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New Office Review: Baby Shower

Baby shower looks amazing. I just want to say that I hope it's not as awkward as last week's episode. I agree with kendra that it was a little short on laughs and high in discomfort. I want to see Pam on the show more!


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I think someone is pregers

I want to know what you all think. The scene at the beginning during the ethics meeting and they are talking about stealing Andy brings up about stealing bread to feed your family. Dwight says “Its a trick question. The bread is poisoned. Also, its not your real family. You have been Cuckolded by a stronger, smarter male. Then when the camera zooms out during Andy's response Angela looks into the camera and they hold it just a little too long. She gives us a look like she has done something bad. I think she is pregnant. What do you think?

The Office 'Business Ethics': Too Awkward or Totally Funny?

From what I've seen of the British version, The Office (UK) , it's hilarious, but sometimes a little too awkward. The American The Office has its awkward moments as well, but is always played off in I suppose a more upfront "American" way that often side-steps the painfully awkward into silly awkward and always funny. But in this week's episode, "Business Ethics," I was squirming! I loved the way the episode turned out for Michael and Holly, but I felt so awful for Holly most of the episode and for Michael half the time, and for the rest of the group with the Meredith situation... just too much awkward and not enough laughs! What did you think? Was "Business Ethics" too awkward or still classically Office funny? Read my full review of this episode: The Office: 'Business Ethics = a Scranton Oxymoron Photo courtesy of

Bad links :(

Just wanted to say that from where i'm viewing (France), almost every link of almost every episode has something wrong. Megavideos have been taken off due to infringement. (for the office) Some videos can't be seen because of a "fill a survey" block Some take you to a zango page and some just plainly don't work... For me, the only reliable link is from "watchepisodes" (the one with the little stars) Great site, great show, but someone should probably do something about that...

this sux

i cant believe megavideo just stoped working its so annoying and i guess happining to everyone ... i used to watch all my shows on it has da best pictures .... the just money thats why the did like that ...

Megavideo !! :(

Megavideo used to be my one favorite source to watch THE OFFICE!!! it was faster than all the it has that inaccurate time limit, and you have to pay to join. it sucks... is everyone else having this problem or is it just me in the country i'm in?

The Office Premiere: What was your favorite moment?

Wow. I missed The Office as much as I miss chocolate on a diet! Speaking of dieting, what was your favorite moment of The Office's "Weight Loss" premiere? My favorites go to: *Michael throwing himself down the stairs to say goodbye to Pam - with a poem he left by his desk. But no worries, he made up for it by trying to go for the kiss after Jim. *Dwight and Angela's sneaky hook-ups - "It's the last time! I have a fiance I very much like." (But really - it seems she's decided she DOES very much like him!) *Holly freaking out at Angela for yelling at Kevin about how stupid he is! I'm not a fan of Holly looking stupid, but a HUGE fan of that entire ridiculous moment on all sides of it! *Michael running around with Pam-in-computer and Pam doing her regular interview... with the laptop sitting on the chair. *Michael: "What's the number one cause of death in America?" Dwight: "Shot gun weddings!" *Um, let's see... JIM PROPOSING! In the RAIN! So incredibly adorable. That was perfectly Jim & Pam - very sweet and romantic, but unplanned, and understated in the episode. I really like that their relationship doesn't take over the show, yet is absolutely amazing all the time. What was your fav hilarious or otherwise awesome moment? Check out SideReel's full review of the premiere: The Office Premiere: Weight Loss Gone Wild! Photo courtesy of

Bad Links!

Beware the links to supernova for episode 501. The video doesn't exist.

Premiere Week Fav TV Couples: What will happen with JAM, Mer-Der, and Betty?

With the big premieres of some of our fav fall shows this week, specifically the thrilling premieres of Thursday, there are plenty of edge-of-your-seat couple questions to be answered! So, what are your predictions of what's to come this season for these in-limbo couples? The Office Couples: *What will happen with Jim & Pam? Has JAM gotten engaged over the summer? (If so, we must kill the writers!) Has Jim gotten discouraged or is he waiting for the next perfect moment to propose? Will Pam be feeling uneasy and getting unhappy with Jim if he hasn't proposed? *What will happen with Angela/Dwight/Andy? Ah, yes, Andy - the evil ruiner of all that is good and JAM! His proposal to Angela may have destroyed the perfect JAM night, but it didn't ruin Dwight's night as much as we would think! *How about Michael? Will he and Holly get together or will Michael's non-fatherhood with Jan destroy it? Grey's Anatomy Couples: *What happened after the Mer-Der cliffhanger of Meredith proclaiming her love and Derek running away to break things off with Rose? *Promos show Rose telling Derek she's pregnant - where will this take them? *What will happen with George and Lexie? *How about our new fav couple possibility, Callie and Erica?? Ugly Betty Couple(s): *Yes, this one's pretty straight-forward - who will Betty choose? Henry? Gio? No one? Comment with your predictions as we await these thrilling couple answers (or hints thereof!) with their returns Thursday night! Photo courtesy of