ugly Betty as Bradford Meade, father of the Meade industry who, much like Caleb, died of a heart attack at a very important moment. He now has a recurring role on Lost as the rich and dangerous Charles Widmore, father to the one and only Penny. Who do you think the true breakout star, if anyone, is of The O.C. ?